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test time

SQUARESPACE Price/ $18 a month for business plan Best feature/ Integrating Instagram content onto your actual site Our review/ Design templates are better than average. Our test site has a spacious, friendly look with plenty of white space. GODADDY WEBSITES + MARKETING Price/ Starts at $10 a month Best feature/ Inserting SEO terms on your home page and in blog posts Our review/ The tools are all intuitive and powerful. One ding: You can’t assign blog posts to a specific author. WIX EDITOR X Price/ TBD Best feature/ Responsive design improves the site on any screen Our review/ The interface is easy and well-designed, but some of the advanced features for responsive design might require some training.…

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embracing the dings, dents, and bumps

I grew up in the 1970s in a small town in central Pennsylvania and spent a lot of time at my grandparents’house, a railroad-style home just down the street from my parents. My grandfather, Charles, would come home from a long day’s work, covered in dirt and oil, and share a sugary sip of coffee from a thermos he kept in a banged-up aluminum lunch pail. My grandfather was an entrepreneur. After serving in WWII as a second lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers for the U.S. Army Reserve, overseeing construction projects across France and Germany, he returned home and realized there was a need for his skill set in the local community. He started his own custom grading and excavation business and got to work. And the work was hard. I…

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airbnb and match.com… for restaurants?

LET’S SAY YOU GO onto Grubhub, see that there’s a new franchise in town called The Captain’s Boil, and order a shrimp basket for delivery. Score! But here’s what you don’t see: Your lunch was actually made inside a Ruby Tuesday. This is the magic of Franklin Junction, which bills itself as a mixture of Airbnb and Match.com—but for restaurants. The platform finds kitchens with extra capacity and matches them with brands that want to expand into new locations. It was conceived by Aziz Hashim, founder and managing partner of NRD Capital, which owns more than 700 franchise units in North America. He launched it in January and originally intended it for his own stores (including The Captain’s Boil and Ruby Tuesday). But once COVID-19 hit, he opened it up to…

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solve tomorrow’s problems today

When there’s a problem, entrepreneurs fix it. But it’s not enough to just solve today’s problems anymore. That’s reactive and short-sighted. We have a massive opportunity to thrive after this pandemic, but it’ll only happen if we spend today solving tomorrow’s problems. Look out into the future, and create the solutions that will resonate in the months and years to come. You don’t need to be a fortune-teller to do this. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say a guy named Joe has a favorite burger place. They make a great burger, and he can’t wait to eat there again. But when his local lockdown is finally lifted, that favorite burger place seems messy and disorganized. Meanwhile, there’s a second-best burger place down the street—and that place is spotless. So where will Joe…

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staying together, apart

EMMA ROONEY, sales coordinator “Structure has been key to keeping productivity up. Getting dressed in the morning and staying out of my bedroom during the day has been helpful, and creating a schedule for my day and a cutoff time in the evening is a necessary boundary. Plus, I’m constantly motivated by the work my colleagues are doing. I’ve been practicing mindful gratitude—I’m thankful to have a job to wake up to during these unimaginably tough times.” JAECHELLE JOHNSON, engineering technician “We’ve been having more frequent full-company check-ins, to just see each other’s faces. I think we’re using Slack 10 times more than we ever did when we were physically together. And we’ve started having video chats outside of work hours—to have virtual drinks together and decompress.” ALEXANDRA FINE, cofounder and CEO/ “We’ve been having…

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the new startup

Entrepreneurs create solutions—but with the world bogged down in problems, it’s hard to know where to begin. Global investor Alexandre Lazarow has some advice: Take inspiration from companies built in the most difficult environments. Lazarow is the author of the book Out-Innovate, in which he studied 200 companies built in small and often challenging marketplaces—where resources and talent may be scarce, and where economic uncertainty reigns. So how do those entrepreneurs there thrive? “They have sustainability and resilience built into their DNA, and into the operational fabric of the business,” he says. Here, he talks about how to take a long-term approach and build for the future. How do you innovate in such a time of uncertainty? In Silicon Valley, they’re obsessed with disruption. Everyone is either disrupting or being disrupted. But what…