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Dirt Rag is a mountain biking lifestyle magazine. Original art, passionate stories, investigative articles, honest product reviews, comics, music and book reviews and a realistic attitude are what we're all about. Whether you are a timid beginner or a seasoned race junkie, Dirt Rag speaks to you.

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editor's letter

I’ve been consuming mountain bike editorial since 1993 or so — long enough to see online bike media grow from the most basic email lists to worldwide juggernaut status (hey, Pinkbike!). But despite more outlets, press junkets and PR, it seems that instead of a more diverse selection of media there is a sameness that is sinking in, despite the best intentions of the folks involved. I don’t want to fall into that trap — going through the paces to crank out by-the-numbers content, or depending on the industry to drive our direction. I want interesting content. Stories that no one else is doing. Words arranged in ways that surprise and entertain. With ad dollars being funneled to the web, and most of those dollars flowing to Facebook and Google, printing content…

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featured contributors

MOLLY HURFORD Molly Hurford is a journalist in love with all things cycling, running, nutrition and movement. When she’s not outside, she’s writing about being outside, traveling, running mountains and playing bikes — from MTB to BMX and all points in between — on TheOutdoorEdit.com, or interviewing world-class athletes and scientists for “The Consummate Athlete Podcast,” which she co-hosts with her equally active husband. Molly is obsessed with getting more women on bikes and hosts talks and clinics and camps for cyclists. She’s the author of multiple books on cycling and nutrition and writes for other outdoors-oriented magazines and sites. Her most recent project, "Shred Girls", is a young-adult fiction series focused on getting girls excited about bikes and can be found at Shred-Girls.com. Follow her adventure on Instagram and Twitter:…

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chewing the fat

Do your readers actually do the trips you propose? Well, the answer for us is YES! After reading “Passing Through” in issue No. 206, we decided to go to Newark, Delaware, this past weekend. Being from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we never really considered Delaware to be a destination, but we had to give it a shot. We tried to follow your suggestions, including a burrito dinner followed by drinks at Iron Hill. We did skip the Duck Donuts — maybe next time. The trails were great for my wife and I, with a mix of mostly flow and a few challenging features to keep us on our toes. On our way home to Harrisburg, we stopped at the tri-state geographical point to stand in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware at the same time. We…

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eat me: a camper van for christmas

All I wanted for Christmas was a camper van. A sweet, fuel-efficient ride for bike adventures that I could also run errands in. But no. VW doesn’t sell that model in the U.S. “There’s no market for it here,” they said. “Americans want everything bigger,” they said. What?! Have you seen the explosion of #vanlife and #tinyhouses in America? OK. Cross that off the list. And pencil in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 conversion van, maybe built by Off Grid Adventure Vans. Yes! But wait, the new Winnebago Revel is basically the same thing, isn’t it? Dreamin’. Dreamin’. Baby, I’m dreamin’. Who am I kidding? It doesn’t matter. No matter how much I want one, I don’t have $100,000 to spend on a camper van. Maybe someday I’ll find her. And I’m still reminded, maybe…

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drink me: negroni

“THE BITTERS ARE EXCELLENT FOR YOUR LIVER; THE GIN IS BAD FOR YOU. THEY BALANCE EACH OTHER.” If gin is the drink of misanthropes, the Negroni might be the gin cocktail for drinkers who hate people but love bars. Or grouches who fancy themselves haters, but are big softies once that hard exterior is softened with the effects of a few drinks. The backstory to this drink is the subject of debate. The most common version of the story has Italian Count Camillo Negroni creating the drink in early 1910s Florence, Italy, after spending time in the American West as a banker, cowboy and gambler. The Negroni family can’t find a Camillo in the family tree and instead credits Count Pascal-Olivier de Negroni with the invention. This origin story dates back to the…

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passing through: port jervis, new york

Home to roughly 8,600 New Yorkers, the small city of Port Jervis is nestled between the Delaware and Neversink rivers just off Interstate 84. Actually, directly under I-84 where the highway crosses over the Delaware River lie the state boundaries of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. HISTORY Port Jervis played an important role within the Industrial Revolution. Once the Delaware and Hudson Canal opened in 1828, Port Jervis quickly developed into a primary hub for transporting coal and lumber to southern Pennsylvania, New York and the New England region. Not long after, the Erie Railroad was completed, further expanding trade. This soon would become the backbone of Port Jervis — until the Great Depression, when transportation shifted from the railway to the roadway. Today, Port Jervis is reinventing itself as an outdoor-recreation…