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the new fire in american fashion

The 2021 wave consists of 10 young and mostly independent brands that are reinvigorating the American fashion scene, turning heads at the big European luxury houses, and infusing global corporate powerhouses like Nike, Adidas, and New Balance with fresh ideas and energy. But most of all they’re making clothes we actually wear. And by we, I mean me and the rest of the GQ staff, as well as our friends and collaborators. If you throw a rock in downtown New York City, you’ll likely hit a cool 20- or 30-something wearing one (or perhaps several) of these labels. Which is to say that the New American Sportswear is not one of those cute editorial conceits that’s more about understanding culture than participating in it. Although it’s super fun to argue about (and we…

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38 ways to stunt in the woods

WE HAVE REACHED PEAK GORPCORE You no longer have to choose between staying dry and getting a fit off. High-performance outdoor gear has never been more stylish, and fashion garms have never been more influenced by the freedom-loving subcultures of camping, hiking, and climbing. FUNKY HIKER After designing smash-hit sneakers for Yeezy and Versace, Salehe Bembury has taken his talents to Chinese athleticwear brand Anta, where he birthed the SB-02, a hiker silhouette with a bird’s-nest-inspired sole ($189). PATCHWORK TROU For the gorp-y sub-brand Eye/Loewe/Nature, Jonathan Anderson applies Loewe’s rigorously luxurious craftsmanship to sporty outdoor gear, like these patchwork pants made out of cotton canvas, twill, and herringbone ($850, at Matchesfashion). MID-CALF SOCKS Alessandro Michele is all about high hosiery; these Gucci cotton-elastane socks look just as killer with horsebit loafers as they do with trail runners…

16 min
high school reunion

THE LAST TIME I had a real conversation with Machine Gun Kelly, we were both middling students at the same high school in suburban Cleveland, fantasizing about the lives we’d later go on to lead. I was a kid with wire-rim glasses who skipped math class to hang out in the high school newspaper office. Colson Baker, as I knew him, was the lanky white boy roaming the halls in bulky yellow headphones, carrying a CD player and a dream. “You know what the dream was? It was exactly what happened to me [this weekend], which was go to an awards show, shut down the carpet, go onstage, accept an award,” he told me over FaceTime a few days after being crowned top rock artist at the Billboard Music Awards. More…

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how tudor schooled the watch world

BY OUR MONTHLY WATCH COLUMNIST, BENJAMIN CLYMER IN THE REALM OF watchmaking, there can be only one king, and since its founding by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905, Rolex has undeniably worn the crown. But the man who gave us Rolex built another monumental name in horology: Tudor, which was launched as a stand-alone brand in 1946. Wilsdorf’s goal at the time was to introduce a wristwatch that would boast Rolex-level reliability and timekeeping accuracy at a slightly lower price point. In those days, the relationship between the two sister brands was incredibly close. Early models, like the Tudor Oyster Prince, which was marketed to a working-class customer, featured a Tudor rose logo on the dial and a Rolex crown on the clasp. In 1969, the Tudor rose transformed into a shield and…

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the front lines

FOR SOME, gold and silver tooth caps are a recent phenomenon. If you’re like me, your adolescent brain was probably bowled over by the dental opulence on display in the music video for Nelly’s 2005 hit “Grillz.” The iced-out era of popular rap that it neatly encapsulated has served as a touchstone for the young, style-fluent generation fueling the current uptick in custom tooth jewelry. But blingedout teeth were a thing long before Paul Wall’s mouth was “lookin’ somethin’ like a disco ball,” before, even, Grace Jones’s gilded mug graced the cover of Vogue Hommes in 1975. The history of rocking gold teeth is as varied and divergent as it is flashy, as personal as it is brilliant. In actuality, the history of adorning one’s teeth with hardware goes way back,…

23 min
golf’s radical new guru

ONE DAY THIS SPRING, George Gankas was telling me about his brief and not very illustrious career as a pro golfer. This was in the late ’90s, after Gankas had graduated from college, at Cal State Northridge. The short version was his driver let him down—he was plenty long, but he had a tendency to block or hook the ball on tight courses—and so did his brain. It was only years later, after he got into teaching, that he got a handle on his own flaws as a player. “A lot of it was ego,” he said in retrospect. “Being afraid to either look stupid or play a bad round.” But Gankas had always been a little obsessed with the golf swing—how it worked, or didn’t work—and what he found was…