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Dirt Rag MagazineDirt Rag Magazine

Dirt Rag Magazine Issue 207

Dirt Rag is a mountain biking lifestyle magazine. Original art, passionate stories, investigative articles, honest product reviews, comics, music and book reviews and a realistic attitude are what we're all about. Whether you are a timid beginner or a seasoned race junkie, Dirt Rag speaks to you.

United States
Dirt Rag Magazine LTD
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4 Issues


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editor's letter

Recently I was playing a game with extended family. The rulebook instructed us to start play with the most-traveled person at the table. That began a debate about what “most-traveled” actually meant. We are a family unafraid of semantic arguments and I prepared for a deliberation that might take longer than the game itself. There was some talk of days traveled versus countries visited. The foreign travel quickly won out. My globetrotting brother picked up the dice for the first roll. I’m no slouch in the travel department, even if my sibling’s passport bears more visa stamps than mine. This job has taken me near and far to ride bikes on some amazing trails. All those amazing trails are the result of some human deciding to alter the landscape to improve his or…

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featured contributors

ADAM HURLBURT Adam Hurlburt is an ex-newspaper journalist, aspiring backwoods polymath, and psychedelic research advocate exploring the fickle singletrack of the Upper Mississippi River Valley after a too-short stint in the MTB Holy Land of the Pacific Northwest. He digs writing about old cars, science, adventure, and the environment, and he wants to buy that dusty old VW Bus sleeping in your grandma’s barn. JAMES MURREN A regular Dirt Rag contributor since 2010, James Murren first rode bikes on dirt as a kid growing up in Penn’s Woods. He’s mountain biked for the past 25 years and looks forward to his golden MTB anniversary. Whether it’s paths in Sequoia groves, desert and canyon tracks, remote mountain trails, or leafy-treed single track, he’s usually having a good time when pedaling amidst natural beauty.…

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extra bits

For some serious reading about the current state of psychedelics use in the treatment of PTSD patients, check out Tom Shroder's excellent book, "Acid Test: LSD, Ecstasy, and the Power to Heal." Shroder digs into the history of LSD and other psychedelics and psychotropics, and explores the evolving science of trauma relief through their usage. For a more lighthearted (and totally unscientific) look at microdosing, check out episode #44: "Shine on You Crazy Goldman" of "Reply All," Gimlet Media's podcast for all things interwebs. In this episode one of the hosts, PJ Vogt and a colleague, take microdoses of LSD for a week without telling any other co-workers. At the end of the week they spring their secret and share their findings; hilarity ensues.…

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eat me: porkchops at pisgah

“TO KEEP THE PORK CHOPS JUICY, YOU CAN’T BEAT DRY BRINING, WHICH IS BASICALLY PRE-SALTING THE MEAT.” We went in for a spoke and came out with a beer. That’s the magic of The Hub in Brevard, North Carolina. A bar inside a bike shop—genius! There’s also a decent BBQ joint next door. This is what happens when the one-time editor of Mountain Bike magazine (Brian Fiske), two former art directors of Bicycling Magazine (Dave Pryor and Chris Neyen) and a food writer get together for a Pisgah ride weekend. We stayed at the Bike Farm, a mountain biker’s glampground right in Pisgah National Forest. The Oskar Blues REEB Ranch is another good option. If you’ve never mountain biked Pisgah, jeezus, get off your ass and go! There’s so much good there.…

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drink me: infinite monkey theorem canned wine

“SURE, BUKOWSKI AND KEROUAC SMASHED THEIR LIVERS OUT ON CHEAP BOTTLES OF SWILL WHILE HOWLING AT THE MOON, BUT THIS IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT.” Lately, at the end of group rides or friends’ backyard parties, I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of hazy New England–style IPAs or brutish, boozy stouts. With each one trying to outdo the next, I’m left staggering against the ropes after just one or two post-ride beverages. Perhaps the thick, oppressive humidity of this East Coast summer has me reaching for something offering a more refreshing experience. Enter Infinite Monkey Theorem, a winemaker with locations in Denver, Colorado, and Austin, Texas, that prides itself on bucking tradition and sourcing grapes local to each region. Last I checked, Colorado and the Lone Star State are not exactly known…

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passing through: montpelier, vermont

Montpelier, the charmingly unassuming Vermont capital, is nestled in the north-central part of the state. At 525 feet of elevation, the surrounding mountains create a quaint valley of colonial respite from both harsh mountain weather and the flat culture of the Church of Bro. It’s easy to get romanced by a place like this, especially visiting on a mild summer weekend. This summer was rainy, but typically summers in Vermont as a whole are dry, warm and sunny. After three days on my bike, I didn’t mind a little rain to cool things off and add some whimsy to the forests. RIDE The big event of the region, the Green Mountain Gravel Growler, is an ode to the sport and the terrain that takes up a lot of the area. Some roads…