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Dirt Rag is a mountain biking lifestyle magazine. Original art, passionate stories, investigative articles, honest product reviews, comics, music and book reviews and a realistic attitude are what we're all about. Whether you are a timid beginner or a seasoned race junkie, Dirt Rag speaks to you.

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dirt rag

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where are we and how did we get here?

MEMORY LANE ISN’T WELL PAVED. Hell, sometimes mine is barely a path and I spend more time bushwacking and searching for breadcrumbs than enjoying the scenery. But it’s still fun to walk down sometimes, especially with some friends who were there and had their own highlights. Since this is our 30th anniversary, we are checking out this road less taken over the past three decades of punk-rock-hippie bike-zine making. What were you doing in 1989? I was turning 7 and was very much into bombing the hill my best friend Ouin lived on, the street over from mine. My training wheels were taken off on my sixth birthday, so by spring of 1989, I was tucking in my feet, crouching down low over the wicker basket of my pink-and-purple Murray…

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chewing the fat

BACK-PATS ALL-AROUND Hi Carolyne, As a (reasonably-ish) long time subscriber, just a quick note to say that I'm really, really enjoying the magazine under your editorship. Words and pictures both - keep up the funny, serious, inclusive, moving, irreverent, informative, punk-af good work! Despite digital hyper-availability, I think print - like books in general - has gotten *more, not less, important… I'll be paying subs to you (and, full-disclosure, Bike) so long as I'm capable of turning pedals. Best wishes, Chris, Bristol, UK. PS After a BMX childhood, I got my first mountain bike (a dazzlingly-yellow Marin Muirwoods) for Xmas, 1989. Stevil's 'A friend like this' column spoke to me more deeply than I know how to say. Dear Chris, Thanks for sticking around all these years! I’m so happy to hear we’re still keeping you interested and…

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A FEW DIRT FESTS AGO, WE TIED TWO HOUSEBOATS TOGETHER AND, WELL, THE REST IS A BLUR. We came to Raystown early (Thursday) and left late (Monday). The Allegrippis trails were insanely fun as usual — and it didn’t rain, yay! Osprey remains one of my all-time favorite let-’er-rip, hold-on-loosely, pin-it-to-win-it flow trails (along with Rib Cage in Phil’s World, Ridgeline in Dupont, Tap & Die in Kingdom Trails, Bolling Alley in Kincaid Park … OK, too many!). Back on the boats, we had rooftop dance parties, drum circles, naked hot-tubbing, midnight skinny-dipping and amazing food. Pro chef Todd Buckwalter cooked on one boat, me on the other. Thank God I remembered to bring my Whirley Pop. Out of our minds at 2 a.m., a giant bowl of buttery vanilla-cinnamon kettle…

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fat chance team comp

YOU’D BE HARD-PRESSED TO THROW A ROCK INTO THE SHOWROOM AT NAHBS — THE NORTH AMERICAN HANDMADE BICYCLE SHOW — WITHOUT HITTING A BIKE WHOSE LINEAGE CAN’T BE TRACED BACK TO FAT CHANCE. Chris Chance and his newly born-again Fat City Cycles brand are responsible not only for some of the best-riding and most-desirable mountain and road bikes, but also for providing a starting point for nearly a dozen builders, many of whom still churn out some of the best bikes in the world. With models like the Wicked, Yo Eddy, Slim Chance or Fuckn Fat Chance (which was really just a funny sticker put on the Wicked), and a myriad of vibrant and wild paint jobs, Fat Chance was not your average bike manufacturer. Though committed to quality and performance,…

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pittsburgh, pennsylvania

AHH, PITTSBURGH. The Paris of Appalachia. The West Coast of the East Coast. We are the Steel City, the city of bridges, rivers and staircases. And, of course, mountain biking. I first moved here in the last sparkling days of 2006, and I left the day after Thanksgiving in 2015, sure I’d never look back. It’s been a year since I’ve returned to this city that’s so familiar yet changed, so it seems fitting that I would write our Passing Through about Dirt Rag’s hometown, a town I will forever be passing through, regardless of how many times I think I’m gone for good. RIDING Frick Park has gone from the local secret to a mountain biker’s destination spot. Like any home trails, they’ve changed a lot over the years due to…