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Independent and Unofficial Guide to Fortnite

Independent and Unofficial Guide to Fortnite

Issue 31

There's nothing to match the thrill of bombing down a mountain in a shopping trolley while dressed as a pink rabbit and shooting a guy dressed as a tomato. Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet and The Independent & Unofficial Guide to Fortnite is here to make you even better at it. We've got tons of tips on how to boost your Battle Royale skills, loads of advice on how to save the World, and profiles of the best Fortnite players in the world. Dive in!

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banging back bling

Back bling is one of Fortnite’s key accessories. You might go for back bling that matches your main outfit, or you might strike out with something totally different. Here are seven pieces of back bling that have been released this year, which we think would look great, no matter which outfit you decide to pair them with. 1 FELINE FUN First seen: Chapter 2, Season 2 We won’t lie – we miss that big cat. If you’re missing Meowscles, too, why not carry around a big ball of string to remember him by? The mouse-shaped grenades are a brilliant touch and it works well with any dark outfit. It’s part of the Swole Cat set. 2 CHAINSTICK PACK First seen: Chapter 2, Season 4 This one is part of the Street Serpent set and is a sizzling…

6 min.
which car should idrives?

You won’t go far on the Fortnite island these days without finding players burning rubber in the new cars. If you can’t hear the roar of engines or the screeching of skidding tyres, you must be miles out at sea! However, as in real life, not all cars are the same. Some go faster than others, some are stronger, some take more passengers, while some take more fuel. If you’re planning to get behind the wheel, you need to make sure that you pick the right vehicle for the job. In this guide, we’ll talk you through the four main classes of vehicle on the Fortnite island, and their different strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also give you a heads-up about the special cars that have started appearing in the game, and the radio…

3 min.
move of the month

If you’re going to show off your skills by playing solo in a Squad game, you’ve got to get off to a fast start. The hero of this month’s top move – YouTube streamer Sharp – does just that. Players who’ve got the skills and the guts to take on entire squads by themselves aren’t the type of players who spend 20 minutes hiding, waiting for a Battle Royale to boil down to the final two. Instead, they’re in-your-face, rack-up-25-kills-before-the-first-rotation kinda killers, and Sharp is no exception. In this particular game, he goes on to get 18 kills (the title of the YouTube video cheekily says ‘37 kills’, although he gets those over two games. Watch the video at: bit.ly/33nxAIh.) What’s impressive about the four kills we’re covering at the start of…

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what’s coming?

GRAPHICS BOOST FOR FORTNITE! Ahead of the launch of the new consoles (see p41), PC gamers are also getting a boost to their Fortnite graphics – although only if they’ve got a top-notch rig. Fortnite has implemented support for ray tracing and a technology called Nvidia DLSS. Ray tracing provides realistic lighting and reflection effects, while DLSS perks up frame rates and gives the graphics an extra bite of sharpness. The new graphics could certainly give gamers who’ve got a high-spec gaming PC an even greater advantage. For example, one of the benefits of ray tracing is that players will get lifelike reflections in shop windows, potentially allowing them to see an enemy attacking from behind. Nvidia has created a map in Creative Mode that shows off all the ray-tracing benefits. Punch in island…

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map of the month: the hunt of the cowboy

Ready for thrills, suspense and action? This month’s map has it all. On the face of it, The Hunt of the Cowboy is a variation on the old classic, Hide and Seek. Only this one comes with a Western theme and a couple of cool little twists. Hiding in the dusty streets, stables and saloon bars of an old West town, players take turns to play hunter and hunted, scoring points for catching other players and losing them for getting caught. And when the hunter packs a sixgun, just running away won’t always save you from going six feet under on Boot Hill. Island code: 4482-0335-2122 HOW DOES IT WORK? Eight players join the game and spawn right into town. One becomes the Cowboy (who’s actually a Cowgirl or Cowwoman, but we won’t…

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get the gear

XBOX SERIES X Price: £449 from www.amazon.co.uk On paper, the Xbox Series X is the mightiest of the new consoles. It will run most of your existing Xbox One games – with enhancements – on a 4K telly at a silky-smooth 60 frames per second, while new games are going to benefit from advanced graphical features like ray tracing for movie-quality effects. You can also swap between games almost instantly using the 1TB SSD. It’s a tower of power! NVIDIA RTX 3080 Price: From £699 from www.overclockers.co.uk This isn’t a games machine on its own, but a new PC graphics card that takes PC gaming up to the next level. There’s enough power on this baby to run the hottest games at 4K resolutions with the latest ray-tracing effects turned on, and it will run…