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it began with this 1972 k5 blazer

My wife strolled into my office the other day carrying a large stack of old photos (you know, those things that pre-dated digital photos). She set them on my desk and cheerily said, “Here you go.” Where I ended up going was down Memory Lane. I was instantly riveted by one faded photo. It was a photo I took in December of 1971 (I only know that because the month and year were written on the back of the photo) of my uncle’s ’72 Chevy K5 Blazer. As I stared at that photo my old foggy brain started to build rpms, memory horsepower began to increase, and surprisingly, I began to remember a little about the day I snapped it with my old Brownie camera. It was cold out the day…

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EAGLE FAN I’m a big fan of Eagles, but I keep mine close to stock. I pretty much overhauled my ’82 SX/4 and also have an ’86 wagon that was featured in a video on YouTube on the AutoMoments channel. They’re great fun to drive and always turn heads. I don’t use them much in the salty Pennsylvania winters anymore for obvious reasons. I was born in 1988 so I sadly never saw any on the showroom floor. Thanks for the neat article (Firing Order, Apr. ’19). MATT STECK VIA EMAIL PATHFINDER BUILD Thought I would share my build with you. I am not the first to do this swap but here it is—a ’92 Nissan Pathfinder with a D21 Hardbody cab. I bought the Pathfinder in 2017 with a blown engine and body damage…

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rpm automotive news

’19 Ram 1500 Classic Warlock It’s TBT—throwback truck. The ’19 Ram 1500 Classic Warlock is a redo of the 1970s Warlock pickup. If the 1970s are too vintage for you, then learn from Ram’s own explanation of the OG Warlock: “In 1976, the first production Dodge Warlock was introduced following the public’s positive response to a pickup originally designed as an auto show concept vehicle. The Warlock was a factory-personalized pickup that could ‘play as hard as it works,’ according to the period literature, complete with bucket seats, ‘fancy wheels, fat tires,’ chrome-plated running boards, real oak sideboards, and special gold accent stripes inside and out. Production ran until 1979.” Knowing all that, now know that this Warlock gets its wings via a monochrome look, powdercoated bumpers, black grille with accompanying…

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parts rack

PRO SCANNING Harbor Freight Tools introduces the Zurich ZRPRO professional OBD-II scanner. The new automotive diagnostic tool is also an Android tablet, which is said to be designed to give master mechanics the power of sophisticated diagnostics with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability. It features a high-resolution camera; an 8-inch IPS touchscreen; and a dustproof, water- and impact-resistant case. The built-in DTC Code Search look-up function can connect to the Internet for diagnostic help and repair information for additional fault codes. With the features of a full tablet, the ZRPRO can save fault reports and print vehicle diagnostics reports. Each scanner comes with two styluses, a wall charger, a USB data cable, and a 14-inch extension for connection to hard-to-reach OBD-II ports. INFO: Harbor Freight Tools, 800/444-3353, F-SERIES URETHANE Daystar introduces new polyurethane…

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a series of fortunate events

“MY DAD WARNED ME that this truck would never be a full rockcrawler—boy was he wrong!” The truck was an ’84 Chevy K20 with a 6.2L Detroit Diesel V-8, and it had spent its time hauling cattle around a ranch and transporting toys to and from the local dunes. Ryan Maggy’s plans for the truck involved more play than work; he wheeled hard on its 3/4-ton axles and 4-inch Pro Comp lift. Modifications began with flipped shackles and custom-built bumpers—and ended with a blown engine and a title transfer. Ryan’s heavy foot and the turbocharger wreaked havoc on the stock 6.2L, so he parted ways with the Chevy and sold it to a friend. A series of fortunate events took place in that interim. First, Ryan’s friend replaced the blown diesel…

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roll in the know

SWAPPING WHEELS FROM STOCK TO AFTERMARKET IS ONE OF THE MOST common mods wheelers make to their 4x4s. Sometimes, it’s a simple cosmetic upgrade. Other times, it’s out of necessity due to a new lift or tire size. As the modern 4x4 becomes more diverse, wheel options have expanded. From beadlocks to massive 24-inch forged dishes, there’s something for just about everyone’s needs and wants. While a certain look may draw you in, choosing the right wheel replacement for your 4x4 needs to go beyond the surface appeal. The wrong backspacing or diameter could create a laundry list of problems. For example, get the wrong backspacing and your tires might not clear your rig’s suspension components. Or, nab the wrong wheel diameter and your wheels might not fit over your rig’s…