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It covers general interest topics spanning babes, pop culture, fashion and grooming, sports, music, sex and relationship, and humor. Launched in March 2000, FHM Philippines has since dominated the publishing arena through its playful mix of witty articles, edgy photography and of course, the sexiest women in the land! Browse through pages of the alluring women! Learn about the hottest movies, gadgets and music! Read the most sensual stories as told by our FHM honeys! You can now take your trusted wingman (yes, FHM) anywhere you go.

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i remember having a conversation sometime in early 2000 with a fellow musician

What FHMers have been up to this month (I lead a double life as a guitarist for a willfully obscure rock band) who was excited to have stumbled upon a job that paid good money while allowing her to indulge her artistic pursuits. Her band had just released an album two years back and, as most pinoy rock artists know, you don't make a career out of that. But this recent regular gig seemed promising: it was for a company called etelecare, and all she had to do was take phone calls from clients in the United States. What got her in was her good command of English because she was, after all, half-Caucasian. If I recall correctly, she said she got paid P14,000 a month for it, which was practically twice…

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MISA GOT BACK I don’t mean to sound like a perv or anything but someone had to say it… Misa is hella thicc. I mean, damn girl. She’s really been working on those glutes since her last cover. She was still hot back then but damn, now she can really fill in those bottoms. John Altera, via Facebook BITCOIN SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME I don’t think anything will convince me to exchange my hard earned cash for something I can’t even physically hold. I don’t see why people can’t just work hard and save rather than looking for a shortcut to success. I’m doing pretty well with the pay and benefits I get from my nine to five. Just my two cents. gina barbacena, via Facebook HONOR OUR TROOPS! Kudos to FHM for publishing that…

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high hopes

chise.alcantara@summitmedia.com.ph If you can’t shake the feeling that you’ve seen this roof-climbing, lingerie-clad model before, maybe it’s because you’ve seen her in some TV commercials. Or when she acted in a telenovela (My Super D) with this month’s cover girl, Myrtle Sarrosa. Gertrude Louise loves showbiz and immersing herself in each experience and opportunity that come her way. After helping her down, we have a chat with Louise to find out what’s next for this thrill seeker. What teleseryes have you been a part of? In 2016, I was a part of ABS-CBN’s My Super D—my character’s name was Peaches. I was sisters with Myrtle and Jef (Gaitan) in the show and we all had crushes on Dodong (Dominic Ochoa). Oh, and our family owned a gotohan called Gotohan ni Mang Dick, “Tigasin…

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the disconnected life

Admit it: you spend too much time on the Internet. Chances are the first thing you did this morning was check Facebook. On the other hand, you can’t help it when the Internet has taken over your career, your social life, even your morning commute. But surprise, surprise! Too much Internet is psychologically proven to be bad for you. You may not know it yet but there’s a chance you could be suffering from Internet addiction or what most psychologists aptly refer to as Compulsive Internet Use (CIU). Dr. Regienald A. Afroilan, MD, DPBP, a psychiatrist at National Center for Mental Health, describes CIU as “a compulsive, pleasure-seeking behavior wherein one experiences pleasurable moments due to constant exposure to particular websites to the point that he fails to perform his daily…

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sore loser

I slammed my cards triumphantly on the carpeted floor. Erika and I laughed as Carl sadly showed us his single pair: two aces. Clearly not enough to save the single piece of clothing left on him. The three of us were drunk and sitting cross-legged in Erika’s apartment. We’ve been playing strip poker for more than an hour and I could feel my head spinning. Erika and I only had on our shirts and panties. I caught Carl eyeing the outline of my erect nipples which excited me. The growing bulge in his boxers made my panties wetter. “Don’t be a cheater!” I teased. “What the hell,” Carl chuckled removing his boxers to reveal his towering cock. I felt my panties moisten. He was really hard. I couldn’t help myself any longer. I…

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there’s a chocolate for every feel

chise.alcantara@summitmedia.com.ph Theo & Philo Green Mango and Sea Salt Contact: 09204315650, (02) 631-1362 hello@theoandphilo.com A sliver of this Pinoy chocolate made with cacao from Davao is an interesting blend of flavors: bittersweet dark chocolate, sour dried green mango and sea salt. It may initially confuse your taste buds (like a girl giving you mixed signals), but as you finish a piece, you find peace. The sour breaks the bitter, and the hint of the salt tides you over the mango’s tang. Take a bite as you mull the state of your pseudo-relationship. Risa Bacon & Chili Contact: 09189424573 chocolates@risa.ph This concoction of dark choco, bacon, and chili is best munched alone for a couple of reasons. One, you don’t want people to judge you as bizarre for having cured meat in chocolates instead of in cheeseburgers. Two, it’s…