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a note from the editor

When life gives you lemons, pull a Queen Bey and make some lemonade. If there’s one thing the summer represents, it’s endless possibilities. The warm months stretch ahead, drenched in the golden promise of adventure— and tinged with the assurance that there are new beginnings rising up all around you. Whatever challenges you went through or mistakes you made or heartbreaks you had to patiently endure earlier this year, summer is the best season to put all of that behind you and start fresh. Summer is often the time for reinvention, whether you’re debuting a new ‘do (even if it just entails cutting your own bangs—find out how on page 58), or changing up your style (lots of cool ideas from page 25 onwards), or taking a brave chance on love…

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cocktail of the month

GOLDEN HOUR Ingredients: 1.5 oz Black Label1.5 oz Reduced apple juice0.5 oz Demarara syrup0.5 oz Lemon juicePinch of nutmeg 1. Shake ingredients. 2. Garnish martini glass with crushed graham crackers. EDITOR IN CHIEF MARLA MINIANO MANAGING EDITOR Dyan Zarzuela ART DIRECTOR Paula Pangan FASHION EDITOR Happy Lopez ASSOCIATE FEATURES EDITOR Gaby Ignacio ASSISTANT BEAUTY EDITOR Bianca Mascenon EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Chandra Pepino, Stephen de Jesus ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Carie Aguila COSMO.PH EDITOR IN CHIEF Jillian Gatcheco COSMO.PH TEAM ART DIRECTOR Jico Joson COSMO.PH MANAGING EDITOR Retty Contreras COSMO.PH ASSOCIATE BEAUTY EDITOR Ira Nopuente COSMO.PH ASSOCIATE LIFESTYLE & RELATIONSHIPS EDITOR Ysa Singson COSMO.PH ASSISTANT CELEBRITY EDITOR Jacinda Lopez COSMO.PH ASSISTANT BEAUTY EDITOR Tisha Caedo COSMO.PH ASSISTANT SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR Andie Estella COSMO.PH GRAPHIC ARTIST Mixi Ignacio COSMO.PH COMMUNITY COORDINATOR Louise Ferrer GROUP PUBLISHER Christine Ongteco-Sandejas DEPUTY GROUP PUBLISHER Melody Lalata TEAM PUBLISHER Tiffany Chloe Santos Canseco SENIOR PUBLISHING ASSISTANT Natasha Faustino CONTRIBUTORS Emily Abay, Louie Aguinaldo, Cheekie Albay, Macy Alcaraz, Charlotta Backlund,…

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15 things to do this month

1 TAKE Coachella to work with this bag. Bag, P1,995, Zara 2. GET PLAYFUL with your notes. 12-pack neon pencils, P800, Typo 3. BREATHE a bit better with essential oils for anything and everything you’re feeling. Diffuser, InnoGear, P1,038, amazon.com 4 SWISH, SWISH with thick and luxurious lips. Katy Kat Gloss in Kitty Karma, P400, Covergirl 5. SIP from a berry cute mug. Mug, P700, Typo 6 ADD A POP OF COLOR to your look with an accessory that’s the opposite of irr-elephant. Pouch, P625, Charming Charlie 7. PUMP UP every outfit with a pair of eye-catching shoes. Pumps, P6,130, Katy Perry Collections 8. LET your wine glass speak for you. Wine glass, P520, Charming Charlie 9 LET this pen tide you over when it’s still too early for tequila. Pen, P360, Typo 10 GET YOUR SUPERHEROOBSESSED GANG TOGETHER…

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cult read to big screen

Earlier this year, we were held captive by Elio and Oliver’s dreamy summer romance in ‘80s italy in the film Call Me By Your Name. When it came time to say “later,” there was a pleasant surprise waiting for us as the credits rolled and we began Googling every little thing about the movie. It was far from a secret, but the thing about Call Me By Your Name was that the average viewer wasn’t aware of the Andre Aciman novel it was based on. So instead of the book vs. film debate that came with most adaptations, Aciman’s novel became a lovely companion that added depth to the viewing experience, that let Elio and Oliver linger just a little bit longer. Not every book-to-film adaptation will exist in such sweet…

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one page at a time

YOUR WORK IS SUCH AN INSPIRATION TO PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. WHO DO YOU TURN TO WHEN YOU’RE THE ONE FEELING UNINSPIRED? There’s all this pressure at the beginning of a new year, and this year had me really freaking out. My way of getting through that was by talking to artist friends. It’s so easy to be hard on yourself and think that all your friends are doing amazing. So just talk to them, and they will confess that they’re also stressed out. That kind of advice is helpful to me. Just like in my books, I’m not trying to present myself as an expert. I don’t always trust the expert. I just want to talk to real people, and I want them to be honest and to commiserate with…

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deep dive

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME By André Aciman A tender ‘80s romance with a strange premise: 17-year-old Elio meets 24-year-old Jewish scholar Oliver, who comes to their Italian summer home as his father’s new research assistant. Amidst quiet rivers and lush greenery, the pair discover one another and themselves. STATUS ANXIETY By Alain de Botton Too often we find ourselves worried about how the outside world perceives us, when all that should really matter is our happiness. The School of Life founder writes about the five things that beleaguer humanity, as well as the five things that give life its true meaning. THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING By Milan Kundera This 1984 classic is worth a revisit if only for its characters: a young woman, in love with a womanizer; one of his mistresses and her ever-faithful lover;…