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Flight Journal April 2020

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Flight Journal is the world’s number one historical aviation brand. It is the go-to publication for those seeking the aviation experience as seen from the cockpit by history-making pilots and through the lenses of the world’s best aviation photographers. The emphasis is on giving readers unexpected aviation information and making them part of landmark experiences in a way that is to be found in no other periodical.

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a century of american airshows

That thrilling engine rumble of vintage warbirds! Gravity-defying aerobatics! The sheer speed and precision of modern jet fighters! Now add all that to the opportunity to get up close and personal with aviation’s finest. As most Flight Journal readers know, airshows offer a unique combination of exhilaration with an appreciation of our aviation history. In this issue, “Aviation’s Living History” highlights some of the outstanding airshows around the country. These great American aviation exhibitions go back to 1910, when the first major airshow in the United States took place at Dominguez Field, just south of Los Angeles. Recall that Wilbur and Orville Wright first flew in 1903, and just seven years later, airplanes had literally and figuratively taken off! The 1910 Dominguez Aviation Meet was highly successful, and it profoundly affected…

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We welcome your comments and suggestions. Letters may be edited for brevity and clarity. EMAIL flight@airage.com FACEBOOK facebook.com/FlightJournal MAIL Flight Journal Air Age Media 88 Danbury Road Wilton, CT 06897 Fond Memories Read with great interest the article “Jugs Over the Battle of the Bulge” in the February issue. I was stationed at Spangduhlen AFB, 45 miles east of the Luxembourg border. I have visited several of the cities in the article during my tour from 1959–1962: Echternach, Bastonge, Wiltz, and Etain. I sent one week at Etain while TDY [temporary duty travel] during an exercise. I also had the honor to have visited the American veterans cemeteries in Belgium and Luxembourg. I stood at the gravesite of General Patton and looked out at the thousands of young soldiers laid to rest from the Bulge battle. Your magazine never fails to…

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mission complete

Col. Walter J. Boyne, distinguished bomber pilot and prolific aviation author, died on January 9, 2020 at the age of 90. “Today I regretfully and sadly announce that Col. Walter James Boyne has flown his last mission,” his son Bill said in a post on Boyne’s official Facebook page. Boyne died in Silver Spring, Maryland, and will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery. After joining the Air Force in 1951, Boyne flew as a B-50 and B-47 combat crew member, and later became a nuclear test pilot, flying both the B-47 and B-52. After serving in Vietnam, Colonel Boyne retired and joined the National Air and Space Museum as an assistant curator, and was eventually appointed as its director. In 1962, he began a prolific research and writing career, authoring more…

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aviation’s living history

Every year, hundreds of airshows and flight demonstrations take place across the United States, showcasing the glory of aviation’s past. With so many choices available to enthusiasts wishing to see history come alive and take wing, we decided to provide our readers with a highlighted selection of museums and private organizations that preserve, restore, and fly classic military aircraft from every era since the dawn of fight. Some operate out of a home location, but many tour around the country to airshows—national and regional—bringing that glorious history to us. Some even offer rides in these exquisitely restored and preserved warbirds. This is by no means a comprehensive list—or even a ranking in the conventional sense. Rather, we’re offering a cross-section of some of the collections that maintain airworthy warbirds so…

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eyes in the sky

In this special report from the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., Patrick Sherman of the Roswell Flight Test Crew sits down with curator Roger Connor to talk about the museum’s rapidly expanding collection of modern uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS). When he was designing the xenomorph for Ridley Scott’s iconic 1979 science fiction-horror classic Alien, Swiss artist H.R. Giger omitted one feature shared by virtually every macroscopic life form on Earth: eyes. Interviewed later about his work, Giger said, “We came to the conclusion that a creature without eyes, driven by instinct alone, would be far more frightening. That’s why I painted a second version of the alien that has no eyes.” When the word “drone” burst into the public consciousness during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq…

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statement of ownership

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