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Spring 2020

Here are just a few stories from the highly anticipated Fall Issue: • Volvo F12 - All kinds of weathering are key to modeling a rig that's seen better days. • Dozer CHTZ-T-130 - How to build, paint and weather an all-paper 1/32 scale bulldozer. • Flag of Our Maks - Build a 1/20 scale Maschienen Krieger diorama inspired by a famous World War II photo. • Batmobile - Learn how to add interior detail and dramatic pre-shading to finish the Dark Knight's Tumbler. • And much more! Whether you’re modeling a WWII tank or a vintage car, you’ll find loads of modeling inspiration and techniques from international experts including Volkan Ayhan, Truffi Bortholuzzi, and Barlas Pehlivan. Damaged will be published quarterly as a special issue from FineScale Modeler. Keep an eye out for future issues!

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more models, more joy

Welcome to the Spring 2020 edition of Damaged. We've crammed 10 features into this issue and all of them are brimming with how-to information and ideas for building and finishing all kinds of models, dioramas, figures, and more. Whether you want to build a beaten down truck like Fabrizio Mercuri’s long-out-of-use Scammell Pioneer, stage a scene from the end of World War II like Nikki Triantafillou’s French street diorama, or imagine a what-if scenario as if the war never ended like Gabriel Leni, we've got you covered. If you are a fan of pop culture, there are stories for you, too: James Bond’s submersible sports car and a scratchbuilt shadowbox from the hit TV series, The Walking Dead stand out. And once you've seen the realistic finish on Eduardo Fernández’s Chucky you…

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weather a post-war scammell truck

Modeler: Fabrizio Mercuri Scale: 1/35 Brands: Thunder Models, HD Model Since childhood, I have always loved heavy-duty vehicles, a fascination bolstered in the models that I build. So, the thought of building the Scammell Pioneer was on my mind even when the only kits available of this English beast were resin. Then, when Thunder Models released an injection-molded plastic kit, I bought it intending to build a military truck in service in World War II North Africa or Europe. Then, looking at photos of Pioneers online, I had a revelation: Many pictures showed all rusty and abandoned trucks, so my choice was made. When rust calls, who am I to refuse?…

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painting bond's lotus submarine

Modeler: Daniel Zamarbide Scale: 1/24 Brand: Fujimi The amphibious Lotus Esprit S1 is one of the most iconic cars from the James Bond saga. Its appearance in 007's 1977 adventure, The Spy Who Loved Me, wowed movie goers as it runs off a pier, into the water, and converts into a functional submarine. The filming vehicle was custom-made by Perry Oceanographic, Inc. of Riviera Beach, Florida, using an Esprit S1 body shell. It was powered by four propellers at the rear and controlled by dive planes in place of the wheels. Elon Musk, of Space X and Telsa fame, bought the sub at auction in 2013.-…

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unknown places

Modeler: Gabriele Leni Scale: 1/35 Models use d: Dust Models When I conceived this project, my main goal was to re-create a scene from a story. I focused on three crucial points: Which vehicles to use, how they would interact, and where in time and history they would stand. That was when I thought of Dust’s mechs! These are “what-if” vehicles from an alternative history where World War II never ended as the weapons used became evermore technologically advanced. To host them, I settled on an abandoned place, an old military base covered in snow. What would the mechs do there? Now I had a plot for the diorama: The unit is on a patrol and stops to study the map, desperate to find the road forward. In addition to placing the scene’s…

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la tourelle

Modeler: Nikolas “Nikki” Triantafillou Scale: 1/35 Brands: Mig Productions, MiniArt, Plus Model, Verlinden, Reality in Scale Little Jean-Claude passed the empty square and reached the corner where the tram stop and the colonnes Morris or advertising column stands. He took a few more steps, toward the small tank turret — la tourelle in French — the Germans had dug in, as if out of irony, some time ago. Then, a dull roar from the heavens made him stop and look to the sky. A gray carpet of big airplanes covered the sun… liberation was coming!…

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take the best photo under the sun

When building and displaying structures and dioramas, I realize most people will be viewing the creations from images rather than from seeing them in person. So taking a quality photo is important. As an amateur photographer, I have discovered that taking photos worthy of publication is not an easy task even when utilizing good equipment. I have a Canon Rebel T5 and use the software that comes with the camera. I also purchased a manual designed specifically for the T5 and searched online for articles on how to photograph models. My major gains were achieved by trial and error. I was taking photos and experimenting with the all important element of light. My goal was to take a photograph that, other than cropping, would need little alteration to be publication ready. Shooting…