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bold as love

WHEN THE GQ TEAM and I started planning a special edition called the Modern Lovers issue, the mission was clear: We wanted to tell a bunch of love stories that we’d never heard before. ¶ No disrespect to Romeo and Juliet or Sid and Nancy, but what about marriage in the time of COVID? What about taking some MDMA before doing couples therapy? What about the dating life of a notable sex worker? Does anyone know what’s going on with that Colorado Springs throuple from HGTV?! ¶ So much of the work we’ve been doing at GQ over the past two years or so has been about redefining the point of view of a so-called “men’s magazine.” Jettisoning old tropes. Pushing the conversation forward. ¶ In a way, we used…

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25 reasons why you should share a wardrobe


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big love and huge fits

Flea & Melody Ehsani TO UNDERSTAND THE cosmic bond between streetwear designer Melody Ehsani and her husband, Flea, gaze upon photographs of their 2019 wedding. In them you will see the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist in a lilac double-breasted Undercover tuxedo with a mint green bow tie and Ehsani in a nude fishtail gown appliqued with a garden of white sequined lilies. It wasn’t, from a style standpoint, a “day for her” or a “day for him,” but instead a day for two major matrimonial fits, freaking it in glorious tandem. “What I was looking for in a partner was mutuality,” says Ehsani, who launched her eponymous streetwear label in 2008 and was recently announced as the women’s creative director of Foot Locker. “Somebody that wasn’t in competition with me.” “One of…

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jesse williams & taylour paige

CONTROL VERSUS FATE. Logic versus faith. Jesse Williams and Taylour Paige are, in Williams’s words, “on opposite sides of the spectrum,” even in their approach to their craft. Both are actors—he as a longtime star of Grey’s Anatomy, she in the upcoming Jeremy O. Harris and Janicza Bravo film Zola—and their differences are congruous, a true embodiment of opposites attracting. “We get satisfaction from being fed,” he explains of their dynamic. “If you like to feel full in new ways, it’s a fun learning process.” The unflinching honesty and willingness to adapt also extends to their respective closets. They’re not afraid to challenge each other. “I don’t really respond to trends,” Williams admits, while Paige says she pushes him to simplify his closet. “He has things from literally like 2002, like,…

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king princess & quinn wilson

MIKAELA STRAUS, the 22-year-old musician better known as King Princess, is pretty sure that her relationship with 27-year-old director Quinn Wilson owes to a single crucial moment—one “iconic move,” as Straus describes it. The two were on their second date, at a bar tucked away on Santa Monica Boulevard, when Straus felt Wilson reach out and grab her yellow Adidas rain jacket. Wilson remembers her own assertiveness that night too. “I just wanted my ass to be in her lap!” she says with a laugh. That was two years ago. Wilson had been living in Los Angeles for a couple of years and was beginning to garner respect in Hollywood for her artistic sensibilities, working alongside Lizzo, for whom she’d eventually become creative director. The couple are recalling their beginnings over…

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zack fox & kat matutina

ZACK FOX and Kat Matutina fell in love as only a wellness influencer and a viral comedian can: orbiting each other on Instagram. “My first words to him were probably ‘LOL,’” says Matutina, trying to recall who slid into whose DMs first. “Or ‘Where’s that sandwich from?’” The duo ran in overlapping circles in the music industry but spent months swapping comments on each other’s Stories before Fox invited her to one of his shows in 2018. Both are multi-hyphenate creatives with several plates in the air: Matutina DJs, runs a fitness program, and hosts a sexual-health podcast, while Fox is a comedian with a verging-on-serious rap career. The middle of that Venn diagram is music, where their relationship took shape. “One of the first things that drew me to Kat…