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September 2020

MEGA Man is the total guide to fashion, grooming, and culture for the modern man.

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we've chahged

March 14, 2020 is a day to be remembered—as it now is marked in history as the last day of our old life. It was the final day when the mundane was taken for granted: touching elevator buttons, opening doorknobs with confidence, hugging friends and loved ones freely. Since then, so much has happened, and ironically, so little has happened to curtail the effects of an unprecedented viral spread that crippled global economies. The pandemic has done so many things, ranging from the shutting down of small to large businesses, movement restrictions and the taking of nearly 1 million lives as of this writing. Yes, we’ve changed. Have you accepted that we will never be the same again? Full disclosure: I’ve been a spectator over the last few months. I’m not tone…

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we mean business

“It’s been a while since we did something like this,” says Mikko Tung, puncturing the silence of a still Saturday, where the scrutiny of pre-shoot rituals was understandably heightened in light of the first weekend since reverting to the government-mandated Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine. He was of course talking to his brothers, Mark and Macky, where they all stood in line to change for their warm-up layout with photographer, Jerick Sanchez. From the other end of the room, we couldn’t help but nod in agreement, as it was our first job order of this scale since the violent bearing of the pandemic punished and galvanized through the best and worst of the world’s healthcare systems and government leaderships. It was unnerving in more ways than one, where conscious precaution, testing, and…

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check yourself

Photography KARA CHUNG. Styling VAN HARRIES. Grooming SYDNEY HELMSLEY. Model JORGE (ELITE MANILA). Special thanks to RYUJI SHIOMITSU. Red plaid blazer, plaid button-down, and trousers all by CHRIS DIAZ…

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all drawn out

Doodle-printed cropped blazer, pullover, and trousers all by RANDOLF…

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come back to me

1 SALVATORE FERRAGAMO As an Italian heritage house, Salvatore Ferragamo is known for many things, fashion and fine leather goods for example. But more than that, perhaps not many know that the brand has come up with a consistently charismatic collection of scents that have gained it a loyal following. Always on the pursuit of the confident and courageous man’s journey through life, Salvatore Ferragamo swerves into the lane of an instinctive free-thinker, whose unstoppable creative and unquenchable curiosity has given birth to the idea of Ferragamo, a contemporary fragrance that is made for a man of sharp contrasts. Strong and sentimental, the indulgent and harmonious blend intertwines a deliriously decadent citrus woody accords with bergamot, lemon, violet leaves, leather, as well as of musk and vetiver. This radiant explosion evokes…

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the brothe rs incorp orated

One morning, the entire country woke up and Ligo, the sardine product that has been a staple in every Pinoy pantry, was cool. We know this because our coolest friend has reposted them, and because our neighborhood sari-sari store still sells them. We know this because they now have a Sriracha variant, which means a collab with a major retail label must be next. What we didn’t know was how its third generation owners, even long before they were owners, have sneakily been planning this all along. As young students, Mikko Tung, Mark Tung, and Macky Tung always talked about their big plans for their father’s business. Their parents, however, made it very clear early on that no one was going to be forced into the family business—they all fell into…