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Discover Japan - AN INSIDER'S GUIDEDiscover Japan - AN INSIDER'S GUIDE

Discover Japan - AN INSIDER'S GUIDE


Discover Japan is the insider's guide to Japan. Published since 2008 in Japanese, the magazine is now available in English as a redesigned, easy-to-read digital issue that is packed with stories on Japanese culture, food, travel, design and much more. We hope this will soon become your preferred guide to a previously unexplored side of Japan. Notice "Discover Japan ―AN INSIDER'S GUIDE vol. 18" originally scheduled for release on April 6th has been changed due to unforeseeable circumstances. We will notice to you again, as soon as the release day is confirmed. Thank you for understanding.

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from the editor

When the weather turns cold, the Japanese head to the mountains to warm both body and soul at one of the many hot spring resorts dotted around the country. What could be better to ward off the cold than a soothing warm bath followed by a fullcourse meal of local delicacies? In this issue, we take a close look at three of Japan’s wonderful onsen resorts; the Hakkoda Hotel in Aomori, the Beniya Mukayu Ryokan in Ishikawa and the Tsurunoyu Ryokan in Akita prefecture.The classic Hakkoda Hotel’s log building comes with plenty of old-world charm and a unique chance to take in the surrounding snowscape while soaking in one of the nearby hot springs. Crab lovers should visit Beniya Mukayu and enjoy the opulent servings of several kinds of freshly…

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01 Kiosk by architects Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida1) The sophisticated and stylish exterior captures the eyes of passersby.2) An easy way to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee.A stylish kiosk has popped up in Chiyoda ward’s Ichibancho. The watering hole-style coffee stand BIRD BATH & KIOSK is designed by SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE, which is headed by the architects Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida. With Unite Inc. food director Makoto Asamoto also on board as an adviser, Suppose Design Office has designed this creativity-generating space, which is based on the concept of “thinking about work means considering breaks. So why not drop by this urban roost for a coffee break during your work day?BIRD BATH & KIOSK23-3 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, TokyoHours: 8:15–19:00Closed: Saturdays,Sundays, Public HolidaysInstagram: @birdbathkiosk02 A new age of…

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unwind in a hot spring this winter

What could be more comforting than the warmth of a hot spring during the cold of winter?If you feel your busy daily life has made your body and mind a bit stiff, then it’s time to loosen up with a trip to a hot spring.Japan has plentiful hot springs with an array of benefits.Whether you want to gaze at breathtaking scenery or soak in mineral- rich, healing hot waters, there is a hot spring to suit your every whim.In this edition, we have selected a few of our recommended hot springs in Japan.Take our advice and melt away in a hot spring this winter. ■…

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Why would people yearn for a hot spring hidden this deeply in the mountains?Chattering, “cold, cold,” I hustle towards an outdoor bath hidden in a veil of white steam amidst the snow. I hop into the bath and sink in right up to my neck, taking a deep breath, “ahhh!”The gentle warmth of the waters seep into my body, and if I keep still, I can hear the hot spring burbling to me, “pukuri, puku puku.”Seeking an intoxicating spring of sulphurous waters and Japan’s original hot spring vistaYou must spend the night to truly understand Tsurunoyu Onsen. Only overnight guests can truly know its intimate wonders. Even if you enjoy all four different hot spring waters, and take a souvenir photograph at the front gates, or taste their delectable mountain…

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hakkoda hotel

The Mt. Hakkoda region, known as one of the few deep-snow regions of Japan, transforms into a crystalline world of white with the coming of winter. Piles of snow higher than my shoulders adorned the Hakkoda Hotel and the surrounding beech groves, and I wondered if I could even make it to the hotel. Despite my unease, on this very day not a single cloud marred the sky, as if to welcome me to this hotel I had long wished to visit.Indulge yourself in a world of white crystals from the warmth of a hot springThe gender-separated hot springs are rich with the fragrance of Japanese cypress. The bath overflows with the waters of the Arakawa hot springs. A sauna is also available for those who really want to feel…

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experience the hidden sukayu onsen hot springs!

Enveloped in steam, the uppermost bath is the Rei no Yu cold-water bath, to be enjoyed just before leaving. The Yonbun-Rokubun bath featured in the middle feels hotter than the Netsu no Yu hot water bath, but the feeling of intense heat lasts for a shorter time. The Japanese name of “Forty-Sixty” refers to this feeling of warmth greater than the heat of the water. The bottom bath is the Yuryu bath.Sukayu Onsen is one of the most famous mountain hot springs in all of Japan. The Tohoku region is a place where the culture of mixed-gender baths still lingers, and Suyaku Onsen is the home of the Hiba Sennin Buro, or Cypress Thousand-Person Bath, a massive shared bath nearly 300 square meters in size, with a history of 300…