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crise de abstinência

As journalists, we were taught to never gush about the subjects that we write about. These include products, places or people. The reason for this is taste is subjective and while we’ve seen marked improvement in products and services, there is still plenty of room for improvement. While we are experts at subject matters, we also haven’t experienced or tasted everything. It is highly likely that there is something better than the best we’ve tried but we don’t know it yet. For the last few weeks, however, I’ve been gushing about Rio de Janeiro. I was very sad about leaving the Brazilian city after a 10-day work trip in January. I couldn’t stop thinking about the place, the people and the total experience. Worse, I was even dreaming about it for…

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before the sun sets

Even with a cumulative average of so many years in the business of visuals and storytelling (come on, it is rude to get into Jurassic specifics now), it still is admittedly nerve-racking walking up to highly-produced shoots, especially when it calls for a vibrant stretch of sunlight. So, imagine our rising fear when just moments before, we were met a fair amount of rainfall and a gloomy roll of grayed out overcast. But even before the mood was figuratively dampened, the familiar warmth and gleaming glow of the sun poked through the thick clouds and revealed a most beautiful light that made the expanse of green grass glisten with drops of rain. A lesson in trust and perhaps even by a stretch, of faith, this was a reminder to just go…

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mama knows best

ESTEE LAUDER One of the quickest ways to betray one’s age is through the often tired and behest with lines area around the eyes. Before you relent to the inevitable, it is best you reignite the energy of your skin by supercharging it with a treatment that will eventually bring the youthful light of your eyes. With 10x more of its Concentrated Repair Technology, Estee Lauder resuscitates skin with the Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex, a lightweight cushioning gel cream that addresses fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, dryness, and uneven skin tone, revealing skin that soft and silky to the touch. NARS Provocative, evocative, and daring, Nars introduces its very first signature scent, aptly christened Audacious Fragrance. A creative collaboration with Olivia Giacobetti, this foray into the perfume segment is a…

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the man, a reflection

“Oh shit,” he mutters under his breath, looking around hoping that nobody caught the singular expletive that escaped his mouth the very second he settled into a comfortable sitting position on the cool concrete slopes of the empty skate park we were in the middle of. Quickly shifting into what appeared to be a reverse plank, Ruru Madrid grimaces as he slid the sole of his Converse Chucks, a seasonal leather high-top pair in an electric Barney-like purple shade, revealing what appeared to be a most unwelcome streak of brown. “Oh, shit,” he repeats, this time with an emphasis in punctuation, before letting out a hearty fit of bellied laughter. At this point, he quickly darts for the nearest puddle of water, splashing with all his might, before shaking off the…

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in the zone