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January 2021

FHM is a monthly publication that give guys what they want. Everything from the most beautiful woman in the world, cars, fitness, food, sport, fashion to tech, gadgets, travel and gaming. If you're a guy, we will have something of interest for you.

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hbo max sm and the future of cinema

MORTAL KOMBAT RELEASE DATE: January 15, 2021 Mortal Kombat, which is based on the video game of the same name, marks the third installment in the successful film franchise. The latest Mortal Kombat movie follows Shaolin Monk Liu Kang (Ludi Lin), who is invited to compete in the intergalactic martial arts tournament. A failing boxer uncovers a family secret that leads him to a mystical tournament called Mortal Kombat where he meets a group of warriors who fight to the death in order to save the realms from the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung. Did we need another Mortal Kombat movie, probably not. Are we going to watch the new Mortal Kombat movie? You better believe it. THE LITTLE THINGS RELEASE DATE: January 29, 2021 With an all-star cast, Denzil Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto,…

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nickie bradford

HAPPY TO HAVE YOU FEATURED ON FHM! TELL US, WHAT ARE SOME OF THE THINGS YOU DID TO PREPARE FOR THIS SHOOT? There’s always the usual fitness and upkeep to prepare for any shoot. For this shoot specifically, there was more focus on the location, weather, and having everything available for touch-ups. It’s much harder to touch up your makeup and wardrobe on a beach versus a studio. YOU’VE GOT AN AMAZING FIGURE AND BEAUTY ABOUT YOU, WE’RE KEEN TO KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD SAY IS YOUR FAVORITE PHYSICAL FEATURE ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHY? I would have to say my smile is my favorite feature about myself. It’s effortless to show off and the feature I get the most compliments on no matter what I’m wearing. BEING A GLAMOROUS MODEL MUST HAVE…

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most exciting games coming in 2021

God of War: Ragnarok Although very little was shown last year of the highly anticipated God of War sequel, just the knowledge that it is coming out later this year has got everyone excited and looks to be the title that might even convince the most hardcore Xbox fan to look into getting a PS5. The 2018 God of War was a complete re-imagining of the God of War series and brought a more somber, older Kratos into the deep folklore rich environments of Norse Mythology. The grizzled greek god slayer was now a father and the game explored the relationship between Kratos and “the boy”. Of course, the ending to the 2018 game made everyone clamor for a sequel as we cannot wait to see where the sequel takes the…

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home is where the heart is

Why did you originally decide to pursue a career in music? I grew up always loving to sing but I never seriously considered a career in music until I started writing songs at about sixteen years old. When I began writing songs it was like I had just discovered a dormant superpower. I had never really known how to express the deeper, more hidden parts of who I was but music was a medium that made that possible. Before I started writing and performing, I had always been pretty into sports as well but I put those all aside to solely focus on music. Music became an integral part of who I am and in many ways, I have no idea who I am without it. I don’t know how…

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linda steadman the total package

“Yes! It’s my first cover in the US and it was with a real live tiger!” If you weren’t a model, what would you be? I would own a spa, which I’m working on! My skincare line comes out 2021! Who is your celeb crush? Naomi Campbell and Paula Patton. What is the one thing about yourself that you wish more people knew? I’m a nudist What does your typical day look like? Every day is always different but I always find time to meditate and write a graffitied list and pray. When you are not busy modeling, what is your favorite thing to do? Travel. I need the pandemic to end ASAP. Which three words best describe you? Driven, intuitive, leader. Were you excited to shoot this feature? Yes! It’s my first cover in the US…

16 min.
murder he wrote normalizing the abnormal

As a rookie cop, there were many times when I felt vulnerable. Pub fights, large scale public disorder and high-speed pursuits were the usual suspects. The first couple of events rarely had any rules and I was always mindful that an errant punch could deprive me of my prominent, but nonetheless cherished, front teeth. Having been mistakenly deployed to the miners’ strike in the early eighties, when the Kirke without an ‘e’ should have gone instead, as a wet behind the ears twenty-one-year-old I can still remember the picket lines of men as old as my dad baying for our blood. ‘Maggie’s Stormtroopers’ was a label that was snarled virtually every time I left the protected carrier, a modified 3-litre Ford transit. Pursuits, or annoyingly referred to as ‘follows’ by the control…