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Dirt Rag is a mountain biking lifestyle magazine. Original art, passionate stories, investigative articles, honest product reviews, comics, music and book reviews and a realistic attitude are what we're all about. Whether you are a timid beginner or a seasoned race junkie, Dirt Rag speaks to you.

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the tide is high

I SPENT MY EARLY YEARS IN A TOWN 1 MILE WIDE AND 10 MILES LONG THAT JUTTED INTO THE BOSTON HARBOR, AND MY ADOLESCENCE IN A TOWN JUST NORTH OF THE PENINSULA. At low tide, we could walk to the harbor islands along the sand barges, spend the night camping, then cross back at the first low tide of the morning. These islands, which I also spent long summer days exploring with my dad and godfather, were covered with military remnants, prison cells where we locked ourselves up and pretended to be witches or pirates awaiting hanging from the rafters. We peeled our eyes for whales and imagined a Kraken tentacle reaching out for the yachts sailing just beyond the horizon. Contrary to the tourism hype of island life, this…

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ABBY COOPER Based in Whistler, British Columbia, but seemingly rarely there, Abby Cooper travels frequently as a writer and photographer. In true busybody format, Abby is always cooking up her next adventure and rallying a crew to join her in some of the most beautiful and bizarre locations, all driven by her love of loam—or snow for that matter. When she’s not in the saddle, she’s most likely on a snowy escapade in a place you’ve never heard of with 60 pounds of camera gear. @abbydells PETE SCULLION Pete Scullion is a 31-year-old Scottish-based writer and photographer who specializes in bicycles surrounded by vast landscapes. He is often seen scurrying up large mountains, often before dawn with just the camera and the elements for company. "No fear, I like a good grip; I like…

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eat me hippie speedball

PLENTY OF MOUNTAIN BIKERS PARTAKE IN #COFFEEDOPING. But sometimes we go next-level and take a hit of weed, too, aka. a hippie speedball. It may not be wise to get wicked stoned before raging your sled down steep trails and giant rocks, but the truth is, not all pot gets you wicked stoned. High-indica strains of cannabis might, but high-sativa strains like Super Lemon Haze can actually rev you up. In fact, some studies show that a little Mary Jane may help you rage longer and harder because it has the ability to relieve pain, reduce muscle spasms, reduce inflammation, increase airflow to the lungs and increase oxygenation of muscle tissue. In a nod to this research, in 2013 the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) raised the allowable limit of THC…

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be kind rewind grove innovations hard core

MUCH LIKE PRESTON TUCKER AND THE STUDEBAKER BROTHERS, THE LEGACY OF BILL GROVE AND GROVE INNOVATIONS IS AT RISK OF BEING RELEGATED TO A FOOTNOTE IN THE ANNALS OF MOUNTAIN BIKE HISTORY. Grove never attained the popularity of brands like Fat Chance, Potts or Ritchey, and for the most part it remained a regional favorite like Ted Wojcik or Off Road Toad. Having grown up in central Pennsylvania, I have always had an affinity for Groves; because of that, I feel a responsibility to cultivate and maintain an appreciation of these bikes and the people who built them, lest they become lost to history and time. Grove and company had been making bikes and components as a small operation since the early 1980s. By the late ’80s, they were looking to…

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passing through marquette, michigan

COULD YOU DRAW THE STATE OF MICHIGAN WITHOUT CHEATING? Chances are, your first effort would be an outline of the famous “mitten,” completely forgetting the other third of the state. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Mislabeling or entirely omitting the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) has been so common that, in 2009, the Michigan legislature passed a bill requiring the U.P. to be included on all state maps and publications. RIDE & STAY Directly off U.S. Route 41 lies Marquette, Michigan, the largest city of the Upper Peninsula, home to 20,000 residents and the Noquemanon Trail Network (NTN). The South NTN offers a wide range of difficulty, from the 1.5-mile Grom Loop to more-expert trails with chunky rocks, granite slab roll-ins and even gap jumps. There are three primary loops that form a cloverleaf,…

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hangdown in the wheelstrings secret society

I WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTER WHEN I HEARD IT. Bent over the computer and blindly opening and closing random windows in search of an elusive something or other — the fugue of distraction that technology just seems to exacerbate. Opening five different applications before I remember why I even picked up my phone or opened a laptop in the first place. A customer was seated at the bar, making casual mention of traffic caused by a gun show at the Coliseum a few blocks away. Then a response from someone else, delivered with a follow-up laugh at their own commentary. “Guns don’t kill people … Black people kill people.” Shit. It happens more than I want to admit. The tired and false assumption that because two or more white men…