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Digital Photographer No. 239

Launched in 2002, Digital Photographer is the ultimate monthly photography magazine, delivering indispensable, practical and hands-on shooting advice. Aimed at digital enthusiasts and professional photographers, Digital Photographer features the latest high-end kit reviews, expert interviews, practical shooting advice and image-editing tutorials to help you become a better photographer. We also showcase a selection of images from DP readers every month – the ideal launch pad for your career. Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

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frozen flowers

Difficulty level: Beginner to intermediate Time taken: 2 hours (plus freezing time) Spring is such a hopeful and inspiring time of year, especially for photographers. After the long and difficult winter we have just negotiated, this spring in particular seems much needed for quality outdoor time and headspace. As the gardens, fields, parks and hedgerows around you start to bloom into multiple colours, take advantage of the change and natural beauty and use it to inspire your photography. For this creative project we have done just this, but to add a twist we have frozen flowers in ice for an alternative result. This project is easy to achieve and can be shot in the comfort of your own home using minimal kit – your camera and flash as a basic starting point. We have to…

1 min
top tips for motion images

USE A STURDY TRIPOD Use a good, sturdy tripod from which to shoot. Whether you are panning with your subject or simply shooting with your tripod fixed, I find this piece of equipment is essential. CABLE RELEASE You will want to minimise any vibration of your camera that you possibly can, so release the shutter remotely, either through a cable release, remote, or by using a timer. LOCK UP THE MIRROR Lock up your camera’s mirror, if it has one. Once your composition and your tripod are locked, lock up the mirror prior to taking the image as this will reduce vibration further. STABILISATION MODES Many cameras now have in-body image stabilisation, while even older DSLR lenses have vibration reduction modes. If you’re shooting on a tripod, it’s not necessary to have this on.…

3 min
sharpen up your

Macro photography is all about precision; the smallest movement of the camera can completely change focus and composition, not to mention the slightest breeze can make your subject sway violently when viewed through a macro lens. In reality, this movement is tiny, but the act of capturing a tiny subject at or close to a 1:1 ratio magnifies movement as well as making minute details appear larger than life. Using a Manfrotto 454 Micro Positioning Plate/macro focusing rail is the best way to take care of focusing because it offers more precision than any other macro focusing method. The advantage of using a macro focusing rail is that you can set your macro lens to a 1:1 ratio using the manual focus scale. Then, once you attach your camera to the rail…

2 min
career advice

What should I charge? I’m in my 20s and just starting out as a photographer and have no idea what I should charge as my daily rate… Or should I charge by the hour? Lilian via email A lot of people ask this question and it’s complex to answer as we don’t know what type of photography you do or what service/ product you offer. However, if we take a look at the industry most commercial photographers charge a daily rate between £500-£1,000 a day (of course there are exceptions – some charge ten times this). Lifestyle photographers tend to charge a bit less on average and their rates can vary between £200-£800 per day (again these figures are average estimates). You can charge your fee out however you like – by the…

1 min
on set with downton abbey

“When I went and did a Downton Abbey shoot, The Mail had gone to great effort to get me onto the set. I shot a few pictures, and then they wrapped for the day after months of preparation, and I was left with just a handful of pictures. At that point, what do you do? Do you go or do you fight? So, I went to the PR and said, “Look, I’m not going to deliver,” so I really, really appealed to her empathy and sensitivity, and she really helped me and she went away and she talked to the actors and she brought several of them back. That could have gone very wrong, but the thing is, it’s how you react to a mistake.”…

1 min
win! prizes from affinity

Our next competition, Beautiful Gardens, invites you to capture the magnificence of the outside. Whether it’s your own back garden or a gorgeous morning in the grounds of a stately home, explore cultivated scenes for their colour and delicate details.. Enter at www. photocrowd.com/digitalphotographer for a chance to win a licence to Affinity Photo editing software (worth £48.99 for Mac or Windows). Affinity Photo is a huge toolset engineered for modern photography professionals. Whether you’re editing and retouching images or creating full-blown multi-layered compositions, it has all the power and performance you’ll ever need. Speed, power and accuracy are at the heart of Affinity Photo’s workflow, with non-destructive editing, RAW processing and end-to-end colour management as standard. Edits work in real time, so there’s no waiting to see results. Expert and Crowd…