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Grazia Issue 748

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FROM THAT KILLER hug in Game Of Thrones to the ‘kneel’ scene in Fleabag, we’re in a golden age of TV – with appointment-to-view shows leading cultural conversations. Which is why the Emmys have never seemed more relevant. Happy news, then, that this week saw the Brits sweep the board – and the picture of a celebratory Phoebe Waller-Bridge, cocktail in hand, sweep through your Instagram feed. But what’s it really like to attend the Hollywood ceremony? Fleabag star Sian Clifford gives us her diary of the night on page 14 – and pays tribute to her long-term friend and collaborator Phoebe… @hattie_brett / feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk…

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Thank you for your piece about workplace sexual harassment. I have experienced it at almost every company I’ve been at. It has always been verbal, whether comments said directly to me or around me (but loud enough to hear), which makes me very lucky compared to many others. I wasn’t aware of the consultation and completed the online form immediately. Attitudes and laws concerning harassment need to change and your article highlighted a way to help. Claire THE OTHER MOTHER I’ve just read Things You Only Know If… You’re The Other Mother (23 Sept). Jen Brister’s experiences resonated with me after seeing my sister go through all the same emotions but proving absolutely that she is a mum to her two babies. But, several years on and following her relationship’s breakdown, she’s…

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shine a light

Charlotte’s experience (Now is the time to speak out about workplace harassment, 30 Sept) no doubt sounded familiar to a lot of readers, myself included. The Harvey Weinstein scandal has highlighted a surprising ignorance about an issue that affects every workplace. At my last job I was subject to indecent remarks, unwanted touching and demands for sex. I did report it, but it was put down to ‘a bit of banter’. The humiliation I suffered was anything but so trivial. I wish I’d had the strength of my convictions to take it further, but I just left.…

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Let’s end the abuse of gagging orders “It’s two years since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke – when it was revealed he’d used non-disclosure agreements to silence women over sexual misconduct claims. To mark the anniversary, campaign group Pregnant Then Screwed is launching a protest to raise awareness of the thousands of women a year told to sign NDAs after suffering pregnancy and maternity discrimination at work. No one should be allowed to buy a victim’s silence; when NDAs are used in this way, they conceal bad behaviour. The #MeToo movement shone a light on abuse of power that’s widespread across many workplaces – now let’s make sure gagging orders can’t be abused again.”…

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what’s in a name (pronoun, synonym or award category)?

RUMOURS THE BRIT Awards are considering abolishing categories ‘Best Male’ and ‘Best Female’ artist to accommodate musicians like Sam Smith (who recently requested that, in accordance with their gender non-binary identity, the pronouns ‘they’ and ‘them’ be applied in any discussion of, or reference to, them) seems sensible. Pop music is the most delicious art form of our age, and gender doesn’t determine its quality or dictate the level at which it’s practised. I’ve definitely wondered – in the loose, rogue, feminist-ish capacity within which I operate – why we persist with those divisions anyway. I would never want to choose between the pulsing magnificence of Britney’s Hit Me Baby, and the sexy spite of Bieber’s Love Yourself – but I see they can definitely be compared, their relative pros…