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Mega Man December 2019

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MEGA Man is the total guide to fashion, grooming, and culture for the modern man.

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4 min.
what is your essence?

Last September 10, Peewee and I were choosing a tribute photo of Sari Yap. In the years that we worked for the One Mega Group Founder, we learned that she preferred a glamorous look. She liked long, wavy hair that framed her face perfectly. She liked wearing body conscious dresses with wedge heels, and she avoided jeans and pants like the plague. In the last three years of her life though, something changed. Instead of her signature look that we have come to know, she opted instead for simple makeup, a ponytail and loose fitting garments. So, when I chose a glam photo of Sari, Peewee asked me “Are you sure? That is no longer her essence.” On a recent trip to the French capital, I was with four friends who…

2 min.
beyond star struck

Even to this day, it still pleasantly baffles us that the celebrities we interface with are at the very least a stone’s throw away from their usually larger-than-life personalities on television, on film, and on social media. Often pulling the rug from under us as we navigate their star status, all they are quick to do so is reveal themselves as nothing more than normal human beings. This couldn’t hold any more true than the day we met Ronnie Alonte, who with his signature brand of ease and nonchalance quickly makes it known that he isn’t any more than us. Well, except that he is a lot cooler, and there is nothing wrong with that. Decked in a mysterious selection of somber black, set against a rudimental theater-like setup with folded…

3 min.
it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

1 SHISEIDO If there is anyone to trust when it comes to skincare, it definitely has to be the Japanese. With over 100 years of expertise in creating skin solutions, fusing the great Eastern traditions with innovative Western science, Shiseido doesn’t stop with just enough. Instead, it continues to harness upgrades and updates even for its already best-selling standouts. True to this dedication, the Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate gets stronger with ImuGeneration Technology, which is powered by anti-oxidant rich reishi mushroom and iris root extract to strengthen, restore, and defend the skin’s barriers. The formula firms and hydrates, leaving skin smooth, firm, and sustainably resilient. 2 NARS Here’s something we cannot stress enough in skincare: Never skip the attention, especially when it comes to the lips. Sure, you’ve gone through the rest of…

1 min.
the color purple

STYLE TIP Make the royal shade a focal point by wearing the shade with deep neutrals such as a mysterious black…

1 min.
of modern love

STYLE TIP Before taking on ruffles and bell sleeves, gracefully evoke the era with oversized button-downs cuffed at the wrists…

10 min.
finding his way back to the truth

Ronnie Alonte knows he is famous, but not in a totally caught up, pretentious, and if we are being completely unhinged here, offensive kind of way. Unlike a self-effacing contemporary with a false sense of humility, he doesn’t wince at the mere mention of the word. In fact, he will be the very first one to duck at the very second it tumbles out, evading it as if it were a bullet with a mission to pierce through his cooler than cool, nonchalant vibe. It is a matter of fact, something that he has racked up in the awning of his celebrity career, but he isn’t letting it get to him anymore, the very same way it did not too long ago, forcing him to recalibrate the very person that he…