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Esquire UK January/February 2019

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Every month Esquire covers a diverse range of topics from music to politics, health to fashion, lifestyle tips to inspiring features and, of course, beautiful women. Esquire's heritage of top-class writing and quality journalism, combined with A-list celebrity coverage and great photography gives the readers an informing and entertaining package every month. Esquire is the sharper read for Men who Mean Business.

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Tom Craig p.66 “I always concern myself with whether the stories we are telling are authentic,” says the contributing photographer of this month’s cover shoot with actor Dominic West. “After a couple of pints in the local pub, a raz around on the quad bike and a quick dangle from the parapets of Dominic’s wife’s castle in Limerick, I quickly realised that our portrayal of Dominic was all very legitimate in its authenticity.” Craig’s work has also appeared in The Sunday Times, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and many more. Paul Wilson “In the field opposite Dominic West’s house in Wiltshire is a tiny church (seats about 60) that you reach by half-hopscotching over the cowpats. Conversely, the conversation at his place was entirely bullshit-free.” Read the contributing editor’s cover interview with West on page…

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editor’s letter

SHOE DESIGNER CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN; footballer and social media wit Peter Crouch; novelist and icon of the new feminism Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Where else could one hope to find these people under the same roof at the same time other than at the Esquire Townhouse? In October, our annual four-day pop-up shindig celebrated its third and best year yet, in association with Breitling. Christian and Peter and Chimamanda are all leaders in their fields, but those fields are quite distinct. I can’t be certain (I somehow neglected to ask her) but I’m guessing that Chimamanda has not — not yet! — been to the bet365 Stadium to see Peter turn out for Stoke City. Nor, for that matter, can I say with confidence that Peter has got around to reading Half of…

5 min.
self examination

ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END and as it is with the life of the human body, so with this column, too. Over the past couple of years, I’ve animadverted on the vicissitudes of my own relationship with my corporeal idiot twin; observations which have — if you’ll forgive the pun — bodied forth into remarks on everyone else’s. But far from wishing to fat-shame you, dear reader, or otherwise draw to your attention the inadequacies of your mortal frame, my aim has simply been to encourage you to be more, um, embodied. OK, I realise you’re wondering, “What the fuck’s he on about?” Well, if you’re sitting comfortably (and you should be, given the year-on-year rise in the nation’s collective BMI), then I’ll begin. For this final column,…

7 min.
man & boy

WE HAVE TACKLED SOME RIGHT OLD TOPICS HERE over the past couple of years: sex, mates, cricket, penises, fighting, cars, clothes… I mean, you’d never know it was a column in a men’s magazine, would you? But then also we’ve talked about choosing schools, dealing with obesity, reading the right books, the importance of being polite and also of being brave in the face of physical and emotional danger. And through all of it we have acknowledged how hard it is to stay focused on these things at a time when the question “What is a man?” is becoming more and more complicated. Not only because a lot of people with penises are now asserting their right to be identified as women but because all the ways in which men behave…

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feet first

4 min.
the ultimate ski lift

Piles of white powder, a feeling of intense exhilaration, an expensive habit that’s thoroughly addictive — sound familiar? Well, we’re actually talking about heli-skiing, by far the most fun you can have with your salopettes on. To squeeze in one more drug-related analogy: if piste skiing is the gateway substance, then heli-skiing is the heroin. It is, quite simply, the Everest of adrenaline sports. So why the hype? Because there’s little to beat the feeling of touching down in a helicopter miles from anywhere, or anyone, followed by absolute stillness as the last sounds of the departing chopper are absorbed by peaks and snow. Then knowing that all day you’ll be making fresh tracks in powder — sometimes up to waist-deep — and five minutes after finishing each descent you’ll be…