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For a very long time, Brazil held a reputation of having the most beautiful people on earth as their female and male models continued to dominate the fashion world. They are the stars that open and close fashion shows and are faces that grace the print ads and billboards of the world’s biggest brands. Famed supermodel Gisele Bündchen has been named most beautiful woman multiple times and has a net worth of a whopping $360 million. Bündchen, along with other Victoria Secret models Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Isabeli Fontana, Izabel Goulart all hail from the same country of Brazil. What is special about these women isn’t just their symmetric face, flawless skin and perfect hair, they are anomalous as they have the trifecta of a sizeable chest, a tiny waist…

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mas que nada

The two hour drive up the hills flew by. It helped that everyone was asleep in the huge air-conditioned production vans that had been ferrying the team all around Rio de Janeiro the past few days. Upon arriving in Joá, it was mid-afternoon and the sun was giving off the best light, filtered by pregnant clouds and thick foliage wrapped protectively around the mountain. James Reid and Bret Jackson casually walk up the stately mid-century modern house, lighting up cigarettes and taking in the view. Lined up in millionaire’s row, the vacation estate has the feel of a Frank Lloyd Wright creation, all masculine angles, cold stone and animal hide, wedged rather dramatically against a cliff; below, the Atlantic stretches out dark and slightly menacing in its vastness. In the…

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making it better

STR8 Here’s an unrivalled fact: Whether it is to jumpstart or settle into the end of a day, nothing sounds infinitely better than a thorough shower. No longer just a mundane wash-and-go ritual, the daily ritual has evolved into something more mindful, with processes and products that elevate the experience. Recognizing this, Str8 crafts a multi-functional shower gel that covers the face, body, and even hair. Deep cleansing, detoxifying and designed to neutralize sweat, odor, and bacteria, the Detox Power 3-in-1 shower gel is that all-encompassing must-have for all your bathing needs. SHISEIDO Nothing makes a man gravitate most toward a product than one that addresses a handful of major concerns in one go. Taking this into consideration, Shiseido crafts a powerful multi-functio With its powerful and restorative qualities, the Skin Empowering Cream…

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on trust, talking, and truth

If the title wasn’t any indication, Sex Education has proven to be the boundary-pushing comedy series worth binging on Netflix since 2019. With topics ranging from masturbation, female pleasure, and sexuality, it has easily become the cult-favorite Netflix series for its daring yet hilarious approach to adolescence. In its second season, Asa Butterfield returns to play Otis Milburn, a sexually repressed teenager who finally discovers the wonders of his male genitalia. Gillian Anderson also reprises her role as Jean Milburn, Otis’ mother who happens to be a sex therapist. Meanwhile, Otis’ best friend, Eric Effiong, played by Ncuti Gatwa, finds a love interest this season from a mysterious new student in Moordale Secondary. While Sex Education has no short of funny moments and explicit scenes, it finds a good balance between the…

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a rose by any other name

There is no arguing with the fact that K-pop has asserted dominance on the mantle of music all over the world. No longer just a unique sound that hails from South Korea, it has entrenched itself to many neighboring cultures over the years, the Philippines especially. Despite it being of a foreign language, one cannot help but be swayed by the infectious rhythms, the beguiling lyrics, and assemblage of high-octane machinations that have long dazzled fans to a dizzying delirium. Not a mere fizzle, but a big bang in itself, K-pop is pervading and persistent in visceral sense, that even its fair share of naysayers are willed into silence by the music. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen. With a pop culture imprint that can easily be likened to the iconic…

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survival of the fittest

JAMES REID It has been four years since MEGA last crossed paths with James Reid. Back then, he was one half of the most prominent love team of the time, with several projects lined up and a fast-rising career desired by many. Now, at the colorful and festive country of Brazil, James joins us in an exclusive tell-all of his recent and future travails—his career in music, his relationship with Nadine Lustre, and his much-awaited plans for the future, the artist ingénue speaks up, sharing his truth with no reservations. James starts, “A lot has happened since Greece. Probably the biggest change was me leaving Viva and being 100% hands-on with Careless. That’s definitely been the biggest change. It’s been crazy. I’ll tell you that it’s very difficult. But it’s been a…