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iD (Ideas & Discoveries) March 6, 2020

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iD (Ideas & Discoveries) is an intriguing science and technology magazine that delves deep to help readers discover answers to questions about science, nature, psychology, history, current events and more. With captivating photography and design and engaging editorial content, iD will have readers thinking about the world around them in a whole new way.

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iD UPDATE: LUNAR PHYSICS Just after the January 2020 issue went to press, news broke of the discovery of 20 new moons in orbit around Saturn. The satellites are relatively small but they’re substantial enough to make Saturn the new king of the hill: Previously Jupiter had held the title with its 79 known moons, but now Saturn’s total has shot up to 82 moons. It’s par for the course: As the article indicates, there are 180+ moons in the solar system, but that number is vague because new moons keep being discovered. iD UPDATE: THE LIFE OF GEYSERS A few days before the January 2020 issue went to press a report surfaced of yet another casualty of the thermal areas of Yellowstone National Park: On the night of September 29, 2019, a…

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the world’s toughest lady

1 PRINCIPLE ENSURES SURVIVAL A woman falls from a tall building and plunges 200 feet—on a safety line, to be sure, but at extremely high speed. She is required to flip head over heels repeatedly—but still manage to be perpendicular when her body jerks to a halt just above the ground. No one else can pull off such a spectacular stunt as quickly and successfully as former competitive gymnast Zoë Bell. She executes perfect somersaults in the air as she accelerates to 75 mph in seconds. “Training for this kind of stunt is like training for a boxing match,” she says. “You have to run five miles a day and finish off with leaps to practice your jumping power. You need strong, well-trained muscles, but you can’t allow yourself to become…

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mighty marvel of the skies

GOLDEN EAGLE: THE INVINCIBLE RAPTOR Some eagle species are larger, but they can’t really compete with the golden eagle. The powerhouse is strong enough to lift a deer and carry several times its own weight back to the nest. That’s roughly equivalent to a cross-country runner wearing a 400-pound backpack. Native Americans revered and honored both bald and golden eagles as symbols of strength, truth, courage, wisdom, and freedom. The presentation of an eagle feather was the highest honor that could be bestowed in the indigenous cultures. The ancient Romans held a similar view: The golden eagle was the symbol of power on the standards of the Roman legions. Cautiously the lone wolf ventures forth from the shadows. For nearly an hour now the animal has been waiting at the edge of…

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the discovery of the world’s greatest treasure

More than three millennia lie between them. Their paths could never cross, and yet there seems to be a magical bond between King Tutankhamun, ruler of one of the greatest empires ever known, and Howard Carter, an impoverished teenager from Britain. In the end, the Egyptian ruler would make the young man one of the more unlikely scientific heroes of history… They were an unlikely duo, but it worked. The thin young man appears shy and intimidated as he watches the activity all along the bustling quay. The sun is burning fiercely, and the air is filled with the lingering hum of Arab voices. Thousands of miles away from home, Howard Carter stands at the harbor of Alexandria in Egypt. Viewing the scene amidst a crowd of traders and sailors, the teenager…

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questions & answers

COULD A SINGLE SUBMARINE DESTROY THE WHOLE WORLD? Russia’s Typhoon-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, also called Project 941 Akula, are the biggest subs ever built. During the Cold War, six of these steel giants went into service. Their mission in a nuclear war: to destroy the entire Western world. Each of the subs was equipped with 20 launch tubes designed to fire the Soviets’ most capable submarine-launched long-range multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV). With a range of some 5,000 miles, these missiles no longer needed to be near a coastline to reach their targets. With this new weapon, the Soviet Union was believed to be capable of destroying virtually every Western metropolis. When the Soviet Union collapsed, five of the Typhoon-class subs were decommissioned. Only the TK-208 Dmitriy Donskoy (photo)…

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what makes me give up? (or keep going?)

Fries rather than salad, couch rather than gym, vacation rather than promotion- We are constantly ignoring our resolutions and yielding to our basest impulses. But experts say anyone can learn to subdue an impulse and do the right thing. Here’s how… His body is now screaming at him, giving persistent and unmistakable commands. “Stop now! Pack it in! Don’t move another muscle! You can’t keep up this pace anymore!” Jan Frodeno’s body is crying out for relief: from the unbearable pain in his back, the cramped muscles in his legs, and the grueling heat. He has swum 2.4 miles, biked for 112, and now, partway into the 26.2-mile marathon, he has encountered the enemy he fears most: He has hit the wall. “I never know when it’s coming, but it happens in every…