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Diesel World December 2018

Covers all diesel-powered vehicles, trucks and tow vehicles with an eye for technical innovation, and advancements in related equipment and fuel technology.

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evolution of the brand

I’m not someone who can sit still for very long. Something I said to my dad when I was a kid that still holds true today: “I like to keep my life in a constant state of chaos.” Sounds bad, but it isn’t. I need to keep growing things. Whatever I’m involved with, be it professionally or in my free time, must keep growing and getting better at a pretty quick rate, else I get bored. Basically, I love to bite off more than I can chew and then find a way to chew it. When I first started at Diesel World four years ago, my number-one goal was to drastically expand the brand into something larger, something that could really help grow the diesel industry, the industry I’ve been involved…

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dw news

BACK ON TRACK Almost like it never even happened—the Rudy’s Performance Parts Pro Mod Super Duty driven by Rawlings Barnes was back in action at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza. After hitting the wall mid-track at the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout back in July the truck suffered considerable damage, but the North Carolina company was determined to get it back on the track as quickly as possible. This kind of turnaround time speaks to the level of dedication and professionalism of the Rudy’s race team, and it proves to the world just how serious they are about the 2018 Outlaw Diesel Super Series Pro Mod points chase. During test hits made prior to rolling into Terre Haute, Indiana, Barnes would pilot the 6.4L-powered Ford to a 4.78 at 152 mph and a…

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hot products

EASE OF USE Amsoil Severe Gear Easy-Packs Amsoil Severe Gear Easy-Packs allow for quicker and easier changing of gear oil. The innovative flexible packaging allows for improved maneuverability and access to fill holes, even in confined spaces. This results in less mess and less wasted product than commonly seen using traditional quart containers. The Easy-Pack has undergone extensive testing and development to ensure it’s a durable, all-in-one package that can withstand even the most aggressive handling. Amsoil Amsoil.com MAXIMUM RANGE Transfer Flow In-Bed Auxiliary Fuel Tanks Transfer Flow has released a new trio of sleek and compact in-bed auxiliary tanks for 1999-2018 Ford and Ram and 2001-2018 GM short- and longbed diesel trucks. Available in 50-, 75-, and 100-gallon capacities, the new auxiliary tanks feature clean lines and a more durable profile. They are computer-controlled by Transfer…

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more than just horsepower

Even if you’re new to the diesel game, you’ve probably heard of a chassis dyno. In its most common form, a dyno consists of a roller (or rollers) that measures how fast your vehicle can accelerate, then uses weight (or load) to calculate its horsepower and torque. Chassis dynos have been known to measure up to 2,500 horsepower and can handle wheel speeds of 200-250 mph! Now that we’ve told you all of this, we’re here to tell you that is just scratching the surface of what chassis dynos can do. In addition to measuring horsepower, chassis dynos can also be used for tuning purposes, can learn transmission shifting, may be used for emissions purposes or fuel economy testing, and more. For the purposes of this article, Haller’s Repair in…

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what’s a correction factor?

Engines (even diesels) will usually make less power at high altitudes due to the simple fact that there’s less oxygen to compress in the thin air. Dyno manufacturers know this, so they’ve developed a “correction factor” that takes the high-altitude number and adjusts it to what it “should make” at sea level. Correction factors were unfortunately developed for gas rigs, which means that heavily boosted engines may read a bit high with the corrected numbers. However, non-corrected numbers at altitude are usually a bit low. We’ve seen people argue about correction factors until they’re blue in the face (we’ve done it too), but the reality is that the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. Diesel World editor Adam Blattenberg dynoed his 7.3L up in Salt Lake, where he made…

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world’s quickest power stroke

In drag racing, speed and quickness are the top priorities. In the 14 months or so that Rawlings Barnes and the team at Rudy’s Diesel Performance have been running their new 2WD Pro Mod, they can already lay claim to being the quickest and fastest Power Stroke diesel drag racer in the known world. They are still dialing in the truck, fine-tuning the performance and getting used to driving it, but as of our press time the best pass they have recorded is 4.78 seconds at 152 mph in the eighth mile. The Foundation Like most Pro Mod racers, this truck started out as a pile of steel tubing that was chopped, bent, notched and welded into a strong tube chassis. The tube chassis was fabricated by Elite Fab and Design and…