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cbd for everyone!

Is it legal?Not really. CBD is still a Schedule I controlled substance in the eyes of the Drug Enforcement Administration. If you’re in a state where pot is legal, though, CBD is fair game.Can it get you high?No. CBD has no psychoactive properties, which makes it all the more attractive for its potential benefits.Is it safe?If it’s a controlled substance, it has the potential to harm you, so you have to know what you’re putting into your body. And because its marketing isn’t regulated, you may not actually be getting CBD.YOU TRIED IT. YOU TWEETED ABOUT IT.“It was horrible for me. I get that I’m the minority, but it doesn’t work for everyone.”—@loosehead“It’s too expensive. You’d think it has THC in it at the price they charge. I tried it…

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are you cut, ripped, jacked, or swole?

CUTLess about size than definition—lean muscle and defined abs.RIPPEDWhere mass built on arms and shoulders eclipses the abs.JACKEDPecs, arms, neck, and shoulders are all big. Protein is life.SWOLEThe biggest of the big, where every muscle is huge. See also yoked.KYLE HILTON (Katz illustration), ERIC ROSATI (flexing illustrations) ■…

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one of our own starts the race of his life

Gweneviere and Yasir at a 5K in 2009, and Yasir and a friend at the 2018 New York Marathon (left).YASIR SALEM is a marketing director for Men’s Health and the Hearst Men’s Group. He’s also an accomplished competitive eater—he participated in the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July hot dog eating contest six times before retiring in 2018. And he’s a speed-eating ultra-athlete, having won the Tour de Donut bicycle race several years in a row. (That’s a 36-mile road race with a doughnut-eating contest throughout.) The man is ambitious. And there to support him through his zaniest competitions was his wife, Gweneviere Mann. This past summer, Gweneviere was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer and passed away. The couple had run their first marathon together, New York’s, in…

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ask men’s health

Two-minute workouts are the new 30-minute workouts, right?—PAUL, Oklahoma City, OKThere has been a lot of news lately about the value of extremely short workouts. And while there is interesting new research to suggest that as little as two minutes of high-intensity exercise can stimulate local changes in the metabolic function of muscle, this kind of exercise shouldn’t be confused with an alternative to regular, lengthier aerobic or anaerobic workouts. Why? Your body has both acute (short-term) and long-term responses to exercise. Acute responses are the physiological changes that happen as a result of the individual exercise. Long-term responses are a result of the body recognizing the stress associated with a single bout of exercise, by gradually increasing its ability to withstand the stress associated with that stimulus.Think about training…

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the mh winter game plan

TVThe Titan GamesJANUARY 3It’s like the Rock and your favorite mid-’90s Nickelodeon show, Guts, went and had a TV child. This obstacle competition has athletes facing off in various feats of strength. We polled readers for their first thoughts when the trailer dropped in November. The biggest question: How do I get on the show? (The answer? Too late!)—MARK EMERY, senior editor of content strategyI Am the NightJANUARY 28Chris Pine and Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins team up again for a suspenseful TNT miniseries about a washed-up reporter (Pine) and a teen girl who join forces to solve the mystery of her past. It’s at the top of the list for a midwinter binge.—JOSHUA ST. CLAIR, editorial assistantBlack MondayJANUARY 20Let’s add to the burgeoning genre of comedians taking on Wall…

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ask ted!

WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE RELATIONSHIP, IF ANY, BETWEEN FITNESS AND FASHION?—METCARFRETed: Men work out to feel good or better about themselves. They also want to feel good about themselves in the way they dress. We take a very healthy and realistic approach to servicing them in both.ANY TIPS OR RESOURCES FOR THOSE OF US WHO ARE DADS IN OUR EARLY 40S WHO STILL WANT TO LOOK PRESENTABLE IN OUR EVERYDAY WARDROBE?—SCOTTLERTed: J. Crew is a good resource for men looking to find everything from a stylish suit to more work-casual wear. Banana Republic is another great resource for fashionable pieces in classic fits; additionally, today they have performance attributes that help make you feel comfortable while still being stylish. Try the rapid-movement pants, which look sharp but you…