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November 2021

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our issue by the numbers

26 COLLECTIVE HOURS SPENT CONSUMING #BAMARUSHTOK. (YES, WE WROTE THIS IN AUGUST.) 15 thirsty staf fers who tested 102 bottles of vino over 2 months to top off our annual Wine Awards on page 50 and online at Cosmopolitan.com/WineAwards. 56 “OMG?!?!” Slacks sent while repor ting page 10. 14 attempts to scratch and sniff this photo (recreate it yourself using page 49). 42 balls of yarn that led one editor to live her best grandma life. Nir vana found (page 24). 13 FAMILY MEMBERS WHO NEED TO READ PAGE 60. JUST SAY IN’. 12 TRULY THRIVING BENNIFER STANS. 17 laptop crashes. Obviously blaming this on astrology. PRETZEL WITH GUAC AND WINE BOT TLES: TED + CHELSEA CAVANAUGH. LOPEZ: ALEXANDER TAMARGO/GET TY IMAGES. AFFLECK: EMMA MCINTYRE/GETTY IMAGES FOR SIRIUSXM.…

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questions from the editor

One of the things that strikes me about fame is how reductive it is—how it introduces you to the world “as” something (in the case of Shakira, a captivating performer with a one-of-a-kind voice and particularly honest hips) and, for the most part, keeps you there. Once you’ve made your debut, the world has a hard time letting you evolve. But Shakira doesn’t care, and I love her for it. She’s out here skateboarding and studying philosophy (and showering in Versace dresses, apparently), and that, maybe more than anything, is why she’s still such an icon. Doesn’t hurt that she also appreciates the value of The Official Cosmo Snack, aka Cheetos. @Jessica_Pels PELS: TYLER JOE. SHAKIRA: ELLEN VON UNWERTH. FASHION BY CASSIE ANDERSON. VERSACE DRESS, HEELS, BELT, AND BRACELET. TIFFANY & CO.…

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okay, friends, let’s talk about gaming

Do you consider yourself an actual gamer or just someone who likes video games? 50% I’m def a gamer. 50% It’s more of a light hobby for me. Where are you generally playing? 59% I’ve got a separate console. 29% My computer! 12% On my phone. What kind of games are you into? (Check all that apply.) 68% Life-simulation games. 67% Action-adventure games. 51% Party games. 43% Online competitive games. 26% Sports-based games. Did you pick up gaming during the pandemic? 81% Nope, I’ve always been into it. 19% Yes. Are you pro or anti cheat codes? 40% Pro! Sometimes you’ve gotta work smarter, not harder. 34% Anti. I want to earn my wins! 26% Wait, they’re still a thing? And…have you ever built your Sims a pool without ladders on purpose? 51% No, but now I want to. 49% Duh. Cosmo readers spent an average of $513 (!) on gaming in the…

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pre-fame careers

1 Hugh Jackman was a gym teacher. 2 Christopher Walken worked as a lion tamer. 3 Nicole Kidman did a stint as a massage therapist. 4 Tan France spent some time as a flight attendant. 5 Gabourey Sidibe was a phone-sex operator. 6 Whoopi Goldberg was a beautician at a funeral home. 7 Jerry Springer served as the real-life mayor of Cincinnati in the ’70s. 8 Rihanna was a junior army cadet in Barbados. 9 Danny DeVito worked as a hairdresser. 10 Steve Buscemi was a firefighter. 11 Chrissy Metz started as a talent agent. 12 John Legend worked a desk job at a consulting group. 13 Taraji P. Henson was a receptionist at the Pentagon. 14 Ava DuVernay was a publicist.…

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sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no such thing as hate-watching

At the height of Emily in Paris season 1 fever, when people were buying camera-shaped phone cases and debating whether the city in the show’s title was pronounced “Paris” or “Paree,” I saw a tweet that offended me to my very core: “Yeah, I hate-watched that show.” The tweeter went on to discuss a plot point…from the finale. Respectfully, just no. You can’t claim to despise something but then have an in-depth opinion on its last 10 minutes. Now, I’ll admit I’ve fallen into this trap too—I used to talk about my Love Island obsession by prefacing it with, “It’s so trashy, but….” And we all have that friend who claims they can’t stand Grey’s Anatomy but can passionately debate whether the show is better or worse after McDreamy’s death. (It’s…

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ultimate girls trip

You could say the dancing-in-the-sand TikToks gave the secret away. Or maybe it was the suspiciously friendly social media comments from one Housewife to another. Or the iiiiinteresting backgrounds on some of their IG Stories. Whatever the case, it’s true—the moment viewers have been begging for is finally here, making our franchise crossover dreams a reality on November 18 on Peacock. Yes, the TV gods seriously sent seven of the most beloved Real Housewives to a villa in Turks and Caicos for a week of should be-fun in the sun: Cynthia Bailey-Hill and Kenya Moore (Atlanta), Luann de Lesseps and Ramona Singer (New York), Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice (New Jersey), and Kyle Richards (Beverly Hills). And this time, there were no breaks. It was all filming—cough, cough, drama—all the time. You…