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June/July 2021

Condé Nast House & Garden offers the best in contemporary design, decorating, renovating, architecture, gardens, travel and entertaining. We focus on beautiful interiors, the people inspiring the design scene and the know how to help you decorate and live stylishly.

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South Africa
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from the editor

‘No house should be on a hill or anything. It should be of the hill. B elonging to it. Hill and hous should live together, each happier for the other’ I’ve always thought of myself as the big-city type. having grown up in, what was at the time, a small seaside town in the early 2000s, the siren song of Cape town (a sprawling metropolis by comparison) was impossible to ignore. a heady mix of the energy, freedom, opportunity and anonymity that only a big city can offer, it presented a chance to carve out an identity independent of everything I had known hitherto. a pretty standard, Hall-markmovie plot line, sure, but it is mine. Fast forward 15 years and something has started changing in me. specifically, in my love affair with…

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to my younger self

banele Khoza’s gallery and studio, BKhz, has allowed him to express himself more than ever before. Over the past 30 months, he has used it as a platform to explore a variety of narratives, both external and internal. His latest exhibition, ‘27’, uses it as a space of solace where Banele can speak his truths. We talked to him about the role mentorship and community have played in his maturation as an artist and how he continues that practice through BKhz. Here, we explore the multifaceted nature of Banele’s gallery and studio, and the artist himself, who has experience in fashion, interior design and art, to understand what makes his work so unique. You founded the BKhz studio in 2018, and it is a space that defies any singular definition, serving as…

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happy medium

form by Orms, the textile printing arm and the newest addition to the Orms Print Room & Framing offering, has launched a range of luxurious natural textiles featuring the designs of both upcoming and established local artists, who now have an intriguing new medium on which to showcase their work. Featuring over 100 designs by local artists, the Form Design Library has been carefully curated and showcases a variety of collections, which include ‘Botany’, ‘This is Africa’, ‘Abstract’ and more. These ranges are updated regularly, creating an ever-evolving archive of South African design ready to be printed onto textiles and wallpaper. Orms aims to remove the barriers to entry that often exist in creative industries, inviting artists of all walks of life and levels of experience to submit their work for inclusion…

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history in the making

STEPHEN & LINDA NESSWORTHY, AYMARA YARNS Simple, classic and luxurious woven and knitted goods from alpaca fibre are homegrown, spun and made at Klein Limietrivier Farm, a rare and unusual building in Wellington erected around 1715 from unbaked clay bricks and later lovingly restored by its owners Stephen and Linda Nessworthy. It is the only mill in South Africa able to process alpaca from raw fleece. Its sensitive use of colour, as well as simple design, make its products easily recognisable. Aymara is a language of the Andes, and pays homage to the origins of the alpaca. Much of the brand’s inspiration comes from the surrounding Hawaqua Range, which extends from Bainskloof to Tulbagh Pass. Currently, we have 260 alpaca with around 50 more births anticipated this year. They grow a myriad of…

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where the wild things are

When a treasured icon revered for its gracious hospitality meets interior designers who specialise in creating the world’s finest hand-painted wallpapers, the result can only be an exceptional collaboration. ‘I have long had a love affair with de Gournay wallpapers; the beauty and artistry have always spoken to me,’ says Colony Hotel owner Sarah Wetenhall, who was introduced to de Gournay scion Hannah Cecil Gurney (founder Claud Cecil Gurney’s daughter) through a friend. ‘We immediately had so much in common. The Colony Hotel and de Gournay are both second-generation family businesses, so we share a passion for our brands’ history and vision. The creative process behind the Colony paper was, therefore, personal, and the final product incorporates not only flora and fauna indigenous to Florida, but also our family’s spaniel,…

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design innovator award 2021

Innovation and design are at the core of our work at Maxidor, bringing security solutions that are both functional and stylish into the homes of our clients. South Africa’s creative sector is brimming with talent, and I could not be more excited to partner with House & Garden on this journey to find and nurture the next big names in the business,’ says Maxidor CEO Cheryl Sjoberg. Editor-in-Chief Piet Smedy joins Cheryl on this, ‘Working with Maxidor to engage our industry’s creatives and offer such an incredible opportunity to an emerging designer is something we are very proud of at House & Garden.’ THE BRIEF: SUSTAINABLE SECURITY Security solutions are an essential part of home design but are often strictly utilitarian. Using the standard dimensions of a Maxidor door, designers are invited…