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Has rust ever been spoken of with fond affection? When was the last time you heard a fellow wheeler proudly toss rust into his or her list of 4x4 features? I’ve spent most of my 55 years in the Midwest, and overall, it’s been a great place to live. There’s one Midwest thing that I could do without though, and that’s road salt. Road salt causes rust, and that’s annoying. We all know that when rust saunters into the picture, even the simplest repairs can be filled with drama. I’ve always had older 4x4s that have seen lots of road salt, so I’ve battled corrosion more times than I can remember when completing repairs (often while lying on snow-covered, frozen ground). Serious Midwest rust forces one to think outside the box for…

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KEN.BRUBAKER@FOURWHEELER.COM FARSON’S COLLECTION I enjoyed your article on ugly 4x4s and I am over 40 now, and while I have not been asked about whether I want a senior discount, it has been quite a while since anyone has asked me for my ID when purchasing my favorite beverages (normally Captain Morgan for my rum and coke!). Getting older sucks sometimes, but it has its benefits too, though being called “sir” by someone in their 20s or 30s isn’t one of them! Anyway, I have owned four ugly 4x4s and two pretty ones (a ’97 S10 ZR2 and my current daily driver F-150). I actually still own two of the uglier ones. One is a ’92 Bronco that a previous owner decided to Plasti Dip. The “Beater Bronco” (Photo A) doesn’t look so nice…

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EDITOR@FOURWHEELER.COM THAT’S INTERESTING Hennessey Performance opted to go big rather than go home by building the Goliath 6x6. What started as a ’19 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss Z71 became this new truck via another round of rear suspension and 8 inches of lift, plus an engine upgrade to the factory 6.7L V-8 that included a 2.9L supercharger and exhaust for 705 horses and 675 lb-ft of torque. There’s also a custom bed. And yes, you can buy one. Do you have $375,000? Hey, it includes the truck, you bargain hunter. Ogle it some more at Do you stare at the ceiling every night asking yourself, “Where is Ford going to build the ’20 F-150 hybrid?” Sleep soundly. The answer: Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan. Pricing for the ’19 Nissan Frontier: starts at $28,510…

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EDITOR@FOURWHEELER.COM BLUETOOTH SWITCHES ARB now offers the LINX, a touchscreen Bluetooth interface that provides control of existing and new 4x4 accessories. LINX eliminates the need for numerous switches and centralizes the command of devices in one touchscreen display, effectively decluttering the dashboard of any 4x4. LINX is built on an expandable platform so it can continue to evolve as your on- and off-road driving habits and accessories change. The system can be used to control driving lights, ARB Air Lockers, dual batteries, air compressors, and more. LINX offers a single point of control via its Bluetooth-enabled touchscreen display, while the main control hub can be hidden out of sight. Each LINX comes with six pre-installed modules that include front and rear traction, compressor control, accessory switchboard, battery monitor, speedometer, and air suspension…

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a different pull-osophy FROM THE JOBSITE TO THE TRAILHEAD, FRONT-MOUNTED WINCHES ARE RATHER popular. You can even walk away from a Ram dealership with a Power Wagon hiding a 12,000-pound winch behind the front bumper. There is, however, a problem with front winches—they only perform their duties in the front of the vehicle. Since a big part of four-wheeling is problem solving, read on, and let’s solve this winching dilemma by looking at it from a different direction. Front-Winch Woes Imagine this scenario. Though wheeling alone is not something we recommend, it happens. The cold winter night is falling, and that quick backwoods shortcut that was supposed to shave minutes off your trip has turned to mud. Your rig inevitably takes a nosedive into a snow-covered, sludgy chasm of a mudhole such that no combination…

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get spooled up SOMETIMES THE TOOL THAT SAVES THE DAY isn’t sitting in your toolbag—it’s mounted on your rig. The winch. This mighty tool can be the difference between un-stucking yourself and waiting helplessly for a recovery strap. We’ve seen winches help fix trail-altered 4x4 parts that would otherwise leave the vehicle stranded, and with the throw of a switch, a winch can move toys and trucks onto trailers with ease. If a winch is on your want list (and we argue it should be), then look no further than the next few pages where we have 31 winches for your perusal. TUFF STUFF HOOK: The Trailhead winch from Tuff Stuff not only packs 13,000 pounds of pulling power, but also a three-stage planetary gear drivetrain, a 6.6hp series-wound motor, and a gear reduction of…