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iD (Ideas & Discoveries) September 13, 2019

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iD (Ideas & Discoveries) is an intriguing science and technology magazine that delves deep to help readers discover answers to questions about science, nature, psychology, history, current events and more. With captivating photography and design and engaging editorial content, iD will have readers thinking about the world around them in a whole new way.

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HOLDING A BLACK MIRROR UP TO SOCIETY The article in the July issue on ubiquitous surveillance and identification via facial recognition in public places in China (specifically the social credit rating system the government has for its people) reminded me of a Black Mirror episode in which people are rated in a social context based on their interactions with others. This makes the concept really hit home for me, as the things that are portrayed on that show have an extremely unsettling effect on the psyche! Beth Thomas, Martinsville, VA The vision presented in the dark anthology series Black Mirror, which examines disturbing facets of the modern world, may be closer at hand than one might realize. In the episode titled “Nosedive,” people rate each other from 1 to 5 based on their…

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a path for all walks of life

TEAM EFFORT University of North Carolina graduate student Tanmay Randhavane and computer science professor Aniket Bera are two of the team members who work with Pepper, along with Rohan Prinja, Kyra Kapsaskis, Austin Wang, Kurt Gray, and Dinesh Manocha. Though it’s hard to scowl at something as cute as Pepper the robot, it had to be done in the name of science. Since there’s little doubt robots will become more ubiquitous in our daily lives, it makes sense to consider the challenges of letting them move freely among us. Now a research team comprising social scientists, roboticists, and computer engineers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Maryland has created an emotionally intelligent robot that can assess people’s emotional states in order to effectively navigate among…

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how does it feel…

The blockbuster movie The Meg opened in the United States in August 2018. The film tells the story of the return of a gigantic shark, long thought to be extinct—the 65-foot-long MEGALODON. But if you think giant sharks are the only danger lurking in the water, you’re dead wrong. The world’s oceans are home to some of the most unlikely yet DEADLIEST CREATURES ON THE PLANET, sometimes only as big as a golf ball but equipped with some of nature’s most effective weaponry. iD spoke with survivors about their painful encounters with these denizens of the deep. EASY PREY For 2018 the International Shark Attack File reports 110 cases of shark attack on a human, 66 of them unprovoked. More than half the victims were surfers. The reason: Surfers look like seals when…

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to be bitten by a bull shark, erich ritter?

Erich Ritter stands in chest-deep water that’s been made murky by the sharks feeding at Walker’s Cay in the Bahamas. Surrounded by the predators, some twice as big as he is, he’s being filmed by the Discovery Channel for the TV event “Shark Week.” This is a routine activity for the biologist, who has been avidly studying the behavior of these apex predators for years. But the routine comes to an abrupt end when a large bull shark chasing another fish suddenly bites him in the calf. “I had often been bitten, but that one almost killed me,” he later recalled. “It was my own fault: I made several mistakes that I’d never make again. An observer is always supposed to be watching the sharks, but he was talking to…

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to be attacked by an octopus, anna van wyk?

A gorgeous stretch of beach with white sand and azure water… Who wouldn’t want to spend their vacation on lovely North Stradbroke Island off the coast of Brisbane, Australia? Anna van Wyk was just stepping out from the water when the 49-year-old saw a tiny octopus clinging to her leg and reflexively brushed it off. It would have been quite a harmless encounter had it not been for the creature’s yellowish skin and blue rings, which identified it as a highly venomous species. This was the blue-ringed octopus, a creature that’s as toxic as it is beautiful: Its toxin causes respiratory depression and paralysis, and the compact animal carries enough of it to kill up to two dozen adult humans within minutes. The bite is small and painless, and at…

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to be stung by a portuguese man-of-war, jonathan asplin?

The boy’s cries could be heard far down the beach of Ilfracombe, a seaside resort on the coast of North Devon, England. They were coming from a rocky outcrop in the sea, where the low tide had left a natural pool in which the boy was swimming. Carolyn Asplin had never heard her son scream like that, but she was absolutely sure it was his voice. When she reached her son, he was staring at her with panic in his eyes, and he just kept screaming. When she saw his leg, she understood why: His leg below the knee was covered with angry red welts that looked as if he had been struck repeatedly with a small whip. Jonathan Asplin had just made the acquaintance of one of the ocean’s…