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Ito Kish’s “Curated Home” collaboration with Robinsons Department Store makes stylish and luxe-looking home accents and dinner ware accessible to a wide range of consumers.

THESE DAYS, the word “curate” has become ubiquitous that it constantly makes people want to curate everything in their lives, from their social media feeds and wardrobe to home furnishings.

A whole new concept of lifestyle now envelops this idea of a curated aesthetic. And what that means for the home is a look elevated to a certain level of style that only includes carefully hand-picked items.

Well, here’s good news! Renowned furniture designer and visual stylist Ito Kish has collaborated with Robinsons Department Store in launching a new home brand called the Curated Home, a first for the department store. As the name suggests, the brand is all about beautiful objects you’d normally find in high-end exclusive boutiques but are incredibly priced affordably.

And because an interior expert like Ito is the man heading the team behind Curated Home, you can trust that the items you’ll get your hands on were carefully chosen to meet your discerning taste.

A little back story: Ito had a small collection of home items for Robinsons Department Store last year, which was very well received. Because of this success, they’ve decided to create a new home brand that will cater to many consumers today, who are always looking for that balance between beautiful design and reasonable price.

Curated Home features over 60 hand-picked objects grouped into three collections:

The Craft Collection is inspired by the art of decoupage. Expect lots of fanciful plates, pillows, and all manner of bric-a-brac The design details are meticulous and colorful, with plenty of texture and warm tones of wood.

The Resort Collection is for the individual who loves brute shapes and organic lines. Inspiration comes from stoneware, basketry, ironwork, and clay. Carved textures adorn many of the pieces, such as mugs, furniture, and storage.

The Oceana Collection features the shape of waves, the shimmer of mother of pearl, the iridescence of fish scales on soft furnishings, vases, and bed and bath items.

Curated Home is available at all Robinsons Department Store