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14 April 2021
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Launched in 1955, MCN has been bringing its readers exclusive news stories about bikes for 60 years. Every week, MCN’s team of expert test riders & journalists will: • Review new and used motorcycles • Help bikers make the very best buying decisions • Provide the latest MotoGP and Superbikes news MCN is also famous for its unrivalled motorcycle sport news and insight. From the white-knuckle world of MotoGP to the elbow-clashing action of World Superbikes and British Superbikes, MCN gives the inside story. There are also thousands of motorcycles for sale in MCN. So if you’re thinking about buying a new machine there’s almost definitely a fantastic bargain waiting to be snapped up!

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‘The MT-09 SP has come of age. It’s a class act’MCN’S NEEVESY ON THE NEW SP COVER STORY Say hello to the SPecial naked one Yamaha’s MT-09 reinvented the naked bike market when it first launched, then added some extra zest when they made the more naughty SP edition. Yet it’s always teetered on the edge of perfection without quite getting both wheels over the line. Not the new SP takes all the MT’s tantalising promise and turns it into one of the most rewarding and refined nakeds you can buy. TESTED, PAGE 67 THE BIG TEST ‘It’s the essence of riding fun’ The new bike market is expanding simultaneously in two different directions. While the cutting edge gets sharper and cleverer with every model update, there’s a growing tide of bikes satisfying the growing ranks…

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‘we all need to get trackside again in 2021’

With the MotoGP season firmly underway and this weekend’s Portimao round looking set to deliver the battle we’ve been waiting for as Marc Marquez re-enters the fray, the momentum and excitement are building fast. And so is the desire to get trackside and see, hear and feel the action again. Covid robbed us of the opportunity to stand (or sit, if you’re lucky) trackside and experience the very best riders in BSB, WSB and MotoGP doing battle right before our eyes during 2020. When restrictions allow, I’m desperate to experience that again – rather than through the desensitised medium of a TV screen. Even watching it on TV the racing doesn’t feel the same without a sea of fans lining the fences and populating the grandstands. We’re also celebrating the Transatlantic races…

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safety first in london

The Motorcycle Action Group have met with Transport for London to formulate a plan to ensure rider safety is taken into account on new road projects, with MAG working to let transport chiefs know what to look out for. A TfL representative told us: “Working with experienced riders means TfL have a very good chance of making the streets safer for the motorcycling community.” Hose in the know British hose experts Samco have turned their attention to Yamaha’s Ténéré 700. The bespoke silicone hose kit is claimed to be capable of withstanding much higher pressures than OEM fitments. The kit is a direct replacement, coming with all the relevant tubing, and has a lifetime/unlimited mileage warranty. Available in multiple colours from £129.35. Scooting about Despite lockdown still being in force in March the latest…

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triumph’s new king of cool

Triumph have released a limited-edition Steve McQueen model Scrambler 1200 at the same time as updating their range-topping retro scramblers to meet the latest emissions standards. What are those changes? Only small… minor updates to make the engine meet Euro5 plus a new exhaust that improves heat dissipation. So, if you just bought a 2020 model, there’s no need to go looking for the receipt. The big news is saved for fans of the King of Cool himself. To celebrate one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, stunt riders, motorcyclists and all-round icons, Triumph have partnered with the McQueen family to produce the Scrambler 1200 ‘Steve McQueen Edition’. The new bike is inspired by the original competition-spec TR6, which was made famous when a modified version was used by McQueen in The…

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‘big brother’ tracker plans

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Kim McGuinness, has suggested fitting trackers to all motorcycles “so their whereabouts and speed can be monitored”. “I don’t mean our law-abiding bikers here,” said McGuinness, who has urged the Policing Minister to give the idea the green light. “I’m talking trouble-makers, often young people riding un-roadworthy bikes.” But there are clear ramifications for all bikers according to Craig Carey-Clinch of the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC). “It is unfortunate Ms McGuinness chose not to consult motorcyclists in Northumbria before making this proposal and we would urge her to make contact with NMC member organisation representatives. “Most motorcyclists are lawabiding and won’t appreciate feeling they are all being put on something akin to a criminal ‘tagging’ sanction. This is sadly a poorly thought through idea which would guarantee negative impacts…

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‘perfection is worth fighting for’

NEWS EDITOR ‘We’ve worked to make Arc self-funded’MARK TRUMAN, ARC OWNER The Arc Vector burst onto the scene in late 2018, promising unparalleled performance. At the time Arc said the electric hyper bike would weigh just 220kg, produce 133bhp, fully charge from zero in 45 minutes and, most impressive of all, manage over 360 miles between plug ins. But the project fell on rocky ground when the UK company were let down by investors with the firm entering administration a year later. Then in October 2020, Arc founder Mark Truman revealed that he had bought the project back himself and that the Vector would once more head towards production. Six months on, MCN spoke to Truman to find out what the next steps are. “We are a pretty down to earth honourable bunch, doing…