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Winter 2022

Enthusiasts of entertaining, party planning, and home décor, mixed with the perfect combination of proper etiquette, tips, and tricks, is the perfect recipe for extending hospitality to everyone.

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welcome friends

Follow me on instagram @deannakane16 #sometimeshospitalitylookslikethis #sometimesmonamilookslikethis LIKE/FOLLOW/SHARE on social media Facebook heartofhospitality Instagram Heartofhospitalitymag The holiday has come and gone, and another year has passed us by. When I was a much younger person, time seemed to travel at a much different pace than it does now that I am older. I thought as we got older, time was supposed to slow down so we could enjoy life a bit more. That is a misconception where I feel like the joke is on me! Time is flying by at record pace like I have never seen before. The kids are growing older faster, the years are looking tougher, but for all of it, I feel like I am stronger and happier. I have been truly blessed by the hand of God. One of my favorite parts…

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packing your seasonal basket

We often tell you why we pack a basket when extending hospitality, but we felt like we needed to go into a little bit of detail to let you know what we put in our baskets. To extend hospitality is to show love towards someone else, and to remind them that they are special. When we pack a basket to take out, we pack our finest china, crystal goblets, linen tablecloth and napkins, and our best silverware. A tasty treat for all to enjoy, and don't forget a small gift to let your guest know you appreciate their time. Our goal is to not only create connection with others but to show them that they are worth our very best. The basket is a symbol of something intentional. It says,…

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homing! do it your way!

Maybe you’re thinking… “Gosh! That looks hard to do,” or “That would cost too much money,” or “Those ladies have it all together and make it look so easy- and they’re gorgeous to boot.” Yep, that’s what I think when I attend events hosted by dear friends, DeAnna Kane and Leslie Callaway, Heart of Hospitality Magazine creators and hospitality experts. I am not a hospitality guru though, like you probably are, my esteemed reader, because of the fact that you are reading the Heart of Hospitality magazine! Orrrr, maybe you and I are alike after all? You see, you have talents that you may not even realize. You are good at things that you aren’t even aware of and the reason is because they come easy to you. That, my friend,…

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the day of epiphany

In an effort to extend hospitality and ‘homing’ this past holiday season, I invited people over for the last day of Christmas, called the Epiphany, or the Feast of the Wise Men, on January 6th. I wanted to share my nativity scenes before putting them away. As a single person, I wanted to share them with more than just my dog, who, of course, does not appropriately value my hard work in putting up lights and decorations. To create that warm, welcoming feeling of ‘homing’, I decided to share a custom with my guests that my family did in our home when I was young. I think my parents gave up doing it after a few years. I don’t know how or why it ended, but being the third and last…

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after christmas triage

We are exhausted! Happy, but exhausted. It has been a whirlwind of holiday parties, feasts, and social gatherings. We spent weeks planning and decorating, prepping and cooking, and finding new places to stash last minute messy stacks of papers so the house would look pristine when guests arrive. We entertained, we visited, and we ate…oh, how we ate! Now, we are closing the book on another year and preparing for new adventures in 2022. This is the time when we start New Year’s resolutions, make new lists of goals to accomplish, and just figure out how we are going to navigate this next year. But one thing we talk about all the time at Heart of Hospitality is making sure you take care of yourself. So, we implement what we call,…

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seasonal reset shae callaway

It’s winter. It’s cold most everywhere. You haven’t seen your friends in a few weeks because of holiday obligations. It’s getting about that time where you’re feeling the urge to take a trip you can’t afford. You watch Instagram reels of 20-year-old’s going to places you only dream about visiting but you just spent 2k on Amazon and your prime delivery man knows you by name. So you sit. Inside. Alone. You’ve run out of Netflix shows and you really just need a minute away from real life for a second. Seasonal depression is no joke! Growing up I heard about it. I thought my mom telling my dad that she needed to go to Florida every February was just her wanting to go to the beach with friends. But…