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Home & Decor October 2018

Home & Decor is a monthly interior design magazine which aims to make stylish living easy for everyone. Authoritative articles on interior design, home decorating and home improvement equip readers with the relevant know-how to navigate their renovations, with beautiful interior photography and styling for inspiration. Capturing the latest design and lifestyle trends, shops, furniture and furnishings, houseproud owners are able to keep their home perennially stylish and the perfect fit to their changing needs and lifestyles.

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young at heart

I enjoy looking at homes with a minimalist theme, not just because they bring out my meditative nature, but also because deep down inside, I know that I will never be able to lead a minimalist lifestyle or resist the urge to fill my space with objects that remind me of people I love.While some believe that minimalism injects a sense of lightness within a home, I feel that it also creates an atmosphere of overwhelming solemnity and coldness.So how should one go about deciding on an interior style? I’ve been asked that question many times, and my answer is always to opt for one that makes you feel as comfortable as a child in a candy store. A home should evoke the same sense of pleasure and happiness.…

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REAL-TIME DESIGN UPDATES WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/HOMEANDDECOR.SINGAPORE  Read new content on home decor and more, daily. An urban resort-style house in Jalan Suasa Check out this home’s gorgeous en-suites! www.tinyurl.com/resortjs A sophisticated 450sqf shoebox apartment in East Coast It was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s Cuban plantation home. www.tinyurl.com/shoeboxec SIGHTS & INSPIRATION CHECK US OUT AT @HOMEANDDECOR_SG ON OUR AMAZING SINGAPORE HOMES BOARD THIS MONTH… THIS MONTH ON OUR INSPIRING HOME OFFICES BOARD… WWW.PINTEREST.COM/HOMEANDDECORSG ■…

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in the october digital issue…

BONUS GALLERIES & VIDEOS A COLLECTOR’S HOME A closer look at this homeowner’s toy and shoe collection. GRANDS BOULEVARDS HOTEL More angles and details of the dreamy Parisian hotel we’re dying to visit. SCANDI CHIC Take a tour around this four-room HDB BTO apartment. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY OR SUBSCRIBE AT WWW.HOMEANDDECOR.COM.SG/MAGAZINE Get 20 per cent off a single issue (UP: $6) or 50 per cent off an annual subscription (UP: $72)! Details at www.homeanddecor.com.sg/promotions. NOW AVAILABLE AT ■…

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brighten up

It’s a sad thing that many homeowners in Singapore are cautious when it comes to their home interior colours. Opting for a neutral palette is a safe but somewhat boring approach, and results in many homes looking like variations of the same Nordic-inspired theme. If you want to avoid a cookie-cutter interior, don’t shy away from the idea of having a brightly coloured feature wall. You can even take a leaf out of others’ book, such as this particular home featured in Volume.Here,the homeowner-slash-designer decided on a whimsical feel with orange, red and lilac shades. The trick is to pick loud colours from the same hue on the colour wheel, while going all out in terms of scale and proportion. So be brave and have fun designing your…

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go for gold

NOW PICTURE THIS PANTONE 4515C Keep to bold lines and forms throughout the space for a modern touch, such as opting for Hermes’ Bleus d’Ailleurs dinnerware collection. Gold accents have never been hotter in the worlds of fashion and interior design. Look around and you will likely pick up hints of the shade in various incarnations, ranging from the rich honey hue to rose, copper and even bronze versions. In this instance (right), however, the metallic colour is used not as an accent, but as an impressive conversation starter in the room’s decor. While interior stylists would advise to hold back on the shine previously, the trend is heading towards going all out and making a flashy statement. Contrast the look with pieces of wooden furniture in a…

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the expert says

YOUNG LIM Editor “Interior trends are usually popularised by movies and TV series and, right now, the Chinese production Story of Yanxi Palace seems to be the topic of discussion for many people here. The ornate stylings and decadent gold touches in the Forbidden City are probably why many homeowners have caught on to adding the shiny hue to their spaces. I personally adore the aged look of hand-laid gold leaf with a tint of dark patina, which adds depth and character to rooms.” ■…