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duct tape, painter’s tape & gaffer’s tape

My mind wanders. A lot. And lately, while I should be thinking about other things, I’ve been thinking about duct tape. We all know that duct tape is incredibly useful. Grab your interwebs device, search “uses for duct tape,” and prepare to be amazed. Heck, there’s even a Duck Tape Festival in Ohio that’s put on by the Duck Tape–brand manufacturer. I have a roll of duct tape in my 4x4 at all times. It’s part of a kit I’ve created that resides in a simple, easily transferable cardboard box. (In addition to a wandering mind, I’m also cheap, hence the low-buck box.) The duct tape–reinforced (of course) box also contains a tire repair kit, rechargeable jump starter, small air compressor, a small bag with a few handtools, a tire pressure…

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EDITOR@FOURWHEELER.COM MORE SIX-CYLINDER THROWBACK Loved your article on six-cylinders in trucks, especially the parts that brought back history of our past days working and of your family. Thanks for the memories. TOM VIA EMAIL JEEP LOYALTY I enjoy your editorials. My loyalty is Jeep since I saw my first Jeep CJ-2A in the early 1950s. I’ve loved Jeeps, all models, since that day. I saved my money and bought a new ’71 Jeep Universal V-6. Most don’t know that the passenger seat was an option—$3,500. And my off-roading took off. The Jeep wave was started because back then Jeeps were not as common as they are today and we owners were very proud. At 67 and 20 Jeeps later, that’s all I have owned. When off-roading, you don’t care what others drive; it’s the friendship and…

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rpm automotive news

EDITOR@FOURWHEELER.COM ’21 Chevy Colorado Here’s your look at the new Chevy Colorado. Stuff you might have/might not have noticed: Chevy is planning to make it easier to spot the differences between the trim levels. Sand Dune Metallic paint is now an option for ZR1 and ZR2. The bow-tie emblems got tweaked. WT, LT, and Z71 have had fascia, skidplate, centerbar, and logo changes. The ZR2 will have unique, flow-through lettering on the fascia and a new front end. That’s Interesting Wonder what happened to that red Jeep Grand Cherokee made famous during Hurricane Dorian in South Carolina for almost drifting out to sea, never to be seen again, but not drifting out to sea after all, and seen again? All’s well, and it even made a celebrity appearance at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in October for the Pennzoil AutoFair.…

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parts rack

EDITOR@FOURWHEELER.COM FREIGHT LIGHT Harbor Freight Tools introduces Roadshock high‐performance LED lighting. The new LED lights are said to provide the brightest, most dependable light for nighttime off‐roading and other challenging weather conditions. All Roadshock LED lights feature a lightweight die-cast aluminum housing with a high‐impact polycarbonate lens. Each light is IP67-rated, making it dust‐tight and waterproof. Roadshock lightbars are said to provide complete lighting coverage with both wide‐area floods and long‐distance spot beams. All lights feature cooling fins and anti‐vibration mounting points. Roadshock lights are available as a 22-inch combo bar, a 14-inch combo bar, an 8-inch combo bar, and as 3-inch flood and spot lights. A Roadshock wiring kit is also available. INFO: Harbor Freight Tools, 800/444-3353, PERFORMANCE GREASE Red Line Oil now offers CV-2 grease. CV-2 grease is said to be…

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where to ’wheel & overland BREAKING NEWS: YOU CAN’T GO OFF THE GRID IF you don’t know where that is. You also can’t go rockcrawling or trail riding if you don’t know where to go. To get you started, we’ve put together more than 10 places to explore—some are on government-run land, while others are private off-road parks. We also tried to find some that you may never have seen before in Four Wheeler. If you’re new to four-wheeling or overlanding, also consider joining a local 4x4 club, as a club can be a great source of information and camaraderie. Texas In Marble Falls, Texas, you’ll find Hidden Falls Adventure Park, a 2,700-acre off-road park. Motorized vehicles of all types can play here. It has mud, rocks, creeks, and waterfalls—all sorts of terrain, with this being Hill…

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adventure raid WE STOOD AT THE CREST OF AN IMMENSE DUNE, STRAINING OUR EYES TO GLIMPSE ANY MOVEMENT IN the desert below. To the north, an expansive sea of sand rippled toward the U.S. border like endless sets of waves across an ocean. To the east rose the imposing Sierra Pinacate, high volcanic peaks chiseled over millennia from magma that belched from the earth’s bowels 4 million years ago. This was the Gran Desierto de Altar, home of the pre-Columbian San Dieguito people and one of the planet’s largest collections of maar craters. In the distance, a faint dust trail appeared on the horizon, shadowed by a dozen more. The tip of the spear threaded a path to the base of our dune, ascending it like a shot through a gun and…