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my plan for the classic dodge power wagon i don’t own

My mind often springs to life and engages full throttle in the middle of the night when it should be sleeping. When this happens, my brain is like a 4x4 high-centered on a rock, engine revving, all four tires spinning, but no movement. Thank goodness for my pal the iPad. I simply fire up the rectangular electronic wonder and look at 4x4 stuff on the interwebs until sleep once again comes to call. One thing I need to stop looking at, but can’t, during these middle-of-the-night, wide-awake times is used 4x4s. I might as well just get out of bed, drink a pot of coffee, and eat a passel of chocolate chip cookies because sleep becomes even more elusive. This happened again last night (the used 4x4 search, not the coffee…

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anatomy of a magazine editorial:

I’ve been writing for magazines for more than two decades. And in all those thousands of articles, my editorial columns are the ones I’m most proud of, but not necessarily the ones that take the most effort. The reason is they are generally nothing more than my stream of consciousness. I type darn fast, so as I think it, my fingers punch it into the keyboard. However, while the actual mechanics of writing are somewhat unchallenging to me, sometimes coming up with a topic on which to pontificate doesn’t come as easy. So, during those rare blocks, I often scan my archive of photos and something usually hits me. Like the following: Towing Junk with Junk Ken Brubaker and I towed the Ultimate Adventure UACJ6D from the Orange County Fairgrounds to my…

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EDITOR@FOURWHEELER.COM “I SHOULD HAVE KEPT IT” Here’s a photo of my ’52 Dodge Power Wagon that I owned for 18-plus years. In a weak moment I sold it to buy a tractor. In hindsight, I should have kept it. I set it up with a plow and jib crane for building my post and beam garage. I purchased it sight unseen from the Ruby Gulch Volunteer Fire Department in Montana and had it shipped to me in Vermont. I put a lot of time and effort into it over the years, but it was a great truck. CHARLIE VIA EMAIL ADHESIVE TAPE TIPS This is regarding your interesting article in the March 2020 issue (Firing Order, “Duct Tape, Painter’s Tape & Gaffer’s Tape”). As you can see from the picture, my primary roll of duct tape…

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JERED.KORFHAGE@FOURWHEELER.COM Mobile Saferoom If the last few items on your Sprinter van’s buildsheet happen to be electric shock door handles, ballistic armor, and smokescreen capabilities—you’re in luck! AddArmor is known for taking luxury vehicles and outfitting them so that dignitaries and enthusiasts alike can withstand and escape doomsday scenarios. The company’s fortified van can be had with seemingly normal amenities, like a bathroom, kitchen, and entertainment system. Next, customers can add barricade-busting bumpers, run-flat tires, pepper spray canisters, hidden gun ports, and escape hatches to the mix. The end result is an uparmored Sprinter van that can be built with private-jet-like furnishings on the inside. No word on the price, but AddArmor beefs up similar vehicles with packages beginning at $28,000 (on top of the vehicle’s cost). Flying Bronco? Ford teased a camouflaged vehicle…

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parts rack

JERED.KORFHAGE@FOURWHEELER.COM BULLETPROOF BRACKET Tired of LED light brackets that are shaky and weak? Vision X has a bulletproof mounting system to fit the ’20-up Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator. There is no drilling required and the powdercoated steel brackets use existing bolts on the cowl and give a full range of adjustability to aim the lights. Choose either the 4.7-inch CG2 Light Cannon kit with a spot beam and 10,500 raw lumens (shown) or the 3.7-inch CG2 Mini Cannon kit with a broad spot beam and 4,500 lumens. INFO: Vision X, 888/489-9078, TOYOTA ARMS Adding inches to the ride height of your Toyota requires adjustments to camber and caster angles. Old Man Emu’s new upper control arms for the ’07-’20 Land Cruiser, ’10-’20 4Runner, and ’05-’20 Tacoma are said to bring your alignment cams…

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ultimate adventure One of the unique and beloved aspects of Ultimate Adventure (often simply referred to as “UA”) is that every year the sponsors, participants, and sometimes even members of staff don’t know where the event will be taking place until just a few short weeks before check-in day. We give them just about enough time to make their travel arrangements, but in terms of doing any special preparation to their vehicles—aside from maybe requiring some specific deep-water fording capabilities or adding extra fuel or bear-proof food storage—we intentionally leave everybody in the dark. So, for the weeklong hard-core off-road wheeling, camping, driving, surviving, and exploring experience that is Ultimate Adventure, you need to really know your machine and how to make it work in almost any terrain. There’s no time to…