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February 2019

HWM Singapore is a monthly consumer technology publication covering the 3Cs of tech -- Computers, Consumer Electronics & Communications (and now Software & Games). A strong technology brand with independent editions throughout South-east Asia since 2000, HWM Singapore is known for its authoritative product comparison shootouts, analytical feature stories, benchmarked product reviews and technical walkthroughs. Feast your eyes on easy-to-read layouts, useful tips and decisive reviews, before plonking that hard-earned dollar on the best technology for you, your social circle and your home.

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it’s all coming together now

Now that the Consumer Electronics Show is over, we’ve got a firmer grasp of what 2019 has to offer. And no, it’s not foldable phones or rollable TVs that’s gotten my attention. What 2019 looks like it’s shaping up to be, is the adolcence of that all-important fabric that binds our lives together - the Internet.With the progress of 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and AI assistants, the Internet of Things is finally coming to be. And with that, I’m not talking about that one smart lightbulb, washing machine or weighing scale you have at home. I’m talking about how the internet is slowly turning from a destination we actively visit from a browser or an app, to a passive connection that will eventually become a pevasive pressence in the background.Think…

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the latest and greatest

D-I-Y HEALTH DIAGNOSIS The Withings BPM Core a 3-in-1 device that can measure blood pressure, ECGs and be used as a stethoscope. All three features can be conducted in one sitting which take about 90 seconds or be used independently. The BPM Core uses a rechargeable battery that can charged via microUSB. Of course, you’ll still need someone qualified to interpret these readings for you. (PICTURE WITHINGS) PACKING A SOUND PUNCH Tired of all the sleek, minimalist, and futuristic home audio solutions that everyone seems to be launching these days? Well, you can bring on back the unapologetic 90s boom box craze with the LG XBoom CL98 Mini Component Sound System. It features a Compression Horn to generate crisper, more detailed audio across higher frequencies, and it…

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porsche 911 the legend continues…

The 911 may no longer be Porsche’s best-selling car - that honor goes to the little Macan - but it is still the model that is most synonymous with the brand. It has been with us for some 55 years now and there will be an all-new model this year.Codenamed the 992, the new 8th generation 911 was unveiled in the more desirable ’S’ form at the LA Motor Show late last year. The silhouette is very much recognizable but there are subtle design tweaks here and there. The front track has been widened by 40mm and all 911s will now have the wide rear-wheel arches previously reserved for only the all-wheel-drive 911 models. Round the back, the new 911 gets a full-width light bar - which is apparently…

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specifications do not maketh product

When the Nissan GT-R was launched some 11 years ago, it was something of an enigma. It confounded its rivals and the automotive world because even though its power to weight ratio was inferior, it consistently emerged as the winner in group tests and was ranked amongst the fastest cars ever tested in its time. On the drag strip or around the circuit, the GT-R ate Porsches for lunch and chowed down Ferraris for dinner. Its speed was so ferocious that it was nicknamed “Godzilla.” We now know that the GT-R otherworldly performance was down to its clever package of powertrain, aerodynamics, tires, and a sophisticated traction control system. But more importantly, it was proof that specifications alone don’t tell the whole story. (DIGITAL IMAGING ASHRUDDIN SANI PICTURE 123RF)…

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what’s on the dark side of the moon?

Back in January, the Chang’e-4 lander touched down gently on the far side of the Moon, making China the first nation to land on the side of the Moon that we never see.(PICTURE NASA/THOMAS CAMPBELL)Contrary to popular belief, the dark side of the Moon isn’t always dark, but it is permanently pointed away from Earth. That’s because the Moon spins and revolves around Earth at around the same rate, or once roughly every 27 days. The Moon is said to be tidally locked, and so, to observers on earth, it looks like the Moon never turns.Mankind has technically caught a glimpse of the far side of the Moon before. In 1968, astronaut Bill Anders was able to describe the new terrain as the Apollo spacecraft skimmed over the surface.…

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of math and photography

Seems like many companies are using multiple cameras to get better results. Is that the way to go? We’re still experimenting in that area. A telephoto lens isn’t the greatest solution because you get a very limited field of view. A monochrome camera might help, but then you have to align the images and do it robustly, and that’s hard. I think avoiding ghosts and artefacts is really hard when you have another camera in another place and you have to merge those images in. You’re also not getting the same color resolution with a monochrome camera, so the color might be blurry. Consistently getting everything right is hard. Can you improve the quality of the image captured by a lens mathematically? Well, there’s this thing called…