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welcome to the issue

IS THERE ANYTHING better than that first day of autumn when it’s finally cold enough to reach for your long-abandoned knitwear? Some people are summer dress devotées, but I’ve always loved sunglasses-and-a-sweater weather. If you feel similarly, you’ll find plenty to love in this week’s Big Fashion Issue. From key pieces that’ll form the cornerstone of your new season wardrobe (page 186), to little tweaks that can make a big impact (page 98), as well as style insight from some of the biggest names in the business. Don’t miss our interview with Brit designer JW Anderson, for example, as he gives a refreshing take on the inner workings of the fashion industry – and how he’s created clothes we all want. Issues like this are months in the planning and…

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over to you...

PULLING A FAST ONE I disagree with your depiction of Carrie Symonds and Meghan Markle being against fast fashion (Carrie steps into the spotlight, 2 Sept). Their clothes may be more sustainable – and a lot more expensive – however, do you ever see them wear the same outfit twice? Truly sustainable fashion choices are those where the person wears the same thing on multiple occasions. There seems to be an innate judgement against the Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo shopper versus those who essentially behave in the same consumerist way but with more expensive clothes. Jo Harrison MEETINGS? ‘F’ THEM! I totally agree with Kate Leaver in Are you meeting your life away? (2 Sept). I have spent literally weeks in meetings over the years, at least half of which were not…

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a rounded view

I picked up my first Grazia this week (9 Sept). What caught my eye was the focus on circular fashion, a term I’ve never seen on the front of a mainstream mag. I’m a fashion design and marketing student and write an ethical fashion blog. It concerns me that sustainable fashion can comes across as exclusive, when it’s as much about our attitude towards what we wear as about what we buy. It’s about not making unnecessary purchases, something Stacey Dooley emphasised. I hope more magazines follow your lead.…

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what’s new now!

THE TREND: DARK ROMANCE HATTIE BRETT EDITOR Taking lessons from Prada this season, I will be toughening up my florals by layering lace over prints and adding chunky accessories. THE TREND: HERITAGE REBECCA LOWTHORPE FASHION DIRECTOR It’s like Victoria Beckham is in my head – LOL! This look was made for me, plus it’s enticing me to try more colour and checks, the way forward if you love classic-with-a-twist clothes. THE TREND: CLASHING PRINTS LAURA JORDAN FASHION NEWS & FEATURES DIRECTOR Leopard has been tamed in recent seasons, acquiring bona fide neutral status. I want to give it back its bite by clashing with florals and offbeat colours like Paco Rabanne. Fierce! THE TREND: EARTH TONES CHLOÉ MEDLEY CASTINGS & BOOKINGS ASSISTANT Navy, black and white are my go-to on rotation, but autumn calls for a new neutral palette. I’ll be…

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grazia view

Make the Domestic Abuse Bill law without delay When Parliament was suspended last week, it caused the Domestic Abuse Bill, which was well on its way to becoming law, to be dropped. Campaigners were outraged, and Boris Johnson was urged to bring it back as soon as MPs return in October. The pressure seemed to work, and last Thursday the PM said he would reintroduce the bill in the next session. In the week former England cricketer Geoffrey Boycott – convicted of assaulting his girlfriend in 1998 – has been knighted in Theresa May’s resignation honours, this reintroduction of their vital legislation to prevent domestic abuse comes as a beacon of hope for survivors. Now let’s make the bill law.…

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kindly keep your ufjo to yourself…

OH, LET ME TELL YOU about my boots! My boots, my boots, my brand-new boots! They are black and flat and butch, their soles are chunkily ridged and their eyelets? Matte! They are fashion’s interpretation of the DM (a design I admire – but find too bulbous of toe to wear in its purest form) and they are to be matched with otherwise delicate lady pieces (flouncy blouses, prissy cigarette-cut jeans, wispy girly midi-frocks and so forth) so as to simultaneously call to mind Villanelle in Killing Eve (specific ref, the pink frothy frock shot of season one) and Sigourney Weaver in Alien. I love them. I love them. I love them. My boyfriend does not. Him on beholding them (and me, in them) for the first time: ‘Were they freebies?’ – a…