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FHM PhilippinesFHM Philippines

FHM Philippines Ladies Confessions Special

It covers general interest topics spanning babes, pop culture, fashion and grooming, sports, music, sex and relationship, and humor. Launched in March 2000, FHM Philippines has since dominated the publishing arena through its playful mix of witty articles, edgy photography and of course, the sexiest women in the land! Browse through pages of the alluring women! Learn about the hottest movies, gadgets and music! Read the most sensual stories as told by our FHM honeys! You can now take your trusted wingman (yes, FHM) anywhere you go.

Summit Publishing Co., Inc
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1 min.
ladies’ confessions special

You clamored for something new. Fresher. Sexier. Provocative. Weeks after the release of the first FHM Ladies’ Confessions Special last year, we knew we’d run into comments echoing these very sentiments. You said a buffet starring all our treasured confessions from the past was appetizing. Consuming them in one sitting or three, however, still left almost all of you feeling just half-full. This year’s offering, we hope, will be a total hunger-buster. Version 2K8 dazzles from the get-go with its artistic and topnotch array of original erotic photography, poetry, screenplay, and short stories, penned and interpreted by some of the youngest, most promising, and multi-awarded authors, journalists, musicians, photographers, and poets, and scriptwriters in the country. That’s all that needs to be said really. Enough of the suspense then... Allan A.…

2 min.
about the writers

MARGUERITE ALCAZAREN DE LEON The recipient of the 2007 Mulry Award for Literary Excellence, her work has appeared in the Philippines Free Press, the Philippine Speculative Fiction Anthology Vol. 3, and Story Philippines. She is slowly regaining consciousness. KARL R. DE MESA is a journalist, documentary TV producer and the author of the short story collection Damaged People—Tales of the Gothic-Punk. He plays guitar for sludge metal group Driver:Down and ambient, post-rock outfit Biscochong Halimaw. JOSEPH “JOEY” NACINO has published a number of speculative fiction stories in the Philippine Speculative Fiction anthologies as well as the Digest of Philippine Genre Stories. He also recently won first place in the 2007 Philippine Graphic/ Fiction Awards sponsored by Fully-Booked and Neil Gaiman. CARLJOE JAVIER is finishing his MA in Creative Writing at UP Diliman, where he also took his…

22 min.

I give great head. It isn’t some skill that just developed through the years, nothing that I had to warm up to or did a little clumsily at first because the mechanics seemed too daunting in the beginning. None of that first-time hesitation crap that could cloud a girl’s curiosity, however strong. In fact, I wasn’t even that curious then. Although I had never done it before that night, before Miel Hernandez yanked me into the locker room of the St. Paul of Tarsus gym in the middle of an insufferable inter-high school soiree, I knew what I was in for. I knew what to do. I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth like it was all I had ever done all those years. Like wetting my hair before…

2 min.
maya trang

Do you have a favored routine when it comes to romping? Actually, it's a turn-on for me kapag ako yang gumagawa ng first move. In a way kasi I like na dino-dominate ko yung guy, somethin like that. And if I like the gu I'm willing to romanceTim hanggang gusto niya at kaya ko. Even for 24 solid hours? Yeah. Ayos Zang! Again it comes down to how much I like him. Well, how long does it exactly take for you to like a guy? Siyempre 1 have to get io know him muna. we have to know each other first. After that ...yun na ha ha! Pero yung haba it depends. I believe in love at first sight kasi I've experienced it! What's the most erotic thing you've done for a guy? For my last boyfriend, one night…

4 min.

Nursing studes do sensual first aid My boyfriend and I are both nursing students. One time, on our way to our duty I started teasing him in the cab. I kissed his hand and kept putting his finger to my mouth. He told me to stop because he was getting horny but I ignored him. Instead, I kissed his ear while rubbing my hand very discreetly over his erect cock that was straining through his pants. I unzipped his fly and started giving him a hand job. As we arrived at the hospital, I had to stop. We were 30 minutes early and were told by a nurse to wait in the student room. While waiting, we looked at each other and started kissing. He started rubbing my boobs and pinching…

17 min.
liza, her prayers to the saint

Death stalks the angel. Amid this riot of pyrotechnics, masks and flowers, the end of solstice day is marked here, in Sasaya Nino, with the feast of St. Zacherius. He is night’s patron: The youngest, and most celebratory saint of all. Around me revelers dance without concern for the chill and the way their costumes are being undone. Step by step, en masse, the parade moves forward. The parade is an overwhelming synesthesia: The drums, the smell of roses and sampaguitas trampled underfoot and the confetti falling from the buildings like slow rain. The building facades are themselves decorated with religious graffiti, of scenes from the journey of San Zacherius and his arrival at Sasaya Nino. The way the natives regard him he seems more a god than saint, more like a Baron…