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FHM Philippines November 2017

It covers general interest topics spanning babes, pop culture, fashion and grooming, sports, music, sex and relationship, and humor. Launched in March 2000, FHM Philippines has since dominated the publishing arena through its playful mix of witty articles, edgy photography and of course, the sexiest women in the land! Browse through pages of the alluring women! Learn about the hottest movies, gadgets and music! Read the most sensual stories as told by our FHM honeys! You can now take your trusted wingman (yes, FHM) anywhere you go.

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from the editor

I don’t know what is more tragically funny— not being there when the Bubble Gang girls were shooting this month’s cover, or having to look at before-and-after photos of Xander Ford and the other patients of plastic surgeon Dr. Eric “Doc Yappy” Yapjuanco, while nervously holding my own nose, making sure it was still in place. Both actually happened in this issue that has turned out to be one of the most packed issues we’ve had the pleasure of delivering. The idea for an eight-babe extravaganza (Sleepovers Are Fun!, p. 22) wasn’t even ours to begin with—it was the girls’. It was Bubble Gang’s 22nd year and they wanted to do something big. When we got a call for it, there was no way we would say no. And when shoot day…

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I S B ROUG H T TO YOU BY. . . Acting Editor in chief Allan P. Hernandez Associate Art Director John Laurence O. Patulan Style Editor Mikey Ashlie L. Mahinay Assistant Managing Editor Chise A. Alcantara Contributing Editor Peejo Pilar AN D FUTU R E - P ROOFE D BY. . . Web Editor in chief Anton D. Umali Associate Section Editor John Paulo Aguilera Staff Writer Khatrina Bonagua Art Director Echo Antonio Multimedia Producer Lian Dumas Team Editor Allan A. Madrilejos WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM . . . Words Kat Zablan, Denise Mallabo, Lamar Roque, Adrian Arcega, Juju Baluyot, Illustrations Frantz Salvador Pictures Paolo Pineda, Eve Baswel, Shaira Luna, Paul Mondok, Toto Labrador, Ejay Leung, Ria Regino, Kurt Alvarez, Louie Aguinaldo, Kevin Cayuca, Jonathan Baldonado, Ian Guevara Styling/Makeup/Hair Debra Bernales,…

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YOu NEEd A hIT, bRO I just read your feature about the smoking ban and I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s so such a hassle to find DSA’s now and most malls didn’t even inform their guards of their locations. The government really needs to rethink their implementation of this law. I’m not against establishments trying to be stricter about limiting the places on where we can smoke but at least make them more accessible to people. harris Ramos, via Facebook WE’RE glAd YOu NOTICEd! I don’t get why other people are saying that FHM isn‘t as sexy as before. Did they even take a look at models featured this month? The sultry, Daiana Menezes doesn’t look like she aged at all and the other girls in the magazine were freaking hot…

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HOW TO SOUND REAL SMART interView: katrina marie zaBLan styLinG: DeBra BernaLes | makeup: amanDa paDiLLa Hair: anne castaÑo chise.alcantara@summitmedia.com.ph Lyka Gonzales would have never expected that her old routine of watching movies at Greenhills cinema after school when she was a child could lead her to a profession in film and documentary making. Let alone for a film of hers to be featured in both local and international festivals and film houses, including the prestigious Cannes Court Métrege. But after having a chat with her, we say it isn’t much of a stretch to say that this woman’s name was meant to be in lights. From starting her own production company, eleven eleven, while she was still in college to now traveling all over the Philippines to make documentaries of different indigenous cultures,…

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how to produce a short film for a measly p10,000 budget

With so many good indie films coming out recently, we’re sure that the bold idea of making your own film has crossed your mind. You get all hyped at the idea of finally getting that kickass plot that’s been playing inside your head into something real you can show to other people only to have it immediately denied by your pessimistic logic and the financial reality that you don’t have the funds to make it happen. We’re here to prove to you that your big screen dreams (or in this case, online virality) aren’t impossible if you know how to budget wisely, think outside the box, and have the kapal ng mukha to ask help from your exceedingly more talented friends. So get off your ass and become the best damn…

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unfinished business

Mik a, 26 Antipolo City When I said I wanted to hook up with my office crush, I did not mean I wanted the whole affair to go viral. All I wanted was to run my hands on Ram’s beautiful dark skin, stare at his piercing eyes and kiss his perfectly chiseled face. It’s only been a month since he started working as the IT specialist on our floor. I was instantly intrigued by this mysterious new employee who rarely talks. I’m usually known as the loud, slender, redhaired recruiter but every time Ram’s around I feel myself tense and get all shy and awkward. The catastrophe happened during the company’s anniversary celebration. I remember talking to Ram when one tequila shot became three and ten and before I knew it, I was…