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Filled with inspiring examples of stunning lighting fixtures, this magazine helps readers envision how lighting can change and update a home’s style. A room-by-room section showcases fixtures in every part of the house and offers lessons on how to layer lights to create the right effect. The magazine’s products guide features hundreds of inspiring lights, fans, and components for enhancing any home’s design. Plus, you’ll find a guide to purchasing the newest bulbs.

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jewelry tells the story

WHEN I TRAVEL, I bring home pendants, bracelets, and rings. Every trinket captures a feeling. When I put on a bit of bling, my outfit feels complete. With subtle glimmer or in-your-face splash, every piece attracts attention. I’ve been known to decide on jewelry before picking an outfit. Light fixtures are like that too. When you start with a favorite, the room design can play off that mood. Place different fixtures in the same room and you change how that room speaks to you and the people you welcome into it. With jewelry, you know what you like. You wear it over and over, and it always feels good. Because you don’t usually switch out lighting on a whim (unless it’s a lamp), the choices can seem daunting. Ah, but there’s a low-stress…

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8 designer looks for 2020

EXPLORE THESE DESIGNER IDEAS 1 Matte black. Clean and modern, it goes with anything indoors and out. 2 Glossy luster white pairs well with brass. 3 Brass is looking slightly buffed and has a touch of brown for texture. 4 Contemporary fixtures look softer—not as hard-edged and stark. 5 Hardwired fixtures—sconces or pendants—are replacing traditional bedside lighting. 6 Clear glass bulbs are showing up, even in outdoor lighting. 7 Farmhouse style shows more modern and industrial elements. 8 Large metal leaves or cutouts in fixtures throw leafy patterns onto walls for nature-inspired effects. Ludlow, Lisa McDennon for Hinkley…

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that’s smart!

“Once smart technology is up and running, it changes our lives. The features are extraordinary compared to standard items. It’s a game changer.”—TRAVIS MCAFEE, product marketing manager, Connected Homes, HALO Home NEED TO KNOW Lighting and Smart Speakers VOICE ASSISTANTS are quickly becoming part of our everyday lives. Google Home and Amazon Echo are helpful devices that can do more than tell the time or find recipes—they can also change the way you light your home. Nearly one-quarter of U.S. adults own at least one smart speaker, and 69 percent of them use their speakers daily. The easiest way to give a smart speaker control of your home’s lighting is by outfitting your fixtures with Wi-Fi-enabled switches, dimmers, plugs, or bulbs. For a more seamless solution, use new recessed LEDs that include a built-in smart speaker. With…

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dial in color

“For years, consumers looked at smart home products as gadgets, but today, people see these products—particularly smart lighting controls—as value-added problem solvers. There’s comfort in pulling up to a lit home any time of night and in scheduling lights to mimic occupancy. ”—MELISSA ANDRESKO, chief corporate brand ambassador, Lutron Electronics NOW YOU CAN TUNE A LIGHTBULB. With LEDs so commonplace, “color tuning,” whereby you “tune” the color temperature of the light source to create a mood and ambience, is getting high billing. Tuning is a step above dimming, which just changes a light’s intensity. Although color-tuning technology has been used for a while in commercial settings, it’s making its way into residential spaces. Color-changing bulbs can match your natural circadian rhythms and help you get better sleep. Tune the light to cooler blues during…

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looking good

“Technology does not replace good design. If Frank Lloyd Wright were alive and building Fallingwater, it would still be amazing, but the products would be better and more efficient.”—PETER ROMANIELLO, IALD, architectural lighting designer, Huntersville, North Carolina NEED TO KNOW Enhance Your Look Lighting can drastically affect how you look. Three key factors determine the quality of a light. To make everyone around you look their best, keep this in mind: COLOR TEMPERATURE is how warm or cool a light appears. Warm light enhances yellows and reds. Cool light boosts blues and greens. COLOR RENDERING INDEX measures how natural and normal colors appear. The higher the number (up to 100) the better people and things look. For best results, use light sources with a 90 or higher CRI. GLARE is caused by too much brightness or…

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artful design

FIRST THINGS FIRST. Lighting is not an afterthought. “Lighting is among the first things I select when developing the interior scope of furnishings for a project,” interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins says. “After all, lighting serves two massively critical needs: functionality and visual appearance.” In this Michigan home, Jenkins called on luxurious lighting to match sumptuous interiors. “It was important to both me and the homeowners that the lighting choices be classic, timeless, and cultured,” he says. “Each fixture was selected to be a conversation piece in itself and be versatile enough to coalesce into one cohesive visual story.” “THE RIGHT FIXTURE CAN PUT A PUNCTUATION MARK ON MY OVERALL DESIGN IN WAYS THAT FURNITURE OR ARTWORK CANNOT”—COREY DAMEN JENKINS, interior designer The intersection of Bohemian, Moroccan, and French traditional design encouraged an…