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when edward met giannis

It might seem like an unlikely pairing, but once you get past the difference in height and physicality, as well as of points of origin, the coming together of the man they call the “Greek Freak,” Giannis Antetokounmpo, and the “Cheerful Charmer of Germany,” Edward Barber, is one that ultimately makes sense. Aside from being superstars in their own right, they both have a strong sense of family, which strengthens their interface from arguable strangers to, as male friendships are bound to be, brothers. Takingplace9751km.awayfromPhilippine shores, Giannis and Edward meet at the area of Kifissia in Athens, Greece as orchestrated by the top-selling and uncompromising fragrance brand, Str8. Despite easily towering over Edward, the basketball superstar and the young actor clicked instantly, where the latter even interviewed the former for an exclusive…

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just show up

When do you say enough is enough? When do you throw in the towel, turn your back on a friendship, or break that habit that is comfortable and satisfying for you? Do you wait until your body starts to hurt after all those nights you spent partying? Do you stop eating unhealthy when you can no longer pick up something on the floor with ease? Or do you wait until you lose a loved one before you starting thinking of self care? When do you make a move? I’m just like you. I was not immaculate in college; I ate too much fast food and consumed copious amounts of alcohol after a long day at work. I abused my body through food, alcohol, nicotine, and long sleepless nights. Eight months ago, I went…

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who are you?

NO BOUNDS 1 AVEDA A concern that is no stranger to male species, hair thinning and hair fall has since seen a steady decline mostly due to many technological advancements in treatment. While this is usually administered for alarming case scenarios, men can jumpstart the hounding anxiety and nip it in the bud with preventive measures, such as the use of Aveda’s Invati Men Scalp Revitaliser. A leave-on treatment, the blend is 98% naturally derived, with the vitamin C-rich amla, or Indian gooseberry, which once invigorated into the scalp instantly thickens hair at the root. Also known to have anti-oxidant capacities, the revitaliser reduces the chances of hair loss by not allowing free radicals to damage your hair. 2 KIEHL’S While it sounds ironic, the innovative multi-miracle water cream crafted by skincare expert, Kiehl’s,…

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the legends rise again

There are greats, and then there are legends. Sometimes we see the terms as interchangeable. But Greats are those who are exceptional in their fields. Legends are those whose stories continue to resonate and live on. Most of us remember the birth of Ginebra’s “Never Say Die” when Jawo returned to the game from the hospital after getting his busted lip stitched up. That’s why he’s the Living Legend. But there are others. In this issue, we feature the stories behind some of the legends behind the Philippine Baskteball Association and dive into what made them legendary. ALLAN CAIDIC The Legend of The Triggerman 21 November 1991 | Most Points scored by a PBA Player: 79 Highly touted coming out of college and taken first overall in the 1987 PBA rookie draft, Allan Caidic is a…

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ahead of the game

There isn’t a more distinct display of the man’s dichotomy than perhaps in sports, where despite the pervading aggression, violence, and physicality, as well as a pervading perpetuation of toxic masculinity, there lies a curious case of emotion when meeting certain inevitable extremes such as either loss or victory. In fact, it is in the quiet few minutes before an athlete enters an arena that he finds himself stripped of that toughened exterior, rendered still and silent, filtering everything from the noise and the nerves that he has to be at his very best. Despite what the archaic athletic archetype may be, this is when he becomes most the man—accepting the emotional highs, as well as the lows that essentially make him. “’There is no way I’m getting emotional,’” Giannis Antetokounmpo…

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patent status: pending

STAY DRY While raincoats are a seasonal staple, the protective outerwear gets an update with the poncho hybrid CUT IT OUT Strict tailoring becomes a thing of the past with the proliferation of contemporary cuts DARK MATTER Typical for the disco, pailettes in black add a dash of quirk to a look DAMN THE MAN Classic menswear surges on with confidence through playful textures in deep and dark shades GET ON IT Like magic from the mundane, the glint of a rainbow spectrum adds subtle whimsy to the somber spirit of black BLACK OUT Pair your future-forward blazer in a classic silhouette with athleisure details THE SHINING The elegance of black gets a jolt of energy with the decoration of pailettes for depth and drama RED ALERT Feel the power of fashion transform the ordinary to stunning with a tone-on-tone look in a bold red…