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Mega Man

December 2020

MEGA Man is the total guide to fashion, grooming, and culture for the modern man.

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revenge buy

I’m torn. There is one part of me that is saying “Hold on to your money, don’t buy anything,” and another insisting “Spend, you’ve been so good!” Like a sensible businessman, the first steps I took during the start of the pandemic was to evaluate cash position. I “nerded” out the number of daily infections and calculated exponential growth to guesstimate how many months it would take for the virus to hit its peak in the country. I ended up with three months. That’s three months of a total lockdown and possibly three months of no revenue or salaries. I set aside enough money for three months to pay for credit cards, mortgages and a well-stocked pantry. I told myself I wouldn’t spend on frivolities and expensive food. Three months turned…

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in the light of day

At a glance, nothing seemed out of the ordinary: the sun poking through the filters of nature, the leaves rustling to the gentle chiding of the wind, and the stillness pervading the scene at hand. But with conversations that hinged on sushi bake, ube pandesal, and work-from-home, things were skimming the usual at best, especially since all these have become offshoots of the year that has been affected by the effects of COVID-19. It is fairly early in the morning and Hayden Kho is in an introspective mood, looking back on 2020, a year full of hope that proved to be more challenging than the rest combined. This isn’t unusual for the man of science, business, and faith, who is really an insightful person on a broad range of topics. Despite…

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rule your world

Peer into the heart of a king and what do you see? Is it wrath from a maddened monarch surging with power, based on the tales we’ve grown accustomed to, or is it nobility and fortitude in the pursuit of righteousness, through confidence and leadership? As a modern king of the house and of the workplace, the latter is the narrative you should embody. Generous, charismatic, and with a dash of charm, a modern king is a natural leader who cherishes his loved ones and inspires everyone around him. Gone are the narratives of ruling with an iron fist. Through balancing strength and a kind heart, prove to your kingdom that you are born not only to wear your crown, but also to truly own it. Capturing the spirit of a…

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red flag

STYLE TIP Keep red sartorial pieces masculine by pairing them with black accessories or patterned garments…

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lightness of being

1 NARS It always starts with a firm and formidable base, especially at times when everyone is a little too skin-obsessed—and rightfully so, too. Capturing an essence of light, profound and proverbial as that sounds, NARSskin powers through the innovation train with the Light Reflecting Serum. Crafted with Gold Fortified Peptides and Red Snow Extract, Encapsulate Baobab Oil Droplets sourced from the Tree of Life, and golden pearlescent spheres, the blend coalesces into the revolutionary, dual-textured product that helps visibly firm and improve elasticity, rebuild skin’s natural barrier and moisture abilities, and gives off a natural glow. With the promise of clarity, this is all the skincare you’ll need to constantly look lit-from-within for all those virtual calls. 2 PETER THOMAS ROTH Figures show that there is one tub of this verdant soothing…

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the truth about beauty according to park seo jun

When one conjures an image of a larger-than-life personality blessing us mere mortals with a dazzling presence that seemingly beckons a hallelujah chorus and the parting of a sea of people, the requisites are all drawn up: a thick barrier of human security protecting their ward at all costs, the incognito staples of dark-tinted sunglasses and a baseball cap tipped way beyond the point of comfort, and a hunkered down posture as to keep a low profile. Sightings of this sort are not your average everyday thing, especially in our celebrity-obsessed culture where the simple rumor of a star sighting is enough to send a swarm of fans in exponential droves to the marked spot. Rare as it is, they’ve populated our daydreams and fantasies so much that when the…