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Home Cinema Choice Spring 2021

Home Cinema Choice is the UK's best-selling home cinema enthusiasts magazine. Every issue features news and reviews of the latest home cinema equipment, from amplifiers, receivers, processors and power amps, to DVD recorders, speakers, projectors and flat panel TVs. Home Cinema Choice currently publishes 11 issues a year but reserves the right to change the number of issues in an annual term.

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point of view

I WAS STARTING to wonder if THX had finally fallen off the home cinema sofa. Given its status as the must-have three-letter acronym in Lucasfilm's prime days, its solo career didn't look like it was working out since the split with George and the gang. But it transpires that it's recently been working on the tricky fourth certification, THX Dominus. While that is a solid 2021 Oscar nomination for 'Most Aggressive Specification Name' and is accompanied in my head by Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, THX didn't exactly go to town on a red carpet launch in the UK. Indeed, it was one of its supporting acts, loudspeaker marque Perlisten Audio, that alerted UK press that THX was even still in business (the company is now owned by technology outfit Razer…

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kef sub thinks inside the box

KEF's new subwoofer is calling out for a slick nickname. From the brand that brought us the Blade and Muon speakers, plus The Reference range, comes the…KC62. This moniker makes it sound like something that's fallen off a spreadsheet rather than what it is, which is arguably the coolest subwoofer I've ever had a chance to play around with. Maybe it will grow its own nickname over time, like KEF's 'Eggs'. It's certainly a cracker. The KC62 was announced earlier this year with much fanfare by KEF, which clearly believed it was on to a winner. Here, went the blurb, was a subwoofer for everyone (well, those with a spare £1,400). Cute and compact, and packing patent-pending technologies around its dual driver implementation, the KC62, we're told, means that 'deep and…

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arcade action

Outriders People Can Fly ➜ Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC ➜ £55 So far in 2021 we've been relatively starved of triple-A games thanks to the pandemic. Many have been postponed for later in the year, even 2022, and schedules are looking thinner than usual. But without much competition, some titles that might have been overlooked now get a chance to shine. Outriders is one of those, and in current conditions it presents a more-than-decent distraction. That’s not to say it doesn’t come with caveats – People Can Fly is still a relatively small developer in comparison with the big-name studios, so there is a quirkiness to some of Outriders' presentation. However, there's also a sense of fun and freedom in the third-person shooter gameplay that will help you overlook…

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All being well, the UK's cinemas will be reopening in late May, after more than a year – on and off – during which the industry has taken a huge hit. Within that time, movie studios have rethought their distribution models and streaming platforms have gained new custom. It's possible that we've witnessed a paradigm shift in the way Hollywood works. As a home cinema fan, you might think I'm ambivalent about the plight of multiplexes, but our hobby works better when the mothership is flying high. We get better quality films, for a start. Also, I'm partial to a night out of my AV den. The leaps the UK's premium cinemas have made in quality and comfort terms in the last decade or so are staggering. Even the snacks…

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polk enters atmos arena

Polk Audio's new Reserve loudspeaker lineup is the American brand's first to bring a Dolby Atmos model to the UK, in the form of the R900 upfirer. Eight further speakers complete a range that Polk says offers 'premium quality […] at accessible prices.' The Reserve Series sits between Polk's flagship Legend models and the more entry-level Signature E [see HCC #304], and borrows the Legend's Pinnacle ring radiator tweeter and distinctive Turbine Cone mid/midbass units. Exclusive to the new range, however, is 'Cabinet Resonance Control' point-to-point bracing technology, and Polk's new X-Port, which aims to improve lower mid-range performance via 'a set of closed-pipe absorbers precisely tuned to eliminate unwanted cabinet and port resonances.' The R900 Dolby Atmos module is priced at £500 per pair, and features a 0.75in Pinnacle tweeter and 4in…

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news x10

1 Disney rejigs MCU Phase IV Black Widow, the delayed standalone outing for Scarlett Johansson's high-kicking Avenger, will finally land in UK cinemas on July 9. However, Marvel owner Disney has also announced a 'Premier Access' (Premium VOD) release on the same day through its Disney+ streaming platform. The Mouse House has also confirmed new release dates for the rest of the 2021 Marvel slate: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (September 3), Eternals (November 5) and Spider-Man: No Way Home (December 17). 2 Warner picks Cineworld Sticking with the cinema industry, Warner Bros. and Cineworld have inked a 'multi-year' deal that will give the latter an exclusive 30-day theatrical window on the former's releases (up to 45 days on some titles) before they move to streaming/PPV platforms. Cineworld expects to…