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what is your 4x4 brand loyalty?

One of the great things about my job is that I get to meet a lot of wheelers, and one of the things I like to hear about is why wheelers are drawn to certain 4x4s. I met a gent at the 2019 Easter Jeep Safari who told me he has only owned Jeep 4x4s. Wouldn’t own any other brand. Period. Over the years I’ve heard wheelers say the same about Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Ram, Toyota, Nissan, and others. If someone looked at the 4x4s I’ve owned, I think it would be hard to discern my favorite brand. Pictured here you can see some of the 4x4s I’ve held the titles to. It started with the K5 Blazer, and over the years I’ve had a couple Scouts, a Tracker, an F-150,…

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SCOUT DECALS A while back I followed your articles on Project Fiery Redhead but had to write about your editorial on your old ’77 Scout. I never understood why nobody ever went back with the feather decals. I always thought they were one of the best decals IH offered. I’ve seen them on tan, white, terra cotta, and pale-yellow Scouts. I haven’t been a subscriber to Four Wheeler for a while, mainly because I miss my old friend Willie’s articles. I helped him a lot with Project Tonto. I had put a hardtop on it after three years because the soft top had gotten ratty and I was tired of being cold in the winter. Thanks for the memories. EASON LILLEY VIA EMAIL CARBURETOR CHRONICLES My love/hate relationship with carburetors began in the early ’70s,…

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rpm automotive news

Jeep Gladiator Launch Edition Were you among the 4,190 people who scored a ’20 Jeep Gladiator Launch Edition by preordering a new Glad on April 4 (also known as Jeep 4x4 Day, although we’re not certain that has caught on yet)? The limited-edition pickup will have a special interior look and set of wheels as well as a tailgate badge that reads, “One of 4,190.” Also, don’t try to get one now—the limited run sold out in one of 365 days. April 2019 was an all-around big month for the Gladiator: April 12 was the day it began shipping from the Toledo Assembly Complex (where it’s being built) to dealerships around the U.S. ’19 Ram HD Lone Star, Kentucky Derby Editions Is it just us, or does it seem like every other month there’s…

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parts rack

MORE TURBO POWER, LESS HEAT The Lava Wastegate Shield thermal barrier from Heatshield Products is designed to improve turbo performance and offer more consistent operation of the wastegate valve. An increase in power, better exhaust efficiency, and a reduction in underhood heat are also on tap. The shield does this by protecting the turbocharger wastegate and its internal components from excessive heat exposure, and it does so in a special way—a proprietary volcanic rock–based material that has a heat rating of 1,200 degrees F, while the inner layer is the proprietary Inferno Mat, so overall you’re looking at the ability to withstand constant temps of 1,800 degrees F and intermittent temps of 2,200 degrees F. You probably won’t even have to remove the turbo to install this. INFO: Heatshield Products, 844/723-2665,…

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2019 jeep concepts

IF YOU’RE A NUMBERS PERSON, it’s 6 for 53. As in, Jeep and Mopar built 6 new concept Jeeps for the 53rd annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari. The duo has had a not-bad track record when it comes to developing new production models from their Moab-revealed concepts in the past—or at least lifting heavily from them to enhance existing models and create new parts and accessories. Knowing that, these photos are worth looking at closely for subtle design and engineering choices. We also had a chance to talk to the heavy hitters behind the concepts to learn about the challenges and why they built them to begin with. Read between the lines for clues about what might be in the Jeep pipeline. It’s not surprising that inspiration came in a big…

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slickrock scenes

WE LOOK FORWARD TO THIS WEEK LIKE A child waiting for Christmas morning. Meetings were postponed, our 4x4s were packed up, and we set our sights on the 53rd Moab Easter Jeep Safari. Every year we join thousands of Jeeps as they flock to southern Utah for a week of trail rides, friends, concept vehicles, and some of the most iconic four-wheeling available west of the Mississippi River. The week was spent both behind the wheel and behind the camera lens, working tirelessly to document the happenings around Moab, whether it was uncanny rigs in town or action from the various trails outside the city limits. If you were at the 2019 Moab Easter Jeep Safari, you might see yourself amongst these pages. If you couldn’t make it, don’t fret—read…