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Diesel World November 2018

Covers all diesel-powered vehicles, trucks and tow vehicles with an eye for technical innovation, and advancements in related equipment and fuel technology.

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dw news

BAD NEWS FOR THE WORLD’S FASTEST 6.4L ROCKY TOP CARNAGE Unfortunately for the Rudy’s Performance Parts crew, the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout didn’t go as planned. The company’s Pro Mod F-250 suffered a damaging brush with the wall on Friday, which kept them out of the main show on Saturday. Out of the gate the pass looked good, but somewhere near the 330-foot mark the truck took a hard right into the wall. Luckily, driver Rawlings Barnes emerged unscathed and unaffected by the wreck. The unofficial word was that the Rudy’s team would know the true extent of the damage the Monday after the wreck, and that they would do whatever they could to get the truck back on the track. Barnes and the guys at Rudy’s were second…

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hot products

QUICK START XDP Gear Reduction Starters XDP’s new Gear Reduction Starters feature a smaller motor that is faster, more efficient and draws less amperage. The Gear Reduction Design produces more torque than a factory unit at about a third of the size. This not only reduces weight but also makes a more compact design for easier installation. Each starter comes pre-tested, ready for installation, and features a durable “Wrinkle Black” finish for corrosion resistance and great aesthetics.Xtreme Diesel Performance888.343.7354 XtremeDiesel.com FULL BOOST Riffraff Diesel Bellowed Up-pipe Kit 94-Early 99 Riffraff Diesel has announced their new Bellowed Up-pipe Kit made from certified aerospace-grade 321 stainless steel. It’s designed to replace the “donut” gasket that’s prone to leakage while providing the most cost-effective premium construction available. Fits the…

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project looks. muscle. longevity

Project Looks. Muscle. Longevity is back for another round of aftermarket bolt-ons for the ninth part of the major overhaul of our 2012 Silverado HD. This month things get serious, and we’re lifting the cab to install the first batch of major upgrades under the hood. The 2011-2016 LML runs well in stock form and made 496 hp in this truck with the Edge Evolution tuner, FASS lift pump and some basic bolt-ons. The factory turbocharger should support 520-530 hp, but, thanks to our fuel rail pressure dropping at wide-open throttle, getting that extra 40 hp wasn’t going to happen with the tired injection pump. Since we’d planned on doing some exhaust manifolds, bigger injection pump, modified VGT turbocharger and some high-flow charge air piping on the truck, it’s…

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In the Monster Jam world of Monster Trucks, big, loud and blown methanol engines have ruled the roost for years, but there is another force rising on the horizon. The BroDozer Monster Truck is the newest member of the Monster Jam family and since it was inspired by the original BroDozer that Dave Sparks (a.k.a. Heavy D from the Diesel Brothers TV show) and his crew built, it was appropriate that it would be powered by a diesel engine. The original BroDozer was a Ford truck with a Power Stroke diesel but the Monster Jam team turned to the crew at Wagler Competition Products to build a stout Duramax engine to power this monster. Just moving a 13,000-pound truck with 66-inch-tall by 45-inch-wide BKT tires requires a ton of…

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ultimate brush truck

Buckstop Truckware’s suspension lift for the ’11-16 F-450 and F-550 Super Duty was designed to improve off-road functionality and traction without compromising weight-carrying capacity. The system adds 3.5 inches of added height up front courtesy of taller coil springs, raises the rear 4 inches by way of lift blocks and allows for up to a 41-inch tire to be used. The Buckstop system also comes with new shocks, U-bolts, drop-down bracketry and all appropriate hardware. After positioning the truck on a 15,000-pound, two-post lift, Chad Flynn of Flynn’s Shop got started by removing the wheels and tires, unplugging the ABS sensors and detaching the brake lines from the factory radius arms. Then the front sway bar bolts were broken loose at the frame and the sway bar was dropped…