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Love Embroidery Issue 14

Love Embroidery is the monthly magazine that is a celebration of decorative stitch. It is full of creative ideas for anyone who loves – or would love to learn – modern hand and machine embroidery.

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fresh ideas with thread

Textile artists like Liz Payne – the creative mind behind this vibrant piece and the focus of our Designer Profile this month – are changing the way the world sees embroidery. As more artists begin to choose thread as their medium, so perception gradually shifts towards considering embroidery less a hobby and more an art form. We think that’s true no matter what the scale – and, as always, we’d like to encourage you to get creative in your own way. Play around with colours, use different textures or try a new technique this month. Most importantly, have fun! IMAGE © LIZ PAYNE, WWW.LIZLPAYNE.COM…

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slow fashion

Katrina Rodabaugh shows us how to incorporate embroidery into our wardrobes and embrace the idea of slow fashion in her new book Make, Thrift, Mend. Separated into digestible sections, and with a clear and simple plan that guides you towards a more sustainable clothing collection, Katrina’s book demonstrates how to maintain your current wardrobe and build on it with pieces designed to last longer. She shows you how to minimise your impact on the environment, while incorporating familiar stitches and techniques along the way. Make, Thrift, Mend by Katrina Rodabaugh (£17.99) from Abrams, www.abramsandchronicle.co.uk PHOTO © 2021 KAREN PEARSON, TAKEN FROM MAKE, THRIFT, MEND BY KATRINA RODABAUGH…

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liz payne

Wall to wall colour – that’s what awaits you in artist Liz Payne’s studio. “I am immensely and continuously inspired by colour,” she says, “by the relationships between colours and how they can trigger memory, appeal to your subconscious and affect your mood.” From her studio in Sydney, Australia, Liz creates large-scale artworks using mediums such as embroidery, paint and beadwork, and with a variety of materials as her canvas. “I’m obsessed with colour and treat it quite instinctively as I work,” says Liz. “I also believe there are no rules when it comes to colour, so you could see me use blue with green, a muted peach against neon orange, anything goes.” This sense of creative freedom shows in each of Liz’s pieces, both through the colours she’s chosen and…

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think positive

Stitch Guide Turn to PAGE 67 MATERIALS • Cotton fabric: 25x25cm, lilac• Stranded cotton: 1 skein each of blue, pale blue, green, pastel green, lemon, lilac, peach, pink and purple• Embroidery hoop: 13cm diameter• Basic embroidery kit STITCHES USED Backstitch, French Knot, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Satin Stitch, Whipped Backstitch, Woven Wheel 01 Transfer the design from the template onto the centre of your fabric using your preferred method. Mount your fabric into the hoop with the design positioned centrally. Begin by stitching the centre of the blue flower in Satin Stitch using three strands of lemon. Then, work the petals in Satin Stitch using three strands of pale blue. To avoid the threads overlapping and overcrowding around the centre of the flower, alternate the length of every other stitch, starting a few millimetres away from…

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MAGIC CARPET THROW Dear reader, We’re so excited to be launching our new Magic Carpet Throw Crochet-Along project! To celebrate, we’re offering you an extra-special LIMITED TIME offer! Subscribe to Simply Crochet today and you’ll receive a huge 14-ball bundle of WYS 100% British wool, WORTH OVER £90! Each issue, you’ll receive the next instalment of the crochet-along, helping you master new stitches before transforming your panels into this beautiful completed throw. Plus, every issue’s bursting with more than 20 beautiful crochet patterns for gifts, garments, accessories and more, not to mention FREE delivery to your door and an exclusive crochet gift too! All this for only £39.99 every 6 issues… hurry though – stock is strictly limited so make sure you don’t miss the fun! Editor, Simply Crochet • Get a WYS…

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feeling motivated

Stitch Guide Turn to PAGE 67 MATERIALS • Cotton fabric: 25x55cm, yellow• Stranded cotton: 1 skein each of blue, dark blue, green, lilac, orange, pink, purple, red and bright yellow• Pearl cotton No.8: yellow Easy-clip tapestry frame: 23x30cm• A pen pot (ours measured 10cm tall and 8.3cm diameter)• Lightweight fusible interfacing: 25x55cm• A small button• 1mm thick felt: 10cm high x the circumference of your pen pot• 3mm wide ribbon: 10cm, white• Basic embroidery kit STITCHES USED Backstitch, French Knot, Satin Stitch 01 Transfer the design from the template onto your fabric using your preferred method. Adjust the width by measuring the circumference of your chosen pen pot and then add or remove colour blocks at the side edges where necessary. Back the fabric with the interfacing and mount into your tapestry frame, ensuring that…