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Diesel Power

April 2019

The magazine shows owners what's on the market to improve their trucks' engine, transmission, and driveline. Diesel Power also shows prospective new truck buyers the newest light trucks with diesel engines and catalogs their performance. Diesel engine technology, motorhome engine upgrades, "diesel drags", "dyno days", and towing are all part of the package as well.

United States
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it’s better to give

KJones@enthusiastnetwork.comIT’S “THAT TIME” again! The collective end-of-year holidays—Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the big welcome celebration for 2019—are in full swing, and I trust that by the time you read this message, sometime after the season ends, everyone will have enjoyed a fun, safe, and blessed month (when you approach it from a literal sense, the holiday season really is close to a month long).Of course, the highlight of holiday time involves the exchange of gifts, or “presents.” To the younger set (kids), receiving presents for whichever holiday being observed is, in a word, “everything.” When I check social media during the holidays, I enjoy seeing photos of friends’ children and the delight in their faces as they show off the cool stuff they received. And, even for us grown folks,…

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ram heavy duty wins total quality

STRATEGIC Vision’s 24TH annual Total Quality Impact report, which is based on the company’s New Vehicle Experience Study, surveyed more than 44,000 new-vehicle buyers about their first 90 days of ownership and, in particular, any problems and evaluations (including emotional and analytical) to determine quality leaders of vehicle segments. For the heavy-duty pickups, the Ram 2500/3500 won. The fullsize champion was the Ford F-150. Standard-pickup accolades went to the Chevy Colorado.YAKIMA ACCESSORIES NOW AVAILABLE AT FORD DEALERSHIPSThanks go to the all-new ’19 Ford Ranger now that Yakima Outdoor Adventure Accessories can be found at Blue Oval dealerships. Although the parts are immediately available for the Ranger, F-Series bits are due to follow. Purchasing through a Ford dealership gives the accessories a three-year, 36,000-mile Ford warranty. Extended warranties are also available.…

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military diesels

jlehenbauer@enthusiastnetwork.comI’M ALWAYS on the lookout for diesel vehicles of every size, shape, year, and configuration. It is kind of a pastime trying to spot or pick out all the different cars, trucks, and 4x4s out there. I like modern oil-burning pickup trucks, but honestly they are a dime a dozen. What draws my interest more are the vehicles that are a bit odder. Spotting diesel-powered vehicles I’ve never seen before or heard of is more fulfilling. My knowledge of oil-burners (at least in the U.S.) is pretty good, but I like to think of it as an ever-expanding database.Several auto manufacturers have experimented with producing and offering diesel engines in unconventional and unique vehicles in the U.S. for many years. Companies put oil-burners in these cars, trucks, and SUVs, but…

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fpt industrial v20

IN THIS MODERN world of highly efficient, clean-running diesel engines, manufacturers have to continually be on top of their game to stay competitive. That means putting money and resources into the development of engines that will meet the increasingly stringent emissions standards put forth by the U.S. and European governments. Building an engine that is able to meet tough guidelines and still provide the amount of power today’s machinery demands is not an easy task.FPT Industrial applied its years of engine-building expertise to develop the V20. This 90-degree, 20L V-8 diesel meets the demands of heavy equipment used for construction, agriculture, railways, and the military, yet it’s more compact, economical, and clean-burning than the competition.The V20 is designed to provide the power needed to compete in an industrial engine class…

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cart tricks

DIESEL SWAPS of all sorts are wickedly popular these days. Enthusiasts change powerplants (from gas to diesel, or from one brand of oil-burner to another) for good reason, as diesels are quite powerful when built correctly. With that being said, having diesel power in a classic truck is not that big of a shock. In this instance, however, the vehicle is far from ordinary. The ’68 Chevrolet C20 featured on the following pages is a piece of rolling art that happens to function quite well with a diesel under its hood. At least that’s how its owner, Jeremy Daeseleer, sees it.One thing you are probably asking is how a vehicle like this comes to life. Well, the evolution of Jeremy’s 700hp C20 actually started with a 1hp vehicle. Of…

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coolest diesel rides of sema 2018

THE 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show was highlighted by throngs of car guys, truck guys, ATV guys, and motorcycle guys (ladies are endearingly categorized as “guys” for this reference) who converged on Las Vegas, Nevada, for the weeklong festival of all things custom and the latest in new parts, accessories, tools, and more.Personal preference really goes out the window at the SEMA Show, as there is literally something for everyone parked in the spacious halls and parking lots of Sin City’s convention center. However, as diesels go, the huge assortment of stone-stock-mild to over-the-top-wild oil-burners boggles the mind.While a nod goes to all the designers, builders…and financiers for each masterpiece (and there are many), we were definitely taken by the sheer awesomeness of brilliantly executed rigs, and/or vehicles…