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old 4x4s for the win!

“You don’t really like old, used 4x4s do you?” I was asked this question by an acquaintance recently after he read one of my past Firing Order columns where I voiced my like of old, used 4x4s and old 4x4 tech. I answered his question by confirming that, yes, I do really like old, used 4x4s and old 4x4 tech. I like the simplicity of manual locking hubs, a lever-shift T-case, and even *gasp* a carburetor. Another thing I like about old 4x4s is their stories. You’ve probably heard someone say, “If this old 4x4 could talk it would have stories to tell.” I’ve found that old 4x4s can talk, in a way. After I buy an old 4x4, I give it a thorough inspection that usually takes a few hours. It’s…

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reliving the sh!%box derby: you would only do this in an old, beat-up 4x4

Let me take this opportunity to give you my take on the ’21 Ford Bronco because 4,530,229 online stories have probably failed to satiate your appetite for unsolicited opinions of Ford’s new would-be Wrangler killer. Nah, just kidding. If you’re suffering from Bronco infonausea, pull a chair up to the campfire and let me wax nostalgic on something that’s the absolute opposite. Back in 2010, Jp magazine had a staff of three: John Cappa, Pete Trasborg, and myself. Each editor had certain character traits that tended to manifest in the vehicles we built. So, I devised a competition in which each of us would select one of our personal Jeep project rigs, build them up over the course of three magazine issues with the lowest budget possible, and then pit…

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FORD FAN I first want to thank you for your fantastic articles. They grab my interest and I can’t stop reading. Honestly, I read them over and over again. Anyways, I’m a huge Ford fan. I’m 51 and only on my third F-150. I started with an F-150 for my first truck after owning a ’75 Mustang. It was an ’80 regular cab Flareside with chains holding the tailgate. It was two-wheel-drive, so no off-roading. I put a bit of money into building the 302ci engine and adding dual exhaust. I had a blast with it. I graduated to an ’02 F-150 4x4 with the 7700 package. Loved that truck. I now drive an ’06 F-150 with under 90K on it, and I plan on driving it forever. NATHAN VIA EMAIL THOMAS’ J2000 I finally got…

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rpm automotive news

50 years of range rover It’s the big half-century celebration for the world’s original luxury 4x4. That’s right, Range Rover is celebrating 50 years with a limited (only 1,970 to be produced) edition called the Range Rover Fifty. Get yours in Carpathian Grey, Rosello Red, Aruba, or Santorini Black. For a more vintage-inspired shade of Rover; Tuscan Blue, Bahama Gold, and Davos White should remind purists of the rig’s original paint palette. Electrifying Savings Let’s assume you want to buy the Lordstown Endurance electric four-wheel-drive pickup truck for its base price of $52,500. Factoring in 20,000 miles driven per year, fuel, maintenance, electricity costs, and some federal tax credits; the company estimates you could save over $9,000 in operating costs over other popular pickup trucks. WILL THE WRANGLER GET A FACTORY V-8? IF JEEP’S…

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parts rack

LEVELED TOY Tuff Country has the bolt-on solution for ’05-’20 Toyota Tacoma or 4Runner owners wishing to run with larger tires and more ground clearance. Installing the kit is said to require no strut disassembly, spring compression, or any permanent modifications to the vehicle and also claims to maintain proper geometry and alignment while delivering a comfortable ride. INFO: Tuff Country, 800/288-2190, WRAPPED UP It’s easy to cut and shape, it keeps heat where it’s supposed to be, and it’s said to help your engine make more power. Heatshield Armor from Heatshield Products features a 4-millimeter-thick aluminum outer layer and an inner layer of the company’s exclusive BioCool material. It can be installed to exhaust tubing, turbo downpipes, and any place else that generates heat. Heatshield Armor can be removed and reinstalled…

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fullsize foray

What is a Baja Runner? Well, it’s a rig designed to be a rolling showcase of the brands Mule Expedition Outfitters offers and the work the company performs. The Baja Runner started life as a Hemi-powered Ram 2500 Tradesman and was outfitted with a Norweld tray bed; Four Wheel Campers Hawk pop-up camper; AEV suspension, bumpers, and wheels; 40-inch Yokohama tires; and a whole bunch of overlanding friendly gear. No one thought it was a good idea for us to take the Mule Expedition Outfitters’ Baja Runner down Lippincott Mine Trail in Death Valley, which is exactly what motivated us to do it. But we are getting a little ahead of ourselves, though. First, more on the Mule Expedition Outfitters’ Baja Runner. Your first thought might be, “A Hemi?!” While we…