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Fast Company September 2019

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music for every moment

1 Waking Up “GOOD MORNING,” KANYE WEST The title says it all. The first verse of Kanye’s upbeat “Good Morning” provides a great soundtrack for the start of the day. 2 Working Out “DIGITAL DASH,” DRAKE AND FUTURE The strong bass gives the song an energetic vibe, and I love the flow between both artists. It gets me in the zone. 3 End of the Day “SATURDAY NIGHT,” KHALID The song’s chill melody, played on an acoustic guitar, is great for unwinding. 4 Driving “WE THE ONES,” QUALITY CONTROL This song has a lot of different artists and styles; its switches are perfect when I’m traveling from place to place, matching the changing scenery. 5 Hard at Work “8 OUT OF 10,” DRAKE The beat—and the way Drake delivers his message—never fails to motivate me.…

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turning trash into treasure

Berlin-based designer Sophie Rowley, who began experimenting with recycled materials as a master’s student at Central Saint Martins, in London, creates the marblelike surfaces of her Bahia Slate Tables from used denim, collected from recycling centers in Germany. She dips the fabric in bioresin (a plastic made from organic compounds) and dries it into a mold to make a sturdy three-dimensional shape. The final table feels more like fabric than plastic. “The exposed surface is jeans, so it has a soft and warm sensation,” says Rowley. (Prices starting at $700) NECESSARY VICE Casamigos Reposado (STARTING AT $ 25.99, CASAMIGOSTEQUILA.COM) “I love the taste of this tequila. I look forward to my Friday night Casamigos on the rocks—and my kids look forward to my extra-entertaining bedtime stories. It’s a parenting winwin.” —Sarah Harden, CEO, Hello…

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creativity hubs

Intuit MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA The company behind QuickBooks, Turbo-Tax, and Mint supports employees developing new ideas for communities that most need them. Through a project called Mission Hope, Intuit’s customer-success team is opening new customer service call centers in local economies that have experienced serious downturns. In the past two years, the initiative created more than 900 jobs in Wise, Virginia, and Johns town, Pennsylvania. Intuit has recently announced a third center (in Bluefield, West Virginia). Compass NEW YORK Real estate brokerage Compass runs on a proprietary tech platform that elicits internal feedback through a digital forum that allows up and down voting from all of its agents and employees. Suggestions that make it to the top of the leaderboard become eligible for some of the hundreds of millions in funding the company has committed…

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fighting for online freedom

In a world where privacy is evaporating, one tech organization is taking a stand. Mozilla works to preserve an open, global internet by advancing public policy and creating technologies that protect people’s right to explore and create online without fear of surveillance. Mozilla began in 1998 as a community open source project. Today, it’s an internet leader with a team of more than 1,000. Its well-known web browser, Firefox, protects user privacy with features like Enhanced Tracking Protection, a now default setting that blocks cookies so companies can’t track you. Like all Mozilla solutions, it’s the product of international collaboration and diversity of thought. FROM THE OUTSIDE-IN Mozilla’s ability to innovate across borders—with the purpose of ensuring the internet is a global public resource, accessible to all—earned it a spot on Fast Company’s…

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new vantage points

Five years ago, Fast Company published a profile of entrepreneur Tristan Walker, a Foursquare veteran who was building a shaving and skincare business called Walker & Company. Written by contributor J.J. McCorvey, it was a candid portrayal of an African American founder trying to make his way in Silicon Valley, a place with a grim record on racial inclusion, despite the fact that so many of the iconic companies founded there consider themselves to be models of meritocracy. McCorvey revealed the complexities of navigating Sand Hill Road while black: Did the venture capitalists throwing “entrepreneur-in-residence” offers at Walker really value his potential as a founder, or were they looking for a quick way to diversify their ranks? For Walker, was it reckless of him, after earning a Stanford MBA, to…

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simulation is a game-changer in the real world

More than a decade ago, a serious car crash nearly destroyed one young Australian woman’s jaw, breaking it in three places. A series of agonizing surgeries failed to reduce her unrelenting pain, and in 2017 her jaw began locking up to the point she could barely eat. Her oral surgeon recognized that the problem was a failed bone graft. She needed a new bone created from scratch using 3D-printing technology. Craniomaxillofacial surgical device designer OMX Solutions turned to ANSYS's engineering simulation software to measure, design, and then produce a new piece of simulated bone to be surgically implanted. The implant surgery took less than an hour, thanks to a perfect fit, and minutes after the anesthesia wore off, the patient was able to talk pain-free. The life-changing surgery was only possible because…