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Do It Yourself Summer 2019

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Packed with step-by-step projects, Do It Yourself is the go-to guide to personalizing your home. Find inspiration and instructions for simple room renovations, home decor projects, budget-savvy style, flea market makeovers, outdoor living ideas, and more. From power tool reviews to pillow projects, we cover the DIY spectrum and empower the reader to tackle new techniques and ideas.

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If you’re like me and lack a dedicated workshop, warmer weather is your chance to build. Now is the perfect moment to take over the porch, patio, garage, or shady backyard spot and start generating some serious sawdust. To maximize the season of building, we’ve created 20 (yes, 20!) carpentry projects—accessories, furniture, wall treatments, even a pergola (“Made for Entertaining,” page 46). Start easy by converting square dowels into the sweetest houseplant stand, this photo. All you need are basic hand tools, clamps, glue, and pin nails (“Wood Works,” page 80). Expand on your skills with one of five modern farmhouse style planters (“Modern Classics,” page 66), or build them all and become the envy of your ’hood. And don’t miss our introduction to one tool you must add to your…

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farm to home

DO IT BETTER GIVE A UNIQUE AGED FINISH TO YOUR WOOD-BASED PROJECT (OR EXISTING WOOD FURNITURE) WITH THIS WHITEWASH TECHNIQUE. BHG.COM/PICKLEWOOD TABLE Make a statement in your dining room with a custom-made X-leg dining table. BHG.com/FarmTable SHIPLAP WALL We’re still loving shiplap— and the install is easier than you might think! Create this on-trend wall treatment with our step-by-step instructions. BHG.com/Shiplap PLANTER BOX X marks the spot with this welcoming planter box, perfect for displaying seasonal florals or starting a container garden. BHG.com/PlanterBox SIDE TABLE A few hours and five simple steps will leave you with this modern farmhouse side table. BHG.com/SideTable…

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sun printing

LIGHT THE WAY Sun printing makes it super easy to transfer complex lace patterns while giving this classic material a fresh, modern appeal, left. Cut lace to fit around a white lampshade. In a room away from direct sunlight, apply a thin, even coat of black SolarFast dye to the lampshade using a foam crafts brush. While dye is damp, wrap lace around the lampshade, pulling taut and tying ends together with thread or securing with transparent tape. Expose lampshade to sunlight according to SolarFast instructions. After exposure is complete, remove from sunny area (A) and detach lace. Hand-wash lampshade immediately in a bath of hot water and SolarFast Wash, agitating to remove excess dye. Let dry. SMALL TALK You can display your favorite phrase on a pillow, this photo, using…

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palmer planter company

IN EARLY 2017, NAOMI CLEARY AND HER NOW-HUSBAND, DANIEL RICARDO TERAN, LAUNCHED PALMER PLANTER CO., A BOUTIQUE STUDIO SELLING HANDMADE GARDEN POTS WITH A CONTEMPORARY TWIST ON HISTORICAL POTTERY TECHNIQUES. THEY USE RENEWABLE WIND ENERGY AND SUSTAINABLE SHIPPING PRACTICES IN THEIR POTTERY BUSINESS. THE MAKERS: NAOMI AND DANIEL Read on to learn how this creative duo got into pottery and some tricks of their trade. Q: When did you and Daniel begin your journey into creating your own pottery and starting your own ceramics company? A: Daniel and I both went to art school thinking we would be painters, which I think is what pretty much everybody thinks when they go to art school. Somehow we both stumbled into ceramics departments. Daniel took a tour of the ceramics program at his art school and…

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handy girl

YOU CAN FIX IT! Big projects are pretty grand. But sometimes, Handy Girls, it’s the little Ms. Fix-Its that bring the most satisfaction. That’s why we’re focusing on those tiny to-dos to help you banish eyesores and update the things that make your house work harder and smarter. AN ODE TO BLUE TAPE: 3 REASONS (BEYOND THE OBVIOUS) WHY WE LOVE IT. 1 ‘Cause it makes the straightest, most beautiful lines when you recaulk a tub. Scrape the old caulk off using a putty knife, then clean and dry the surface (overnight is best). Apply painters tape on both sides of the caulk line, fill in using a caulk gun, and smooth with your finger. Then wait a day and remove the tape. Voilà! 2 ‘Cause it helps us organize our cords. If we’re organizing our TV…

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on our radar

1. Relax with the soothing sounds of bubbling water. Make any garden zen with the Sedona rock fountain. Follow the easy instructions to install, then plug in and enjoy. Sedona Disappearing Water Feature Kit from Gardenique, $159; lowes.com 2. It’s a one-stop box for all your fix-it needs. Over 100 drill bits will fit virtually any size you encounter. Magnetic sockets on the included drivers make switching bits a breeze. Manta 112-Bit Driver Kit, $60; ifixit.com 3. Go easy on your hands with ergonomic tools. The design of the Handle Rite needle-nose, slip joint, side cutter, and linemen pliers is a simple yet effective rework of the standard tool handle into a slip-free alternative. Handle Rite Ergonomic Loop Handle Pliers, $18–$20; thegrommet.com 4. It’s the science of sun prints in one clever kit…