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It covers general interest topics spanning babes, pop culture, fashion and grooming, sports, music, sex and relationship, and humor. Launched in March 2000, FHM Philippines has since dominated the publishing arena through its playful mix of witty articles, edgy photography and of course, the sexiest women in the land! Browse through pages of the alluring women! Learn about the hottest movies, gadgets and music! Read the most sensual stories as told by our FHM honeys! You can now take your trusted wingman (yes, FHM) anywhere you go.

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from the editor

I don’t crave it, nor do I chase after it. If it’s there and I can light up, and then only if want to, I will. If not, then fine. That probably makes my life much more tolerable than the chronics’ under the nationwide smoking ban. In the building where FHM’s HQ is, there is no Designated Smoking Area (DSA). There used to be—really just a space outside the building right on the sidewalk—but with the ban in place the building administrators disallowed it. Now the official DSA is three buildings away, still outdoor and open, tucked in a sublevel of a mall beside the basement parking entrance. I’m assuming this DSA is shared by all the others in the area because it’s always packed with the congregation of the smoking dispossessed,…

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ANOTHER ONE! When I saw your cover with Nicole Asensio, I suddenly missed the days when I could go out and watch General Luna perform back when I was in college. I’ve always had a crush on Nicole and Bea (Lao). Any chance you could get Bea on your next cover? Ha ha! Chris Rodriguez III, via email GIMIKERO DAYS I would have never expected for you guys to bring back the old El Gimikero section of your magazine. Sinusubaybayan ko yun dati pero good boy na ako ngayon, he he. It was just really nice to be able read it again and bring back all those fun memories. Thanks FHM! RelaxingSpa, vie email HE IS IN OUR HEARTS You guys outdid yourselves with that awesome feature on Jose Mari Chan. I loved his songs…

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i’ll be down in a minute

chise.alcantara@summitmedia.com.ph The relationship women have with makeup has always been a mystery to us guys. We just can’t seem to fathom how women can put so much effort and cash into something they’ll just wash off within the day (unless they want to damage the skin they’re trying to make look better). It all just seems so ironic and confusing to us. Though, seeing how good, makeup artist Instagram model, and painter Angela Martinez looks in these photos does provide a convincing argument to why makeup is worth all the hassle. Hopefully, she can help with our confusion. When did you start doing makeup professionally? When I was just starting out, my sister Mandy (Martinez), as you probably already know since you guys featured her just last month along with Andrea (Beldua), is…

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do i look pretty?

There are certain occasions in a man’s life when it’s perfectly acceptable to get ourselves dolled up. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, we can even get pretty enthusiastic about it. Let’s take a look at the times when we’ve come face to face, or rather, face to brush with makeup, and come out looking nicer than ever. 1 When you’re a die-hard sports fan Carlos, 30, Entrepreneur “I’m a big football fan, and I was lucky enough to have watched the third-place match between Netherlands and Brazil during the 2014 FIFA World Cup right there at the stadium. I had the flag of Brazil painted on my face (because I was scared the locals would clobber me if I supported Holland!).” Products: “Face paint lang yata.” Difficulty: “Well, the hot bartender that…

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how to do legit cosplay

1 Face And Body Makeup Piling on the paint takes a lot of time and patience but with good execution, it can do most of the acting for you (see: It’s killer clown face paint). How to: You’ll need basic tools like pigment, makeup brushes, sponges, water, and lots of time. Water-activated paints are great for beginners and if you want something more advanced with staying power, go for oil paints. Leveling It Up: “Applying face and body paint can sell that fictional, otherworldly look,” says Dinny Grayson, winner of Christmas Cosfest Asia Singapore 2014 Photo Contest. 2 Full-On Costume By investing a little more time, effort, and money in creating the outfit, you’ll have a go-to frock that’s sure to win every office costume party contest ever. How to: For sourcing fabrics, Divisoria (Ilaya) is…

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a surprise visit

Ella, 24 San Juan ‘All of a sudden, he pulled me upand led me to the bed. “Spread your legs for me, babe,” he said as he positioned himself right in front of my pussy’ Nothing feels better than getting that much deserved Friday night out after an extremely stressful week. Especially when your roommate is out for the weekend which means you’re free to, hopefully, bring someone home. It’s been months since I had a proper Friday night, more so a proper hookup. What with graduate classes and our recently opened makeup services gig with my childhood best friend and roommate, Cara. I don’t really have the time to go out. Not that I’m complaining. Makeup is our passion and turning it into business has always been a shared dream. But nothing beats…